5 Cult Sci-Fi Creations ReMade As Junk Sculptures

Posted on: January 2nd, 2013

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Jurassic…Coat Hangers

Starting our cult sci-fi with some prehistoric artistry, it’s probably not quite the T-Rex you imagined in you’re mind eye and probably a pain in the rectum to disassemble for whenever you need your clothes back in the wardrobe (not for me though, I use the floor), but in terms of artistic ingenuity: Jurassic Coat Hangers is properly aces:


Transformers Scrap Sculptures

Some fan artists (who own/have access to scrap yards and have a of of free time) went to an awful lot of trouble to replicate Optimus Prime in his Michael Bay movie guise. The Movies may have sucked d*ck, but it’s fair to say that these sculptures (from Thailand) kick all sorts of robot asses:

Optimus Jnr.


Optimus Snr.




The Full Metal Terminator

A staple movie Cyborg with cult status you say? A T-800 made out of random bits of metal you say? Why here’s one someone way more talented than us made earlier. Shiny:




Iron Alien Vs Metal Predator

The two movie monsters that defined a generation are also popular choices when it comes to making stuff out of the contents of your cutlery drawer. They’d probably need a lot of grease and some strings to actually make them fight each other mind:

Iron Alien


Metal Predator



And Boney Face Hugger (just to even things out)



The winner! Alien Bike

(Still the best thing we’ve ever seen!)




Heavy Metal STAR WARS

When you think about it Star Wars, which is essentially epic fantasy meets a soap opera in space, is a perfect fit for heavy metal. Everyones got long hair and it’s swashbuckling as f**k! Just like metal! Of course I meant as a soundtrack, but some creative types with a hand for steel work took things more literally:





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