5 Reasons Why The Amazing Spider-Man Is A Terrible Movie

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Posted on: November 29th, 2012

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With Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man bring released on DVD this week I was compelled to remember how much of a disappointment the rebooted Spider-Man was. Now before you pass this off as a hate crime against reboots, I want to make it clear that I enjoyed Sam Raimi’s trilogy but didn’t think they were the greatest movies ever.

In fact, after Spider-Man 3 (with its rushed plot and abundance of villains) I was quite happy at the prospect of a new start for the Spider-Man franchise and the casting of Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans as Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Doc Connors seemed like a fantastic idea to me.

However, even going in with an open mind wasn’t enough to help me enjoy this film. Here’s a few of the reasons why….


Darker Doesn’t Mean Better

The Amazing Spider Man - peter in suit

Angst. Angst everywhere!

Seems like every time a franchise isn’t doing too well commercially, the answer is always to make it darker. This can work in some cases (like with Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy) but it doesn’t work for a character who isn’t that dark. Peter Parker has always been quite a light hearted character (who always has a quip for every occasion). Sure, he’s had dark times (Gwen’s death, the symbiote suit) but those are all the more effective because they’re a break from the norm. Making Peter dark and angsty in this film just meant that we had a hero we’d didn’t really want to root for.

Especially when it comes to Aunt May. He treats her like dirt the whole movie but it’s all fine in the end. Not because he accepts responsibility and shares her grief at Uncle Ben’s Death. Not because he tells her he’s sorry. Not even because he explains he’s Spider-Man and that’s what he’s been up to…. Nope, it’s all fine because he brings her some eggs. Dynamite writing there.


Mumble Your Way Into A Ladies Pants

Peter - Gwen - the amazingspider-man

I’m sorry Peter. Could you repeat that. I don’t speak Gibberish.

Maybe I missed something but why exactly does Gwen Stacy fall for Peter? They don’t interact very much before falling in love and most of the time he just mumbles incoherently at her …which for some reason seems to make her want him all the more.

The two have little to no chemistry. If Gwen had died at the end I wouldn’t have been thinking “Oh no, Peter just lost the love of his life”, I’d be thinking “Why is he so upset? He barely said a full sentence to her this entire movie!”

On a personal note, I’ve mumbled at girls and all it got me was strange looks. Then again, I don’t look like Andrew Garfield… so maybe this question answers itself.

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  • SpideyRaimi

    Coming from someone who never read the Spidey comics, I felt that the Sam Raimi world of Spiderman was superior to the new Amazing Spiderman. I don’t know why I bothered to see the Amazing Spiderman 2 and it was even worse. Garfield gave me this creepy vibe when he was with Gwen. I got the same creepy vibe from Superman Returns from Brandon Routh with Lois Lane.

  • redfox435cat

    I had high hopes for the reboot and really liked the first trilogy, the first was aligned more with the original comics rendition of the web head. The first reboot wasn’t that bad, I liked it and they left it wide open to go any direction they wanted. The second one was a huge pile of dog stuff. I still don’t know what the overall theme was, love story? overcoming loss maybe?? They made the same mistake on this that was made with James Bond QOS. Story by committee with no unifying story. Drama, action, superhero movie, I don’t care, if there is no unify well written story then it becomes a mediocre movie at best. It doesn’t matter how well the effect are done, character and story first. In this there was no charter development, 4 stories lines 2 having nothing to do with the others all randomly jumbled together, I’m gonna have to borrow a copy/ rip from redbox and watch it a few times to see if I can kind of make sense out of them. I refuse to pay for it.

  • Dante

    I find both the original and the new spiderman films stupid. The difference is the originals are better. Spiderman is a complex character like superman, who cannot be portrayed on screen. Andrew Garfield comes up as a d@ck. He looks like harry osborn, not spiderman. If he was cast as harry osborn then it will fit him perfectly.I have read the ultimate line, the ultimate comics were super. This is just crap. many people who like are women, and find him attractive. This movie is worse the Man of Steel. Superman from Man of Steel is not superman, just like Andrew Garfield is not spiderman. This movie’s plot,characters, and tone is stupid.Darker isn’t better.

  • Zachry Finta

    Most of these flaws are common to any superhero movie or even action movie in general. And making Peter more angsty just made him a more realistic teenager.

  • MegaSpider

    I would love these movies. Okay. I would love them. I would think they
    were great movies. I would call them both “good watches.” I would say
    they were worth my time, if not for one thing. That thing is… they
    went back to synthetic web shooters. Even though that is accurate to the
    comics, Sam Raimi’s idea of making the web genuine was INFINITELY
    better! I would be okay with every other change this new director made. I
    could accept EVERYTHING else. I could love these movies, if ONLY it
    weren’t for that ONE thing. But, that one thing utterly ruins both
    movies for me and makes me hate them both with a white-hot passion!!!

    and also, the scene in the first one where Peter’s hand gets stuck to a
    girl’s shirt and he accidentally rips it off of her. I am a guy who
    knows that women are honorable and dignified human beings and I have
    made it my life’s policy to treat them ONLY with the highest respect.
    And that is another reason why I hate these movies so fiercely. In-fact,
    I hate that scene so much that I spit upon the director’s name for
    having DARED to include such vulgarity in his movie!!!!!!!!

  • erar

    Ok, Andrew doesnt look nerdy or anything but Maguire was a perfect spiderman. So their about to make The Amazing Spiderman 2, well have you noticed they made electro BLACK, why’d they do that, I haven’t read a comic or seen a show that he was black, and…. come on look at Harry Osborn, he doesn’t look like a good actor for Harry and Harry isn’t supposed to be so bright and Peter supposed to tutor him, WELL Harry doesn’t look stupid AT ALL

  • James Stanford

    Hahhaaa I agree and I don’t know why I’m still using this avatar. This movie was not better than SM 1 or 2. I did enjoy it, though. Probably because I wasn’t looking for problems while viewing it. Hope the sequel is better. That won’t be too hard, will it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Larry.Lloyd.Jr Larry Lloyd Jr.

    Personally I did like Tobey and thought he did a great job until i saw andrew’s do it. and though it was even better. Andrew himself was a geek growing up and said the spidey comics got him thru those awkward years. So he is a true fan. The only thing i didn’t like is how whoever, the writer or director don’t know which, changed the “with great power comes great responsibility” line. Other than that, I LOVED the new spidey.

  • http://twitter.com/legotrailers trailerslego

    another FUCKING reason why the movie sucked!: Andrew Garfield is not Peter Parker!!! Peter Parker is suppose to be a regular guy thats not handsome, but Andrew Garfield is handsome (no homo) but spiderman shouldnt be that he is supposed to be a great protagnionst, plus the amazing spiderman had a bigger budget than the avengers, but still the amazing spiderman lost money. FUCK THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, TOBEY FOR THE WIN!!!! BRING BACK TOBY!!! ANDREW IS NOT SPIDERMAN!

    • Kotoroshinoto

      in what manner is the comic book spidey ever depicted as non-handsome?

  • xalener

    5 reasons why your opinion is wrong and also what you’re supposed to think.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ishin.ookami Chad Hutchings

    The film was awful, the franchise didn’t need a reboot, but I still wanted it to be good. Im one of those that even defend Spider-Man 3 for the most part. But this film just started out bad and got worse and worse, the holes in the plot and scripting are everywhere. the bad guy has a plot that was decried as lame back in the comics forty years ago. Peter parker was an emo, hoody wearing, douche. The romance was just a total misfire, uncle ben dies as a result of his own stupidity, I could go on and on all night about this travesty. It got almost everything wrong, the only thing i appreciated was they did make spider-man himself cockier and wittier. Everything else was utter epic fail.

  • Air Walker

    the only problem I REALLY had with this flick is the use of Blue/Green-screen CGI made to look like it was really THAT place, case in point a scene where Peter and Gwen are talking in a school hallway, that’s some cheap CGI manipulation, is it too hard to ACTUALLY film in a specific location, like a school hallway or is this a quick trick second round of shooting scene? Whatever, it just kind of annoyed me.

  • FrankSpider

    The Amazing Spider-Man is not a terrible movie. The story and villain may have been a little generic (likely due to the rushed development of the reboot after Spidey 4 got canned) but the way in which it handles the characters is so much better than the Raimi films in my opinion. Examples:

    1. Peter is a believable teenager full of hormones and conflicting emotions and his transition into Spider-Man is much more of an evolutionary process.
    2. Gwen is smart and knows how to handle herself, even managing to fight off the Lizard without the aid of Spider-Man, whereas Mary-Jane was more or less a typical damsel in distress who could contend in any screaming competition.

    3. Flash Thomson is egotistical, attention seeking but ultimately good natured instead of the cardboard cutout bully he was in the first Spider-Man.

    Additionally, the performances are brilliant and the action and special effects certainly meet the standards of a Spidey flick. Apart from ridiculous overmarketing, the main thing that ASM had going against it was the fact that the Raimi films are so iconic and still ingrained in audience’s minds. I think the film would have been a lot more well received if it was the first Spider-Man film ever made because it would have had much more of an impact. As they’ve now got the origin out of the way and therefore have more freedom to explore new territory, I think the sequel has the potential to be really awesome as long as they don’t make the mistake of retreading ground well trodden in Spider-Man 2 and 3.

  • http://www.facebook.com/colin.monger.3 Colin Monger

    1. The Lizard-cops WEREN’T forgotten. You see them in the film being cured as the Ganali device spreads the cure over the city!
    2. Gwen Stacey couldn’t just smash the thing to pieces, because she herself needed it to spread the antidote, which cures the Lizard-cops!
    3. There was no JJ Jameson. Nor was there Harry Osborn. Or Mary-Jane Watson. Or Black Cat. Or Spider-man’s so-called ‘best pal’, the Human Torch. Not every single Spider-man films needs to introduce every single fucking character from the series which has been running for over 50 years. They’re taking their time with this one, introducing each character on their own rather than just hurling them at us an expecting us to cope.
    4. Okay, so, Spider-man isn’t dark. Yeah, I can see that. He only:
    Caused his uncles death
    Killed his girlfriend (albeit accidentally)
    Got an alien suit which corrupted him so much he was addicted to it like a drug, and had to literally tear it off himself (After which the suit took over another person and created arguably his arch-nemesis (Which then spawned another part, which created ANOTHER villain))
    Killed his best-friend’s father
    And possibly killed his best-friend

    No, yeah, you’re right. Not dark at all. NOT AT ALL. NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST FUCKING BIT IS ‘SPIDER-MAN’ DARK.

  • Chris

    My take on The Amazing

    (Many topics here are mentioned in previous
    posts, but I thought y’all would enjoy.)

    The first ¾ of the movie were pretty good. The
    last, very poor. The Amazing Spiderman begins with hope for many plot junkies
    that this movie will take the Spiderman character to greater depths. It opens
    with Peter as a young child, unaware of growing tensions for the Parker
    family’s safety. His father, he finds, is keeping documents in a hidden drawer in his desk that thieves miss during a break-in.
    The parents leave Peter with his uncle and aunt late during a rainstorm, never
    to return. Ooh, this looks good!

    Enter Peter Parker in high school – a wanna-be Zac
    Efron hairdo and low-riding jeans. More Emo than nerd material, but, OK. Peter
    goes to Oscorp, is ironically bit by a super spider his father had created,
    wakes up the next morning and smashes his alarm clock, etc.

    Peter’s new at this superhero thing, so he learns
    early to hide his identity with a mask. Funny how about half the movie you see
    him with his mask off but sporting his new leotard. He does about as well as
    Iron Man at keeping his identity secret. Maybe it’s the hair he’s worried

    At no point in the movie does Spiderman fight crime
    other than for selfish purposes. He’s cleaning up his own messes and wants
    revenge on his uncle’s death (funny since that was the last lesson his uncle
    tried to teach him, not to seek revenge). He listens to the police scanner each
    night but only goes after middle-age Caucasian men who look like his uncle’s
    killer (according to the chief of police). That means he likely ignores
    a lot of the other calls, even if they’re more dire.

    And whatever happened to the Indian guy that
    lizard man was so intent on catching and killing near the beginning? I guess
    lizard man lost interest and the Indian guy distributed the chemical at the
    veteran hospital after all.

    Speaking of missing lizards, what happened to
    the 12 or so cops that were turning into lizards? The movie suggests they just
    sat around for half an hour since they changed back to humans in the same place
    where they got infected. No more city destruction, these were nice lizards,
    lazy even.

    At one point, Peter’s shot in the leg, can
    barely walk or scale buildings, and needs to get to Oscorp to stop the bad guy.
    A crane operator sees him on TV and says, “That guy saved my son! Call Jimmy,
    the other quirky crane operator, and let’s save Spiderman!” Atop a building,
    Spidy sees about 6 cranes on different skyscrapers align between him and
    Oscorp. Hooray, a pathway! Yet right before jumping, he’s spotted by a police
    helicopter that could have flown him there much faster than any swinging man.
    The cops stop traffic for him (knowing he would need the extra 5 feet of
    clearance) but don’t want to give him a ride. There were tall buildings all
    around, the cranes were unnecessary. When he gets to Oscorp, his leg is fine.

    There’s plenty of cop air support shooting and
    spotting Spiderman, but I guess they went for doughnuts while Spidy was fighting
    lizard man for 10 minutes on the roof of Oscorp trying to stop his machine from
    infecting the city. I suppose had they flown directly to Oscorp and shot or
    disabled the machine in plain sight, it would have been a shorter movie, so
    they’re trying to be considerate of the audience.

    The end message of the movie was “the best kind
    of promises are those that are broken.” Good take-away message, thanks.

    This movie is funny and creative at times with
    good special effects, but ultimately failed. Good enough as a ‘popcorn’ action
    flick, but wait until it’s out on Redbox…or just watch the 2002 Spiderman and
    feel better about yourself.

  • http://twitter.com/kmartin8889 Kyle Martin

    For a bunch of people that just really hated this movie, you sure do think about it alot. Some real comprehensive hate lists. Me thinks the lady doth protest to much

  • http://twitter.com/kmartin8889 Kyle Martin


  • http://twitter.com/OlcaytoCengiz Olcayto Cengiz

    A movie about how Spider-man born without the line “With great powers comes great responsibility”. Enough said…

  • JDK

    Sorry but I disagree 100%, my favorite movie of all-time.


    Glad I’m not the only person who hated this movie. I hate how superheroes have tried to become more and more dark. It can work for Batman but not really for Spider-man. Also I believe a little bit of corniness is important to making a super hero believable. Because if super heroes were more “realistic” I doubt they would even bother dressing up in costumes in the first place, let alone save people. I think what really made the first Spider-man movie series was not special effects and twilight looking leads, but the corny moments of peter parker/tobey maguire and how interacted with a very distinct cast. Examples: the car scene with Peter and Ben, the scene in 2 where Peter told aunt may he was responsible for ben’s death. Anything with peter and mary jane was also just so much better than any scene of peter and gwen in amazing.

  • FRED

    i thought it was a good movie but did have its downfalls

  • FK

    Did you even watch the movie? The six men who transformed into lizards got reversed when they put the antidote in the tower and it blasted the entire city. Try paying attention to a movie before you write a review on it.

  • Jon Stewart

    JJ will be in the next movie you Rami whiner

  • SteveGorac

    1. The movie overall wasn’t that dark. Spider-Man still made jokes throughout both as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Just because it’s filmed at night doesn’t mean it’s a dark toned movie. How much crime really happens in broad daylight anyway?

    2. Peter’s mumbling worked because the two characters already had an established relationship. He became nervous because of the awkward position Uncle Ben put him in and then became a stuttering mess. What teenager wouldn’t!?! If someone told a hot girl at your school that you have a photo of them on your computer I think you’d have a hard time maintaining a conversation with them too.

    3. Everyone is an idiot. Really? You use the example that a high school teenager about to be killed by a lizard didn’t think under that kind of pressure and destroy the machine. The only machine that could have provided an antidote. She should destroy that machine. No. And yes he did have his mask off too much. But still as someone who created the mask for himself and only just started wearing it I’m sure it’s uncomfortable. And that is the point they were making. He’s still a teenager as well as a Super Hero

    4. Forgotten Lizard cops were not forgotten! They very clearly showed all of them returning to normal human form after the antidote was spread across the city!

    5. No J. Jonah Jameson. Seriously?? He wasn’t in the movie because Peter didn’t have a job there. How can you even use that as an example. It’s like you needed 5 so you just pulled this one out of your ass and stuck it on there.

    There is an explanation that counters all of yours. Maybe next time watch the movie before you post an article on why it’s so bad.

  • Reading Idiot Articles Is Fun

    I love people who bitch. I like this movie better. i do admit that it could have been better but what do you expect when its a reboot. Its always hard to live up to the original. The reason why they couldnt do many of the things people ask for is because it would be too familiar to the originals and then what would be the point of making a reboot? I noticed comic book movies are aiming more towards reality when making their films. Parker in this movie was more of a teenager then in the original spiderman. It was more believable. If I was someone who was abandoned by my parents mysteriously id be a bit troubled as well. You cant expect Peter to be all golly gooish while he has that in his head. The original wasnt like that. Toby was too bulky. Everyone is listing so much crap about this movie but lets start listing the crap from the raimi films shall we? Homework: Go watch the original trilogy and get back to me. People need to suck it up and just watch to watch, not judge everything. I would never want a comic book character to be exactly like the comics, cause i would want the character to expand in a movie. You nerds need to get laid, I guarantee you itll take the tick you guys have on.

  • DJN

    The Sam Raimi Trilogy was good, but Spiderman 1 vs The Amazing Spiderman puts the latter in first place. And the anti-lizard thing that Peter releases cures the Lizard cops.

  • Fredrick Arch

    Spiderman isn’t dark? You haven’t read the comics. Peter Parker could never catch a break and bad shit always happened to him…

    Actually for someone who read the comics and was a spiderman fan for many years, this was in my opinion truest to the original character and comic.

  • Guest

    Err wow you give five reasons but the fifth reason doesn’t even count. As for the police-lizards maybe you didn’t notice the antidote that healed them later. As for Gwen and Peter well you have to remember that they’re in high school at which age you develop a crush on anyone who’s good looking and speaks to you really.

    The Aunt May stuff – maybe she loves him because they’re family. She may not be happy with his decisions exactly but perhaps she’s just happy he’s alive?

    Honestly what an awful article.

    In my opinion this was a lot better the original trilogy.

  • Zcal

    i don’t see the fuss. I thought this was an epic movie. it had comedy in it. where as the first 3 didn’t really. yes it was more drama and some good action. but think about it. they made it kinda fake. him webbing in mid air. this new one actually shows him making use of the buildings. and webshooters rather than bioligical shooters. this is how spider man actually was. made a joke of things and his commentary. to me. tobey was dry and emotional all the time. andrew on the other hand made it fun. laughed my ass off at him. spider man isn’t a sad sobby movie throughout the whole way. ffs. Amazing spider-man to me was epic. Had a good laugh. And finally gwen was put into the movie first. which is how it should be.

  • Sean B

    I don’t get why people think this movie is dark? I just thought it was stupid. We have a horrible peter parker who treats everyone like shit, even before Uncle Ben dies. When he dies, all i thought was, well nothing. It had no emotional impact due to how fast it all went, and the horrible acting by Andrew Garfield.

    All the actions scenes also had no impact. Although most people will disagree with me here, i think action scenes can have great emotional impact, if done right. Have a look at all of Sam Reimes end battle scenes. They always will have some sort of impact if you have a heart.

    The chemistry between Gwen and peter, well, i cant say much because there wasn’t any. Like the article says, they say like, ten sentences or so and then there in love. What the hell!? If only it were that easy :D

    The main antagonist, The Lizard, was by my opinion a joke. He was just a bit of CG eye candy that made the movie look cool. Overall, he has very little back story, and all we know is that he worked with peters parents, and that he has one arm(which we don’t know how he lost). The way he was created was also really dumb. They are going to pull the project unless they start human testing, and he dosn’t like that. So, what does he do? He tests it on HIMSELF. Why? Wouldn’t it be better if someone else tested it first? It just doesn’t make much sense.

    Now to compare it against Sam Reimes(not sure how to spell :D ). I’m only going to talk about the first two films he made, as the third was actually forced by Sony so they could keep the movie rights. If they weren’t assholes like that, we would have had a better Spider Man 3. Anyway, first thing i will compare is the acting. I must admit, the film felt a bit campy, but overall every scene felt so much more real than this films. Uncle Bens death, Aunt May being in debt, all these things were portrayed so well in the trilogy. Aunt May and Uncle Ben were simply amazing. Uncle Ben establishes the idea of with great power comes great responsibility, and Peter listens to this. In the originals, Uncle Bens death makes peter want to fight crime so this doesn’t happen to other people. In the new film, it makes peter want to find whoever did this to him. This overall is a more selfish motive, and just makes him seem less super hero, and more a revenge addict.

    Continuing on that line, Peter dose encounter the man in the originals, and this is quite a defining moment for the character, as he kills the man. This shows that Peter can be quite dark, and if pushed to the edge can turn almost evil(as shown very badly in Spider Man 3)

    In the originals, Spider Man can almost be seen as a metaphorical idea, in which anyone can be a hero. Aunt May sums this up perfectly in Spider Man 2.

    Finally, the original Spider Man has some amazing moments which really change your emotions to what the director wanted. Spider Man 2 was fantastic for this, with some really gut wrenching moments, and some which made you feel so happy. There is a scene where Spider Man saves all these people on a train, and almost kills himself doing it. The carry him in, and find out hes just a kid. This moment is so beautifully presented, you have to see it to know it.

    Back to the antagonist, in the original, with the green goblin as the evil doer, it is quite a lot more interesting. Peter becomes friends with him, and they get along quite well. This then sets it up for when he becomes evil, as Peter has to deal with him, knowing that it is one of his best friends. Finally, it sets up Harry and Spider Mans turmoil, and Harry believes Spider Man kills his father(the Green Goblin.), when in fact it was one of his own weapons that delivered the fatal blow. When Harry discovers that Peter is Spider Man, it becomes very intense between the two.

    The love stuff in the originals is so much better than the new one. Peter and Mary Janes relationship is built up over multiple films, and they both have there own problems. The new one, he mumbles a few words and shes all over him. The originals had so much more chemistry than the new ones.

    To cap off this post, i suggest watching Spider Man 1 and The Amazing Spider Man one after the other, and try to watch them as critically as you can. Definitely watch Spider Man 2, as that is the most amazing super hero movie i have seen to date, with the correct amount of drama, action, wisdom, and everything else a movie should have.

    If you have read this far, thanks :D . Please reply, tell me what you think and whats parts you agree and disagree, i like to know other peoples opinions :D


  • Baron

    You answered your own question on a few of them. And some don’t even make sense to the question. How does a darker movie mean that it’s terrible? How does Andrew Garfield getting a girl to like him because he’s cute and brooding, if a bit quiet make a movie terrible? I can give you a few reasons why this article is terrible, if you’d like…and I’m not even a fanboy of the film, I prefer Spider-Man 2 by a country mile.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ganthetjr Scott Seals

    You described why it didn’t mesh with what you wanted from a comic book standpoint. You didn’t describe anything that had to do with it as a film. That’s something the comic book community hasn’t really grasped. “Good movie” and “good comic book movie” are two not mutually exclusive.

  • fuckyou123

    well i think you are a terrible person, and that all your facts are wrong. I also think you’d be doing the world a favor if you just ended it. your life i mean.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rafael-Antonio-Cabrero/1165362548 Rafael Antonio Cabrero

    I agree on no J Jonah Jameson and that the only actor who should do it is J.K. Simmons. There is a bit of a precedent as Simmons has has lent his voice as J Jonah in the animated version Ultimate Spider Man. J.K. Simmons IS J Jonah Jameson.

    Instead of emo Peter Parker why not have him break the Fourth Wall like in the classic comics, kind of a superhero version of Ferris Bueller.

  • The Truth

    The Lizard cops were clearly still trying to deal with the fact that they just transformed and dealing with the things that are around them. Just because they transform doesn’t mean they automatically follow Connors and do what he does. And besides they changed back when the antidote was launched.
    This film had flaws, sure, but it felt more naturally Spiderman and Garfield is a much better cast than Tobey.

  • AgainstYouAll

    All of you can go suck something & shut the hell up. This movie was 30000x better then that bullshit with Toby in it. Granted the forgetting the new lizards thing bothers me but how else is Uncle Ben supposed to die? He died the same way in the other movies. & seriously, dude was a nerd who found out he had super powers so OF COURSE HIS CONFIDENCE GREW! Of course he made Flash look like a chump & yes Spider-Man was a douche before in comics. “He kept mumbling,” are you serious? Peter’s a nerd & slightly uncomfortable around hot chicks so of course he mumbled that was the point DUMB ASSESS. Geeze us christ. You all need to shut up quit complaining & expecting everything to be perfect. The movie was good & the director did the best he could with the money & time frame he was given. Instead of judging a movie (etc) for what it isn’t you wanna be critics need to enjoy it for what it is. Being so judgmental really makes you miss out on good things. Shut the fuck up, smoke some weed, relax & enjoy the movie.

  • Vynz

    Meh, it was worlds better than Spider Man 3, and 2.

    For the record, you can’t pay attention for shit. The lizard cops turned human after the antidote rained, and they even showed them turning back human.

    And sure everyone’s an idiot in this one, but people weren’t any less idiots in The Dark Knight rises yet that’s not being bashed as much… though still being bashed, mind you, and yet it gets a free ride just because it’s Chris Nolan’s film.

    I liked the original Spiderman, but this one was better than SM2 and SM3… Spiderman 3 was shit, and venom was shit.

  • Hero

    Personally, I didn’t like this Spider-man reboot. Especially the new Spidey. He does not look good for the part, and one who I would not relate and empathize with. The first-point of view is like being in a video game and I got nauseated after a few minutes. Also, I agree with your observations of the lapses. Lastly, I think the Lizard did not appear to be a formidable foe… maybe because of bad acting, bad direction… I am not really sure. It’s more like having a bad feeling about something or someone but you somehow cannot explain really, really why. The previous trilogy was way a lot better… in my opinion. Though it got a bit more commercial later. And Toby is a much much better actor. Again, my personal opinion.

  • Stan the Man Lee

    And we have to remember that this reboot was widely necessary. And the reboot was created, (at least I’m assuming) as one of the preludes to the very unlikely and very mysterious Secret Wars film, mainly because we have a slew of new Marvel movies in the near future featuring many characters involved in that story arch. I’m merely speculating this out of confirmed movies and rumors alike.

  • Stan the Man Lee

    you are all UNFATHOMABLY IGNORANT…read the comic books and then try to make an argument against Garfield’s performance.

  • Ajax

    God you’re stupid. No Jonah because Peter hasn’t gotten a job yet. He didn’t just meet Gwen when he was babbling to her, they knew each other. And Gwen hid the machine because they still needed it to get the antidote to the Lizard toxin into the air using it. Why you ask? Maybe to change the “forgotten” cops back to normal and prevent others from turning into reptiles. I do however agree that Lizard was stupid for leaving his plan open on his computer, that was dumb. But the majority of your arguments are null and void, those are the arguments of someone who is simply trying to bag on a pretty damn good movie.

  • http://picasaweb.google.com/JTHolroyd/TileStoneWork JessSayin

    Actually, I thought you were rather generous.

  • bluedeedees

    You guys have many criticisms and complaints especially the author of this blog. maybe you should make you own amazing spiderman film and I bet it’s more crap and sh!t.I don’t think anyone will try to watch it.. No movie film is perfect! period..

  • Guest

    This is your opinion. I liked this movie more than Rami’s first movie. Those who don’t like it still want the Rami world to come back from the dead. If you do than dnce like a Bee Gee just like Tobey did in S3

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.guillaume Justin Joseph

    This is the best review I have ever read.. EVER! I agree with 100% of what this guy said. As a matter of fact, this movie was so bad, then when I went to watch ti for the first time last week, it turned out I had seen it already. It was just so bad it wasn’t worth remembering.

  • Al

    This article is riddled with grammatical errors! That being said, the lizard-cops have their humanity restored at the end when Spider-Man uses Connors’s machine to spread the cure across the city. There is even a clip of them getting better.

    • reckless

      his point was why show them in the first place if you dont show them again

  • Matt88rock

    Tobey was sortof a pussy!
    Until he got the black suit that is…

  • aye!

    this one has more action and less drama, he doesnt cry all the time like tobey,and the story is better yeah, hes kinda dark in this one, …oh yea and no one cared how dark they made batman!! remember with adam west not dark at all and no one cares today hes dark

  • http://www.facebook.com/shah.bash.92 Shah Bash

    Was I the only one wondering how gwen stacy got that job at oscorp??? Correct me if im wrong but shes suppose to be in high school, how does a high school kid get a job like that??I know shes first in her class but come on peter is second and he had to sneak into the muthafuckin place and ruin some poor kids life..and she cant be a volunteer or an intern cause she has restrictive clearance, a company like oscorp wouldnt let interns or such have that high level clearance.

    • bfg666

      Yeah, it was one of the many details that struck me as odd.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AlbertMelendyIII Albert Melendy

    Sounds like you guys have spider-envy.
    Either way, the proof is in the venom, the 4th movie broke more records than the 1st one, made more money than all of them. (no not put together but this is the 1st in the new series, patience) So the fans liked it. It does sound like you guys are die hard Spidey fans, but it is not sounding like you guys that are “not so happy with” the newest movie, have actually read the comic book.

    Yes Peter Parker was a nice kid but he was a troubled kid too. He did have a dark side, that he struggled with. Remember he did lose his parents when he was five, he was smaller smarter and weaker than most of the kids his own age. And the most important part you guys are leaving out, is he was a teenage KID, a normal “human being” with flaws, like the rest of us. Now, all of a sudden has super-human abilities thrust upon him. No, he didn’t really know what to do with his power, until his uncle was murdered, through an act he felt he caused.

    And what you referred to as light hearted quips, HA HA, Peter Parker with super powers, was more of a Smart-Ass, than a light hearted, quip boy.

    So pull up your old collection, of comics, which ever is your favorite, series, and re-read them. Flash Thompson picked on Peter Parker relentlessly, Peter wished all the time that he could do something about it, and when he could what do you think he did? Embarrassed him, and knocked Flash Thompson, the F-out with one punch, that he later had to play off as a lucky punch to hide his not yet secret identity. And yes in the comic book he was very remorseful about it. It wasn’t until years later on that Flash and Peter became friends. Peter always thought it was funny that he hated him so much, and loved Spider-man to death, from what I remember. And they touched on that, briefly towards the end. With the T-Shirt thing. This movie would have had to have been 12 hours long for you guys to get everything you wanted out of it. I wouldn’t say they glossed over the movie so much but they had a script, and a time-frame to work with. And I think ah a “Fantastic” job was done, No, I think I am going to say “Amazing?”

    I suppose it depends on which author you’re most familiar with, when it comes to Spider-man, I can honestly say I didn’t see Peter shooting his webs right out of his wrists in any comic book, he was always working on his web shooters. He was a science kid. He was always experimenting.

    Let’s try not to be too angry at T.M. He’s an actor, and a good one, more or less The directing, and the goofy Bruce Campbell, cameo’s were killing me, thank you S.R., Now I liked the “Evil Dead” movies too, So I think one appearance by Bruce Campbell would have been enough to remind us you can make another Evil Dead movie. Things like the fore mentioned made me wonder why they did things the way they did in the 1st 3 movies. Then I remembered, oh yeah Sam Raime, That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the 1st 3 Spider-man movies, Because I did, except parts, not all, but parts, of the 3rd movie I really wish they would be a little more critical of themselves, Use the Animatic story boards not just for the special effects but to see how the movie is playing out, Then they can look at again before they say: “OK we’re done, time to collect that paycheck” .

    So in closing, if anyone is reading this that has any influence, on the up-coming scripts:

    I respectfully request, that you don’t kill Venom, Please, I don’t care if it’s Flash Thompson, or Eddie Brock inside the Symbiote, Just don’t kill him. Because we need Carnage after Venom. And don’t kill Harry Osborne either, why you ask?

    Green Goblin, Hob Goblin, Demon Goblin, I am not going to spoil it for those of you who missed those issues, but, they did it very well. The new writers, are really good, but there are reasons why these stories have been around as long as they have. There’s this weird disturbing, trend in comic book movies where “The Vilains Must Die.” Or even some of the hero’s, well that kind of screws it up for the sequels. And comic books are all about sequels right? Most of the Hero’s don’t kill the Vilains, or even just let them die. At least not the Comics I have read. That’s why they are Hero’s. They save people.

    Just my opinion,

    Good lucky with your Spider-Man Revamp Bashing, there will still be a sequel, and you guys know damn well you’re going to watch it.


    • MrSpoiler15

      Nope. Easy pass on the lame sequel.

      “made more money than all of them.”
      - Spider-Man = $821 million.
      - Spider-Man 2 = $783 million.
      - Spider-Man 3 = $890 million.
      - TASM = $752 million.
      Epic fail! Quit trying to spread false information.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PopAweezill216 Chris McNutt

    okay. spoiler. of course Peter’s going to break the promise. Gwen has got to die in the next film if it is going to be even close to the comics. this act of carelessness is why Spiderman/Peter Parker becomes so protective of his aunt and then later of M.J.. he has always had the issue of anyone getting too close to him. this was a far superior film to the Toby series. i also feel it will end up being the better series of the 2. so, who ever posted this crap is the idiot and needs to spend some time reading the classics. pick up some old Web of Spiderman and Spectacular Spiderman comics and really feel who this character is meant to be. Garfield at least brought the true sarcastic Spiderman to the table. Toby McGyver couldn’t even come close.

  • Ban

    This movie was badass. Way better than the garbage Dark Knight Returns, for sure. Sorry you have such bad taste in movies.

  • Awesome1

    I forgot to mention, here’s another spoiler, GWEN DIES, WHY ELSE WOULD HE MARRY MJ!

  • Awesome1

    I think ur all idiots, Spiderman was a great movie, that little “flesh wound” by the way, I’d like to see you take one of those and climb up 4 damn buildings as fast as he did, oh and guess what. I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO HATED, LET ME REPEAT THAT, FUCKING DISSPIESED, THAT GAY AS HELL OLD SPIDERMAN SERIES, YOU KNOW WHY? IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THE COMIC BOOK, IN FACT PETER DIDN’T EVEN MEET MARY JANE UNTIL COLLEDGE. And another thing. Tobey mother fucking mguire is NOT, ill repeat that, NOT better than Andrew Garfield. You know why? Garfield doesn’t have a quire cut. End of third reason your all idiots. Norman and Harry osborn. Gee, i wonder why they aren’t in there. Oh wait, MAYBE THERE BRINGING THEM IN THE NEXT MOVIE, OR HELL, MAYBE THE DAMN ONE AFTER THAT! AND ANOTHER THING, HE LEFT THE CARS HANGING THERE BECAUSE, oh wait, this is gonna shock you, HE’S NOT THE DAMN HULK! SURPRISE! Gee, you all getting the damn picture? Not only are you idiots, but, guess what else, I CAN BE A DICK TOO! Yeah, so I will say this once, and hopefully never have to see this much shit about a movie again

    • MrSpoiler15

      You can’t be a dick when you’re a pussy. Plus you can’t spell. “DISSPIESED”? It’s “despised”. LMFAO!
      Spidey is superhuman. Flesh wounds shouldn’t bother him.

      Tobey > Andrew. Face the facts.
      You’re welcome! :)

    • BarackSamson

      Unless he has a healing factor flesh wounds are going to bother him

      Andrew > Tobey

      1. Better Spidey
      2. Actually uses science
      3. Actually had chemistry with his love interest

  • http://www.facebook.com/raven.t.lee Raven Tinkerballa Lee

    I had low hopes for this movie as soon as I found out who Spider-man was. Nothing about this guy says “Peter Parker” to me. For example, when has Parker ever been a skater? The Peter Parker I know is too nerdy and science oriented to be caught dead outside, let alone on a skateboard lol.

    • Simone Tinkerbella Ditko

      Great point. They should never veer at all from any ideas of the comic or the movie that was just made a decade before. It would be a lot more fun if this new dude acted exactly like Tobey Maguire.

    • bfg666

      The thing is, Maguire nailed the early Peter, but not so much Spider-Man. Garfield nailed the Spidey persona but his teen Peter is not really akin to the Amazing comic book version.

  • Electro

    Andrew Garfield didnt even fit the costume…his legs looked laughable in the film , you culd tell he was uncomfortable wearing that costume
    thats a superhero ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mathias.vandecasteele Mathias Vandecasteele

    You lost all credibility with “The two have little to no chemistry”. Even most reboot-haters agreed that this movie had far better chemistry than all the Kirsten Dunst/Maguire crap. And all your other point are pretty silly as well. I didn’t think I would say it, but I am starting to jump off the “I Hate Spider-Man reboot” – bandwagon, and starting to appreciate the decisions Webb made with his film. Looking forward to the sequel.

    • http://www.facebook.com/WingcommanderIV Andrew Geczy

      I agree. This movie was better in a lot of ways to Raimi’s. the 500 days of Spiderman stuff was perfect and felt great. I loved Martin Sheen as his uncle, and the rest of the cast is pretty great too. My biggest irk, yes pretty much everythign to do with the lizard. It’s like he could have been any villain and the movie would have been the same. And the fight in the school, just comes out of nowhere with no scene to lead up to it. It’s like one moment it’s night, and suddenly they’re at school and the lizard is coming out of a toilet. We couldn’t have even gotten a scene with Peter getting bullied by Flash, or not doing his homework, so that we might feel like this movie cares more about it’s characters to do more than just throw them at each other for no reason in as many different locations as possible.

      All that said, despite it’s faults I still thought the movie was amazing.

    • Kellen Dunkelberger

      Upside Down kiss is the best superhero romance movie moment that ever happened. You’re wrong.

  • aub32

    I have to completely disagree with your points. I will leave alone the points about chemistry because that’s personal opinion. However, the other are just wrong. The lizard cops weren’t forgotten. They replaced the canister with the toxin with the antidote. If we are to believe the machine would have affected the entire city, why would the machine not cure anyone affected within the city, including the cops. As far as Connors leaving his plans exposed, who is searching the sewers besides spiderman? Also, why would you care if anyone saw your plans if you think they are powerless to stop you? it’s a waste of time that would only have given people more time to track him down and corner him. Lastly, JJ was not needed in this film. I will be surprised if he’s not in the sequel.

  • THATguy

    No chemistry? Sorry, but Garfield and Stone’s chemistry was probably the best thing about the film (not that there was too much greatness in the movie anyway). They were a MUCH better couple than the McGuire/Dunst relationship from the Raimi iterations.

    No J. Jonah Jameson? Considering that “The Amazing Spider-Man” was set strictly in Parker’s high school years, it wouldn’t really make sense for him to suddenly be working for The Daily Bugle…since that happens AFTER he graduates. Also, trying to replace J.K. Simmons as Jameson would be next to impossible considering how great he was in the Raimi movies. One of the greatest casting decisions for any superhero movie.


    I hated the movie. But then, I LOVED Raimi’s Spiderman. One of my favourite Superhero trilogies, next to Nolan’s Batman. I just figured there were too many action scenes that were exactly the same as the action scenes two minutes beforehand. It was literally just Spiderman VS Croc over and over again, and I got bored.

  • UmmNope

    Boy am I glad to disagree with this critique. I really enjoyed this spiderman; far more than the Raimi versions; which were, by the second installment, silly and trite. I really appreciated experiencing the rawness and weakness of a boy who is suddenly given super human powers. It takes him a good while to get used to it, and even when he begins to master it, he is still fragile. I could really feel every bash and bump peter endured learning how to swing on his web. Also, Gwen was infinitely less annoying than Mary Jane.

    • bfg666

      MJ in Raimi’s trilogy was basically Gwen with red hair.

  • elvis

    THIS MOVIE SUCKS TERRIBLY!!!!!!!, I prefer spiderman 2, the only one presentable. YO ARE RIGHT.

    • YO

      Thank you, but I haven’t even given my thoughts yet.
      This movie is much better than elvis thinks.
      I do appreciate the props, though.

  • Ron

    This movie did everything it could to insult the intelligence of anyone that even remotely grew up with ” your friendly neighborhood spiderman” 90′s cartoons. Those cartoons, though not perfectly following the comics, did a great job of portraying why everyone can identify with spiderman and the reason why he personifies “with great power comes great responsibility”. His character is suppose to live by that motto. But this movie ran the opposite direction. Case in point, after he promised Gwen’s dying father that he would stay away from Gwen Stacy to keep her away from harm, he tells her weeks later that “some promises were made to be broken”? Showing a complete lack of respect for a dying man’s wishes, the person that saved his worthless life, and irresponsibly by putting Gwen’s life in danger.

    On top of this, this movie had a poorly written plot that left many gaping holes in motivations and character development as well as a horribly written dialogue and scene development. Garfield himself seemed like anything but a Genius and the 1-minute montage of him creating his costume and web-slinging cartridge isn’t fooling anyone. On top of that many of the scenes where they were suppose to be doing “science research” were made into a joke by having random numbers equations and general biology drawings that kids learn in high school.

    But the worst part was the supposed chemistry that exists between Peter and his “love” Gwen. All the lines were off. The looks and aura around each other other gave off anything but a sense of passion. It felt forced and mechanical. Not even Gwen Stacy’s good looks could keep me from noticing that. My GF, who I watched it with, felt the same way so it wasn’t just me. This movie was recommended to me by my brother so I tried to give it a chance, but it went from bad, to worse, to horrible. Not 30 seconds went by where that wasn’t dialogue that was off, an action scene without motivation(plot issues), or peter parker wasn’t being a crybaby punk kid with an attitude issue and super powers.

    This movie seemed rushed, awkward(Garfield’s cries were unbearable both times), and exactly what i would expect from moneygrubbing hollywood trying to squeeze every last penny they could from this barely decade old remake. This movie was created solely for the purpose of generating more money in avengers 2 by introducing spiderman but this might be the reason why i won’t be paying $10+ to go see it.

    Marc Webb can shove it.

    • Jack

      there is 0 chance spiderman will be in avengers 2 numbnuts. And tobey was an awful awful spiderman, garfield’s awkward rants are considerably relatable to high school kids who don’t have many friends but want the pretty girl. And yeah the comics didn’t have web coming from his wrists, that’s part of spiderman’s power from the comics is his intellect and how he creates the webshooters himself. Also when does garfield tell gwen that promises are meant to be broken weeks later? after her father dies all he says to gwen is that they can’t see eachother. Sure the movie wasn’t great, but i believe just like the last trilogy that the 2nd movie will be much better and i don’t see how garfield was a punk, he seemed to be going through some stuff with his dead uncle and his lack of father and such. What movie were you watching. Your analysis is inaccurate and unfactual. And you sir can shove it.

    • http://twitter.com/BappyChanting Bappy Chanting

      & 0 people in here said there is a possibility of seeing Spiderman in Avengers 2, your absurd point makes your whole analysis automatically invalid, & you sir, can shove it, too

    • Toby Thavisak

      “…This movie was created solely for the purpose of generating more money in avengers 2″ – Ron

      Now would you please shut up you wannabe intellectual? Your grammar is terrible and you’re still trying to act smart. So now “you sir, can shove it, too.”

    • JayMars84

      “Case in point, after he promised Gwen’s dying father that he would stay
      away from Gwen Stacy to keep her away from harm, he tells her weeks
      later that “some promises were made to be broken”? Showing a complete
      lack of respect for a dying man’s wishes, the person that saved his
      worthless life, and irresponsibly by putting Gwen’s life in danger”

      Exactly. I already wasn’t impressed with the movie I had just watched but that moment made it even worse. What an asshole thing to do. Completely removed the last bit of interest I had in this Spiderman.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      This is what happened in the book, do some reading.

    • Risa618

      Actually, in the comics Captain Stacy told Peter to “take care” of Gwen, the EXACT OPPOSITE of “stay away.” Maybe YOU need to do some reading.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      I wasn’t talking about the part when he told him to stay away. I am talking about the part where he avoids her all angst ridden until he can’t bear it and then she dies when he gets close. Stacy was just verbalising peters thoughts because movies don’t have thought bubbles. So maybe YOU should eat a fat bag of juicy dicks.

    • Risa618

      I might believe you if the comment you replied to weren’t specifically about disregarding Captain Stacey’s wish to “stay away.” Nice attempt at backtracking though. And maybe you like movies to spell things out for you, but some people appreciate a little subtlety.

      Wow, parody of marriage equality sign as current profile pic AND an oh-so eloquent “eat dicks” comeback upon disagreement. What a catch you must be.

    • http://www.facebook.com/AlbertMelendyIII Albert Melendy

      Here’s the scene Ron is talking about:
      Peter comes in late for class, it’s after the funeral, scene, Maybe a week. Perhaps two either way, in the “STORY” weather you felt the “LOVE” or not. In the “COMIC BOOK” Peter Parker-15 YEAR OLD high school student, loved Gwen Stacy, they knew each other from classes, they were all in the same ones, both of them were exceptionally gifted, especially in science.But maybe you missed that episode of the 90′s cartoon.
      Because I don’t even recall Gwen being in the 90′s cartoon, It was always Mary Jane Watson. So maybe you should run by marvels website, before you start referencing, what you read off your toy package in 1985.

      Peters Teacher: Late Again I See, Mr. Parker.

      Peter: I am Sorry, Mrs. (doesn’t matter), It won’t happen again.
      peter try’s to keep low and slides into his seat.

      Peters Teacher: “Don’t make promises you can’t keep Mr. Parker”
      she rolls her eyes and walks back to her desk
      Peter Whispers
      While looking at Gwen: “Yeah, but those are the best kind”

      Now, Peter and Gwen, were suppose to be 15 years old, at the time they got together. So I am sure you were Don Freaking Juan, at that age around girls. And I am sure your Girlfriend who you saw this movie with was smooth as silk around guys too, but most shy dorky kids, were probably not as Suave as you were. If a girl really went to see this with you, just because you say ten bucks plus right?, and my ticket for myself cost me 11. So I imagine yours with your girlfriends ticket, and the popcorn etc, must have cost you well over $30.00 So I can understand going to a movie paying that much money, you were just so crushed to have seen. and sitting all the way through till the end, so it made it impossible to get your money back. Did your ill-egged girlfriend drive, who was unable to get up from her seat till the credits rolled too for some reason?
      I don’t mean to be so harsh but it’s just weird to me you guys would bash this movie so hard. The reason why you don’t remember Peter Parker as a 15 year kid, genius, shy, reserved, who was a smart-ass at times, is because you were not really reading the comic book. As far as him respecting a dying mans wishes. Put yourself in his place. This Girlfriend you say, what if for some ungodly reason you had to stop seeing her through a dying wish from 1 of her parents, would you?
      And the screams of emotional torment, look how many people died in this kids life, 2 right in front of him in how short a time? He’s feeling responsible for both of their deaths, And hey some human beings scream when someone close to them dies. I don’t know what you want to shove into Marc Webb, or why? But when you go to work do you not expect to make money? Do you think he puts the price tag on the movie. Although directing a film like this one, is a lot cooler of a job than most of us will have, it’s still a job right? When you go to work, do you do everything exactly the way everyone expects every time? Remember his everyone is of greater magnitude than yours, unless you’re a directer too? So How about this, when you looked around the theater was it empty? I’m guessing no. Keep in mind it’s a movie a story, a comic book super hero science fiction fantasy.The people who work on these projects don’t work their asses off for peanuts, yes they want to make lots of rich delicious money, and each and every one of them will get another job doing exactly what they are doing, or what ever because they are good at what they do.
      Good luck to you though, I hope the next spider man movie is better too,
      But that’s easy for me, I enjoyed “The Amazing Spider-Man”

    • http://twitter.com/BappyChanting Bappy Chanting

      “So I imagine yours with your girlfriends ticket, and the popcorn etc, must have cost you well over $30.00 So I can understand going to a movie paying that much money, you were just so crushed to have seen. and sitting all the way through till the end, so it made it impossible to get your money back. Did your ill-egged girlfriend drive, who was unable to get up from her seat till the credits rolled too for some reason?”
      ^^guess you don’t have enough intelligence to get what he is trying to say that this movie doesn’t worth enough to cost even 30$, so before you start your pathetic blabbing yet again, not everyone likes to waste their money like you for nothing, fool. Constructive analysis doesn’t make a movie better if it can’t deliver the least excitement someone expects from a superhero film in 2012. Feel sorry for you if the characteristics of Peter Parker you are referring you quite liked is your dream one, it’s not the character that’s gonna make TASM successful.. don’t think you are the only one who read 90′s comics, moron. Most people watched the first movie as they had no idea how the first reboot would come out, don’t hope things will keep going like that if the studio continues what they have done with TASM1. Oh, & i see you are intently ready for spending your easily obtained money for next sequel, hope you can really enjoy it all by yourself as you will be the only one to watch it in the theater, so good luck with that.

  • joran

    My main reason is: the web.
    He needs a capsule to shoot it.

  • Real Men Wear Tights

    Umm, Gwen didn’t die in the movie. In fact in the comic she is killed by the green goblin. But you’re right, it was a very disappointing movie. I preferred Maguire more that Garfield

    • Real Men Complete Sentences

      More that Garfield what?

    • Kellen Dunkelberger

      She isn’t killed by the Green Goblin, She’s killed by SpiderMan.

      Replace MJ with Gwen in the first spiderman movie, except he snaps her neck instead of rescuing everyone.

  • suay

    they unleashed the cure in the city… therefore turning the cops back.

  • Mia

    Ehh I think you’re being a bit too hard on the movie. Yeah it had it’s flaws but personally I really enjoyed the movie. I don’t think that Andrew Garfield is a bad actor at all, in fact, as much as I like Tobey Maguire, Garfield fit this role better. Peter wasn’t just all out nerdy guy, he was intelligent kind of cool guy which Garfield portrayed wonderfully and I think his main points of being a prick is when he first became Spiderman. He was a prick but when he got his reality check that it wasn’t all fun and games he fixed that. Which makes sense and makes him human. Also, pfft Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had so much chemistry my sister and I just kept going “Omg…why do they have so much chemistry”, much better chemistry then Kirsten and Tobey.

    Of course Triple J wasn’t going to be in this. Peter is still in high school after all. I think the other spiderman movies, which I also adore, rushed Peter’s story line and don’t you think that if Norman wasn’t going to be in these movies that Harry wouldn’t? He most likely will be a transfer student or something. Someone below mentioned something about Flash Thompson, well if I’m not mistaken, don’t he and Peter eventually get along? This guy looked better for the role than what’s his face, the big buff guy. And yes, Peter wasn’t a completely dark figure like Bruce but his life wasn’t always upbeat with sunshine and daisies. He masked a lot of pain too. Overall, I enjoyed this movie and I think though there are similarities to the Raimi films… this was a fresher take and it definitely was better than SP3 at least. I think it is: SP2, Amazing, SP then SP3 (which I think is terrible but a guilty pleasure). Anyway, that is all :)

  • GingerMcGee

    Still better than the Dark Knight Rises.

    • Ron

      I hope you are not serious

    • Ron

      Yes, me, I am serious. Dark Knight Rises was GAHBAGE.

    • http://www.facebook.com/WingcommanderIV Andrew Geczy

      I saw both on the same day on liked Spiderman better. Found it more cute and likable.

    • Ron

      By a HUUUUGE margin, too. At least Spider-Man gets to be in his own movie. Nolan HATES comics.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      X10000000 to the infinite power that is how much this movie blows batman away

  • Derick

    I made a similar argument about Jamison in my blog when I talked about how Spider-man 3 was a better movie than Amazing

    • Redick

      Spider-Man 3 is dog poo.

    • bfg666

      Yes, so it says something about Amazing…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Monkeynutter Peter Brazukas

    I gotta disagree on the first point and point out that Spiderman is actually quite a tragic character; the humour and quips are a defence mechanism for a guy who sees a majority of his loved ones die, often because of him, and who carries a huge responsibility no one in their right mind would want.

  • Stunned

    This film was terrible, for the reasons the author mention and also the reasons that many commenters have provided. But what shocked me the most about The Amazing Spider-Man is *just how little is different* between it and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. I was shocked that the studio decided to remake Spider-Man in the first place, so soon after the last trilogy. Even after I had accepted the idea of a reboot, I had at least expected it to be vastly different in some way from the 2002 Spider-Man film. But it was almost the same film, right down to the villain being a scientist transformed by his own work! The back story for Spidey was presented in more or less the same way, just a little darker. And they couldn’t even do it better this time around: I actually thought that Willem Dafoe and James Franco were a lot more fitting as antogonists for Spidey / Peter than Rhys Ifan’s Lizard. And the Mary Jane Parker part of the 2002 film was much more believable than the Gwen Stacey aspect of the new fim. They had 10 years…10 YEARS…and all they could come up with was a slight reworking?


    • Gamehermits

      Yep. I expected more differences by far. The biggest change was Peter and the portrayal from Garfield. I think those elements were credible, but not exactly Spiderman. He was only perfunctorily implied to be a nerd/weakling type, but mostly a careful viewing reveals that he’s just low- key about what an awesome guy he is all around. He’s cool, talented, hunky, hip, and a badass at heart. Not at all the unpopular outcast that drew the affection of fans who could relate to actual hard times in their own lives. Just because he’s scientific and a huge bully can push him around doesn’t make him the awkward dork he used to be. We weren’t supposed to notice how normal and yet special he was. We re supposed to think he’s the same uncool guy, but that is not the character they cared for this movie. What kind of jerk would ostracize such a well rounded, talented, charismatic and good looking guy? That fell apart somewhere, or they just didn’t care. He should have been much less cool and slick.. He’s not a jock, or a wannabe jock, right? He’s a weird guy who can’t socialize well. Not such a bad movie all in all though.

      Btw, SM3 was basically trash. After 2 was one f the strongest superhero translations to film, and a lot of fun, 3 was a really insulting cash in that squandered all the power and potential they had going. Watch those two again and tell me I’m wrong. 2 is strong. 3 is an embarrassment. A reboot is , and this one easily trumps the third movie simply by sucking so much less.

    • coffee mann

      Spider-Man 2 stands as one of the best comic book adaptations ever. SM3 sucked you know what :( I thought the reboot was pretty good, actually, since I really like Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. I much preferred Martin Sheen’s uncle Ben, who seemed more believable. ASM tried to bring all the characters down to earth, less idealized and more human, but the story and the villain were pedestrian at best,…….

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      You do understand that 90% of spiderman villians are scientist driven mad by their own work. check out the marvel wiki. do some reading a little research would do this comments section wonders.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      Sorry I just realized first you say “so soon after the last trilogy.” then you go onto mention “10 year…10 YEARS.” well which is it? so soon or a decade, you cant complain it both ways.

    • Cryshdyno

      Comparing Rami’s spider-man and TASM is pointless, both are stand alone and should be treated as such. However David sicne you and everyone else like to be assholes I guess i shall compare TASM 2012 to TASM 1977 :D Lets start with what they both have in common: Bad pointless plots, dialouge, direction, pacing, Villian, love interesting and the same effects, [i'm not kidding twhile the 1977 has practical POV and Webswinging. The actors who both played parker are good actors jsut not really right, and both have the same moves,psoes,etc. Differences: 2012: GwenJ, not faithful to thecomics [becuase the web shooters where Glossed over] both spidey’s arn;t funny (becuase heres hwo i see TASM 2012′s version of humor, imagine i tazered you with a Cattleprode, then beat you up with it then peed in your mouth and tazered you agin, before throwing you off the empire state building, Hillarious! right? becuase thats jsut fucked up right there, but to me thats what the so called humor felt like, it was that cring wrothy as the dialouge, terrible passing,editing, directing, score,etc. oh as for faithful-ness? ITS NOT FAITFHUL TO THE COMICS!! (that’s liek sayign Ang Lee’s Hulk is a good film. *shudders* ) Oha dn Peter wasn;t a nerd, he was the brooding,
      troubles msyteirosu dark” well eh was christean bales Batman. (minus the costume and terrible thraot cancer)

    • Toby Thavisak

      I got past the first sentence and then you started speaking alien.

  • Seth

    So disappointed in your lack of intelligence in film

  • CS Burks

    How about the fact that Parker comes off as this wanna-be cool kid instead of the nerdy guy we’re all used to. I don’t know if the character was written that way or if it was just bad acting.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      read an omnibus every once in a while know what you are syaing before you speak your garbage

  • MDH

    I walked out of this movie and walked across the hall to see The Dark Knight Rises, which I saw two days earlier. Unfortunately there was nowhere to sit so I just went back and finished watching this monstrosity.

    • MGH

      You can watch the entire Dark Knight trilogy on Youtube in like 6 minutes, which is most of the screen time Batman got in his own movie, anyway.

  • Ectar

    Is there any i can just dislike this? posting how you are wrong will just take up too much precious time

    • Lucia Malpense

      Completely agree.

  • caca

    men, do you dont like this movie????
    Dudes,,you have an advanced progeria.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=746875316 Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    thank god people agree. esp hated the mumbling fool scenes. urgh, what a waste of a reboot :(

    • Dave ‘Davey’ Matthews

      Yeah, thank God people agree so much that it made a bajillion dollars and is getting a sequel for you to whine about. SMH

  • BaronSpark

    NOTHING Amazing about this Spiderman!!! Give this guy a green lantern outfit because he certainly is no Mr.Spidey. If you’re gonna make a reboot, make it better, and make it likeably memorable.

    • BaronSpark

      Yeah! ‘Cause, remember in the Green Lantern comics where his Uncle Ben dies, and then he gets bit by a radioactive spider and fights crime? And who can forget where Green Lantern beats up guys and tells jokes before webbing them up and leaving notes for the cops?

    • Dave ‘Davey’ Matthews


  • Mandolin

    I remember when I watch it in cinema. I was losing interest
    in the middle of it, and then I started to measure the average size of my
    popcorn. I found it more interesting, compared to the movie.

    • Banjo

      Wow. Stay home and cook Orville in the future. And watch MTV.

  • MrSpoiler15

    Spot on! The movie was terrible! I could give another 15 reasons why.

    1 – Uncle Ben’s death was lame. That was the best they could do?
    2 – A good majority of the movie was shot at night. Not Spider-Man like.
    3 – Aunt May was worthless.
    4 – Peter Parker comes off as a douche bag instead of a witty. With that, Andrew Garfield was a terrible Peter Parker/Spider-man.
    5 – Peter was too emo. Even more so than Emo Peter in Spider-Man 3. “Oh, I’m going to quit talking to you Aunt May because I’m mad”.
    6 – No justice for Uncle Ben’s killer. They just totally forgot about it.
    7 – Spider-Man get a flesh wound shot and then acts like his leg was amputated. When battling the Lizard, his leg was fine.
    8 – Gwen creating an antidote for curing lizard transformations in no time. It took Connors years to with the help of Peter to create the lizard formula.
    9 – Retelling a story that EVERYONE knows at a slower/horrible pace. No one asked for this reboot.
    10 – The soundtrack was awful. Nothing memorable.
    11 – No Harry Osborn at the very least.
    12 – Doc Connor is bipolar. He becomes a mad scientist for no reason and then saves Spider-Man from falling off the tower. You could say that it was the serum that made him crazy but it was never mentioned.
    13 – Flash Thompson. That is all.
    14 – Spider-Man just left all of those cars/people he webbed up on the bridge. He just left them hanging.
    15 – The end credit scene was worthless.
    ***Extra – The Lizard looked horrible.

    I can write down more. I put this movie on par with Catwoman and Elektra. I knew this was movie was going to be bad but I was optimistic. I should have listened to my gut instincts. DEFINITELY skipping the sequel. Raimi’s films are far superior to this crap. Hopefully the sequel just bombs and Marvel gets the rights back.

    • bloing

      Pft. I can give 1 reason about the Raimi version that makes your 15 + the 5 above laughable: Tobey Maguire.

      Nuff said.

    • MrSpoiler15

      Tobey >>>>> Andrew.

    • David

      Tobey (am I acting yet) McGuire better than Andrew?

      HA!! That’s a laugh!!

    • MrSpoiler15

      Yes, Tobey is 1000% better.

    • aye!

      tobey was not betterwe was crying every second in all of them to much drama and less action with toby

    • suckmyballs123

      tobey is a bitch who was so far from peter parker it wasn’t even funny.

    • bfg666

      If Tobey was so far from the early Peter (which is false), where the hell do you think that leaves Garfield?

    • mat

      garfield captured the nerdiness with a modern touch. No one could be a COMPLETE wimp, dress up, and fall from twenty stories in the air and be okay with it lol.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vtv-V-radio/100000488215442 Vtv V-radio


    • http://twitter.com/AuroraStatic ¡????? §?????

      Peter Parker is a nerd and a dork, Tobey portrayed that brilliantly. Peter Parker isn’t supposed to be charming or witty like how Andrew portrayed it!!!

    • BarackSamson

      Yes he was. Peter was only awkward outside of the spidey costume.

    • Donavon

      Peter Parker has never been a nerd or a dork. He was dating Betty Brant, who he only got by making witty little remarks at every opportunity regarding Jameson. Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, Black Cat, Carlie Cooper, hell he even got drunk at his aunt’s wedding and woke up next to his roommate, Michele Gonzales who couldn’t stand him yet still found him appealing enough to fuck the shit out of him at the first chance she got. He’s currently making a shit ton of money, not to mention bad ass Spider-Man equipment, at his newest job. All of you are hating on what is the most faithful adaptation of Spider-Man I’ve seen (maybe not in every single plot point, but in the spirit of the character). Sam Raimi was too hung up on the sixties. Peter hasn’t been a dork since Amazing Fantasy.

    • bfg666

      Raimi wasn’t hung up on the sixties. He just filmed Spider-Man’s origins
      and early “career” so it was obvious his Peter would be dorky. Peter had 50 years of evolution in the comics, you simply can’t cram all that into only 3 movies.

      Gwen was a goody-two-shoes who ended up realizing how fundamentally good
      a guy Peter was underneath his massive nerdness, but only after quite
      some time spent ignoring him just like everybody else.

      It would be quite hard, even for the dorkiest kid, not to make fun of
      such a douche as JJJ, and though her character evolved nicely over the
      years, in the beginning Betty was portrayed as a quite tame and not very
      bright woman.

      MJ fell for him because she already knew from day one that he secretly was the wall-crawler.

      Carlie and Michele only came in very recently, when he had ceased to be the nerd kid decades back.

      And Black Cat only wants Spidey, she couldn’t care less about Peter and
      doesn’t even want to acknowledge that the two are the same person.

      Though there’s no doubt that Garfield is a much better actor than
      Maguire, his Peter is not at all the early Peter he should be. In that
      sense, Sam Raimi’s version was much more faithful to the spirit of the
      character. His Spidey, however, lacked much of the wittiness displayed
      by Webb’s.

      Now, script-wise, Amazing is poorly written, with major plot holes and rather stupid behavior from pretty much every character. Really not that amazing.

    • bfg666

      Raimi wasn’t hung up on the sixties. He just filmed Spider-Man’s origins
      and early “career” so it was obvious his Peter would be dorky. Peter had 50 years of evolution in the comics, you simply can’t cram all that into only 3 movies.

      Gwen was a goody-two-shoes who ended up realizing how fundamentally good
      a guy Peter was underneath his massive nerdness, but only after quite
      some time spent ignoring him just like everybody else.

      It would be quite hard, even for the dorkiest kid, not to make fun of
      such a douche as JJJ, and though her character evolved nicely over the
      years, in the beginning Betty was portrayed as a quite tame and not very
      bright woman.

      MJ fell for him because she already knew from day one that he secretly was the wall-crawler.

      Carlie and Michele only came in very recently, when he had ceased to be the nerd kid decades back.

      And Black Cat only wants Spidey, she couldn’t care less about Peter and
      doesn’t even want to acknowledge that the two are the same person.

      Though there’s no doubt that Garfield is a much better actor than
      Maguire, his Peter is not at all the early Peter he should be. In that
      sense, Sam Raimi’s version was much more faithful to the spirit of the
      character, as you put it. His Spidey, however, lacked much of the wittiness displayed
      by Webb’s.

      Now, script-wise, Amazing is poorly written, with major plot holes and rather stupid behavior from pretty much every character. Really not that amazing…

    • http://twitter.com/legotrailers trailerslego


    • Dalamar McTizic

      That’s actually a false notion as Peter by himself has actually always been able to pull in ladies despite being a nerd. In total he’s had 4 VERY attractive girlfriends in cannon, and probably more just in the Main 616 Universe. Also Stan Lee wrote Peter to be relatable to the time period. To this particular era, Andrew IS the perfect representation of what Peter Parker would be. What a nerd or a dork is today has drastically changed both visually and culturally. Hell I graduated from high school just 2 years ago, and I remember the “cool kids” where actually those who’d of more than likely gotten their teeth kicked in just during the 80′s let alone the 60′s. Not to mention that Andrew’s Peter is based on the Ultimate Universe. While Todey was based on the original 1960′s Peter, who again wasn’t nearly as much of a loser as people think him to be.

    • James Stanford

      40 thumbs up for Tobey being greater than Andrew? Then 40 up for Andrew being better? These people just don’t make any sense. Kids.Ha Ha

    • Sublime

      I think Tobey is a lot better than Andrew.

      The main reason people don’t like Tobey as Spider-man was because in the movies Spider-man wasn’t saying his cheesy one-liners very often.

      But, Tobey can do it, and much better than Garfield can. Anyone who’s ever played the games from Raimi’s movies knows what I’m talking about.

      “huh, I think I had a bowl of Mysterios for breakfast.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      Apparently we have someone who is not so good with math, you are aware the way you have it written is saying mcguire is better. Because no human with any semblance of taste would say such a thing.

    • Raimi Rulez

      Tobey Maguire might not be brilliant, but he was a perfect Peter Parker. He was dorky, not obnoxious like Andrew.

      nuff said.

    • tunz

      A perfect Peter Parker? Have you ever read at least one comic?? Peter Parker was smart, bright, not whiney and slow like Maguire was

    • http://twitter.com/legotrailers trailerslego

      WTF? its an adaptation dumbass, it would be boring seeing an smart, bright, not whiney and slow andrew, tobey is better, because he is more cinimatic marvel character not a comic book character dumbass!

    • agooseontheloose

      In that case the only actor around at the time to play Parker could of been Shia the beef.
      (I’m not implying his great but he does have a charisma about him which is a lot more than Tobey)

    • Solitudinarian

      Spider-Man is supposed to be obnoxious. Everyone is supposed to groan about his immature quips, even his fellow Avengers. If his silly banter makes you think “gawd, does this guy ever shut up?”, that’s exactly the kind of reaction comic book Spider-Man gets all the time, from allies and enemies alike.

      Tobey Maguire completely failed to portray Spidey’s goofy, immature and obnoxious side. He played the character like a poor people’s Batman. There are Marvel characters who are dark, brooding and serious, but Spidey definitely isn’t one of them.

    • Lulu

      Tobey didn’t fail at anything. That is the way Spider-man was written in the Raimi Trilogy, he did a perfect portrayal of what he was SUPPOSED to do. Raimi had no interest in a goofy Spider-man, he wanted to tell his story and thats how he remained him, all emo.

      There is no need to even justify this. You can see clearly how they wanted his character to act from the movies. How is he supposed to be goofy? Look closely at what is happening around him and his interactions with others. His emo character is spot on for that particular trilogy in my opinion.

    • Solitudinarian

      Then it’s Sam Raimi who failed. First by conceiving Spider-Man as an emo character akin to the whiny billionaire brat Bruce Wayne who loves to wallow in self-pity over his dead parents, then by casting Maguire for the role. Aside from being white and brunette, Raimi’s Spider-Man couldn’t be more different from the comic book Spidey (both the original and his initial ultimate universe counterpart).

    • Reading Idiot Articles Is Fun


    • Ban

      couldn’t agree more. Not any movie is perfect nor even Raimi’s Spiderman, but this movie? It full of flaws. Still hoping the new studio will release better Spiderman movies but i just don’t need Marc Webb as director anymore, he just sucks at making superhero films. Whole time i was watching the movie tried to ignore it’s mistakes and enjoy it, but i couldn’t.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sebastien-Napoleon/100001216369487 Sebastien Napoleon

      LOL @ the 7th and 8th reason

    • Xarkov

      #7: They actually explain that. After getting shot (why didn’t he just dodge like earlier in the movie. Did his spider sense broke down somewhere along the line) he has a hard time jumping up and around buildings. Then after falling and failing he decides to shoot some spider web in the wound. This magically heals him/or remove all his pain.
      This is still a terrible angle, maybe even worse. There are so many things wrong with this movie! And serious can’t understand people that say The Amazing Spider-Man was great. Well Actually I can. People get more stupid by the day. (or there is so much shit out there they can’t see the difference anymore between a turd and diarrhea)

    • MrSpoiler15

      Yeah I noticed that but that’s where it fails. Spider-Man doesn’t have webbing that magically heals wounds instantly.

    • BarackSamson

      Or it could be the adrenaline rush from a life or death fight

    • http://www.facebook.com/dearingermedia Steven Dearinger

      In all incarnations of Spider-Man (any that are true to the character anyway) Spider-Man’s Spider-sense can be fooled/not warn him if he doesn’t perceive he’s in danger or extremely distracted. This Spider-Man is still so early in his stages that he’s still grasping his powers. When he gets shot, the main thing on his mind is that Gwen is in danger, The Lizard is going to unleash a biological weapon, and he needs to get to Oscorp. Is it really so strange that while he’s still new at this, and so fixated on a huge threat, that they were able to shoot him?

      2ndly at no point does the movie insinuate that Peter’s web instantly healed him. Like Ultimate Spider-Man’s : “Death Of Spider-Man” story (which this was a direct nod to) after Peter is shot, he webs up his leg as an improvised gauze/bandage to keep pressure on the wound, keeping his blood inside. And if you notice, directly after that, Spider-Man is shown limping along and then breaking into a run. He didn’t magically heal, he’s enduring the pain and doing what he has to do.

      “People get more stupid by the day.” Yes I agree, especially when they can’t tell they are, and make ill-informed/poorly thought out posts to shit on something that apparently they half watched or didn’t remotely understand.

    • bfg666

      So I guess you half-watched this movie too, considering you seem to be OK with its major plot holes and the occasionally extremely stupid behavior of the characters.

    • haha

      yup, that scene where peter beat up flash thompson in a basketball court made peter look like a jerk. people root for underdog, not jerk.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dearingermedia Steven Dearinger

      So.. at what point did Peter beat up Flash in a basketball court? Flash knocked over the girl’s paint bucket, and Flash was talking smack to her. Peter stood up for her, and showed Flash up a little bit to give him a taste of his own medicine. It’s dumb comments like this and “Peter was being abusive to Aunt May! Yelling at her and treating her like dirt!” That remind me how inattentive people are and how much people went into this film wanting to hate it and it colored their entire experience so much that they completely miss the point of a scene, and make up their own. There was no point in the movie that Peter treated Aunt May like dirt. He wasn’t yelling at her abusively, he was pleading her. He was coming home every night with cuts and bruises, and like a concerned parent/guardian she was concerned and pressuring him to tell her. This was something he absolutely did not want to tell her, it was stressing him out, and he felt cornered. Then he’s begging her to just go to sleep. You never saw this in the old trilogy because Aunt May was a purely one note innocent old lady who was oblivious to all signs of Peter’s strange activities. This Aunt May is much more attentive and decided to question Peter. And this led to a fight, like in any family. He was in no way bitching her out/abusing her.

    • tunz

      Thank you for pointing that out. People just don’t seem to get it!

    • Casanova Frankenstein

      wow youre the only one who seems to be talkin some sens e on this thing..

      to be perfectly honest i think marvel should get disney to buy out the sony rights.. drop garfield (even tho he did an ok job tbh) use donald glover as the new amalgam Spidey ie a Peter Miles Benjamin Parker prototype to tie the old &new 1610, 616 universes together… (hes naturally funny has the underdog thing down to a tee. &besides bein spidey isnt about being black or white.. its about his personality &determination)

      &if they go that route they can bring back Garfield as Mr Fantastic (the role he was BORN to play IMO) just like they did with Chris Evans plop him next to Blake Livelys Invisible Woman &voila!!

      the entire MCU is tied into one huge neat motley alliance

    • James Stanford

      Aunt May DID figure out that he was Spider-Man. Don’t you remember the speech she gave him at her yard sale?

    • aye!

      uncle ben died the exact same way in this one lol

    • MrSpoiler15

      - Just strolling along
      - Oh guy drops a gun
      - Decides to make a dumb move and go for it.
      He had no powers so he had no responsibilities.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      You are a tard.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dearingermedia Steven Dearinger

      - Uncle Ben was not strolling along. He was looking for Peter
      - Ben going for the gun is meant to show what kind of person he is. If you honestly think Ben would/should have just let the robber pick up his gun and run off and you think Ben is retarded for doing what he did, then you miss entirely what kind of person he is and why he even tells Peter what he does. That’s the kind of person Uncle Ben is, he wasn’t just going let the armed robber go if he had a chance of stopping him (something Peter in his source material does the opposite of and causes Ben’s death). Which is why Ben is always going to be a role model for Peter’s character.

    • aye!

      they dont have to show him save everyone from the cars

    • MrSpoiler15

      Yes they should have. Rush job. Don’t even bother showing those cars hung up then. That makes him look like an even bigger douche.

    • Sven

      Watching him save everyone in the cars would have been a hilarious way to kill ten minutes of the movie, instead of the nifty imagery they used. Funny shit, Spoiler guy.

    • aye!

      actually everyone doesnt know the right story in the other spidermans it shows him get his webbing powers from the spider ,but thats not what really happens in the comics

    • BarackSamson

      4. I have to disagree. Spidey, even in the comics, has a douche streak. This is why villains as well as heroes can’t stand being in the same room as him most of the time. At one point the big 3 of the avengers had to take him outside to convince him to dial it down a notch.

      7. To be fair it’s compounded by the fact that he spent the better part of day getting his ass kicked by Connors and the cops, not to mention the stress he’s putting on it from building hopping. I know he’s Spider-Man but that shit would wear on you.

      8. Technically it took connors less than a day with Peter’s help. And the antidote was already made, Gwen just had to run the machine to make it.

      11. That’s a plus for me personally. He became my least favorite aspect of Raimi’s films.

      12. If you look back it was shown that the serum was the cause for his mental instability. In fact I recall a scene where he’s talking himself into mad scientist mode.

      Other than those points I’d have to agree.

    • Neil Burleigh

      You do know that Spiderman and The Amazing Spiderman are two different comic books, therefore the two movies won’t be the same. Your reference to retelling a story that everyone loves at a horrible pace (They just followed the second comic). Where you said No Harry Osborne ( He had not met harry By this time in the comic universe).The character of Flash in the amazing spiderman comic book, was the same as the movie.There are flaws in your reasons.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      Oh damn someone who knows what he says before he speaks. I tried telling this guy the same thing

    • bfg666

      Actually, the Amazing movie has a lot more to do with the Ultimate line than the actual Amazing comics.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      You are an imbecile. 4 reasons why.
      1. Toby was a horrible peter parker. Couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag.
      2. This new reboot is done in the Todd Mcfarlane style. (know your history before you spout off nonsense)
      3. Love Sam Raimi, love Spiderman, but his trilogy was shit on a shingle.(you probably like spiderman 3)
      4. And there is a cinematic principle, its called pacing they’re not going to introduce every character in the mythology in one movie.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ForgetYouFreaker David Murray

      Also sorry one more thing, a bunch of people wanted this reboot, to wash the shitty taste of tobey macguire out of their mouth.

    • James Stanford

      Tobey was good in the first 2. Number 3, he just made me wanna puke. The best part in #3 was when he kicked Harry’s ass in his house. That was better than any fight scene in the reboot.

    • http://twitter.com/Konbex Sean Conrad

      “I knew this was movie was going to be bad but I was optimistic”

      Way to go in to it with an unbiased opinion.

    • tunz

      1 – Uncle Ben’s death was real!! And luckily, in the new movie there wasn’t any whiny Tobey Maguire around, it felt much more real and immediate.
      3 – Aunt May was more modern.
      4 – Andrew Garfield did an amazing job. His Peter Parker feels like a true teenager, with all the confusional emotional state and stuff.
      Not like 40 year old Tobey Maguire
      5 -He’s just a teen! That’s what they do!
      6 – Yeah, cuz in real life it is extremely easy to find one person out of millions that lives there.
      In real life, you’re always given the time to finish your personal tasks before a new one comes out. Come on.
      9- The reboot was necessary. Spiderman 3 wasted tons of great characters and lead the trilogy to nowhere.
      11- In the comics, the first appareance of Harry Osborn is in the #31
      13 – Flash Thompson was perfect!! How can you possibily complain?? In your beloved Raimi’s movie he was just some kind of big bully douche.
      In this one, he shows his human side. He had one in the comics also. Get your fact straigth.

      You people just can’t accept the idea of a reboot. “oh my god, something different from what I used to see the first time? Something new? That must be terrible!!”

    • http://twitter.com/legotrailers trailerslego


    • matt

      the soundtrack was great……the flesh wound was a foreshadowing to something greater for the next films and trust me, they set up a much better story than the raimi version. people were in fact calling for a reboot, so they gave what people wanted. of course uncle Ben’s death wasn’t that long but that’s already been covered in the other films, which was executed perfectly. Webb said that his series was going to cover new ground the old franchise didn’t; we’re now seeing a story about peter’s parents, roughly based off of the ultimate spiderman universe, which is very good news. we’re going to get a proper venom and carnage(eventually).

    • Kellen Dunkelberger

      THey weren’t calling for a reboot. Raimi refused to work them for a fourth film because they fucked up the third one for him so badly and Toby and Kirsten Dunst didn’t want to work on a non Raimi Spiderman movie.

    • http://twitter.com/legotrailers trailerslego

      YOU ARE THE MOST GENIUS AND SMARTEST PERSON THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!!!! oh and you forgot 16 – Horrible Directing by Marc Webb.

    • gts123

      You are too stupid to insult

    • Otto Andersson

      Your reasons number 4 and EXTRA are what made me hate the movie. That CGI was terrible! Spiderman comes off as that annoying kid in class rather than a noble witty super hero.

  • http://www.facebook.com/guillermo.rubio.969 Guillermo Rubio

    I think you’re being too hard, because what can you expect from a movie with a guy in red and blue spandex, with spider powers, I’ll give you the J. Jonah Jameson absence sucked but the comics don’t make sense either, I think this kind of movies are just to enjoy spider man like if you were a kid again and not take them too seriously, I actually liked it better than the Sam Raimi ones.

    • Ban

      so if you think this kind of movies are just to enjoy spider man like if you were a kid again what’s the problem with Raimi’s films? You should have just enjoyed them instead of comparing it with the new movie.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Fix06 Mark McCann

      The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t just a bad Spider-Man film, it was just generally an atrocious bit of cinema,and a horrible cash in by a studio desperate to hold onto a major franchise rights.

      The whole thing was about money, but then what isn’t, but the sad fact of the matter is that future generations will identify with this substandard, brainless, plotless, badly acted shite as opposed to Raimi’s mostly decent trilogy. Spider-Man 2 in particular was Superhero genre gold.

      And regarding Tobey Maguire detractors, he was bland but passable. Garfield just fucking stunk

    • http://www.facebook.com/ShakeITShakeShakeIT Foto Grafia

      feels the same way.. they redid everything Raimi did with nothing memorable and likeable.. Andrew G came off as a douchebag instead of a funny sarcastic witty one.. Uncle and Aunt became screen fillers that you won’t feel any compassion for them..

      Raimi’s comic’ish approach was fun and more memorable with likeable characters..

      they even made Lizard act like Green Goblin.. needing funds for an experiment, get rushed and pushed around till he goes to test it onto himself.. kills the one who pushed him around.. wreaks havok, has a special connection to Peter.. same thing without the great portrayal..

    • Raime Rulez

      True, Rubio. I tried to go in and enjoy it–I loved Raimi’s version so I didn’t expect this one to be better–but I was unable to enjoy it no matter what. I soon realised it was because it was just so boring and repetitive. That’s my problem with it. I couldn’t care less about the story, but the repetitive battles and the obnoxious comments from Peter Parker really made me not enjoy it.

    • Guillermo Westbrook

      You can expect good writing, if you’re a fan of the comic that has been going for FIFTY YEARS with a guy in red and blue spandex with spider powers.