6 Armours That Could Defeat The Iron Man

Posted on: June 24th, 2013

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Tony Stark Vs:


Tony Stark is a smooth multi-billionaire who we all know better as Iron Man, who we all know better for that kick-ass armour.





If you’re not familiar with Tony Stark, well here’s a little synopsis. Basically Stark is a multi-billionaire genius playboy, who has the smarts and technology to create the suit and armour to be the hero that he is.

Some may argue that he’s not a ‘super’ superhero, due to his not having any special abilities or organic super-strength, but the man has the smarts to build an armour that turns him into Iron Man. So give credit where credit’s due. Because Iron Man’s bad-ass enough to go toe to toe with most other super-powers by sheer virtue of how smart and destructive his suit is.

Which forces us to wonder, what other armour’s out there could contend with, and possibly beat Tony’s Iron Man?

But first lets look at what Tony’s packing. Let’s get down to the techno nittty gritty. Throughout the ages, Tony has changed, upgraded, downgraded and quite frankly messed around with his armour as much as is humanly possible.

Iron Man’s most recognisable suit/armour is the red/yellow look we all know and love and the look hasn’t changed radically over the years. However, behind the scenes of each armour change, as previously stated, there have been a lot of different changes and technologies added or taken away to suit Tony’s whims at the time.






To date his most impressive armour in my own personal opinion is what is known as The Extremis Armour. This armour is his most advanced and destructive not only because of it’s technological advancements over the rest of the armour’s Tony has ever built, but in short when Stark was asked about whether it was an upgrade to his previous armour, he replied “No – It’s the next one…”.


Below is a quick check list of Extremis abilities:





  • The armour is capable of being sheathed within his body and can be unsheathed on his command through a mental signal
  • It has a forcefield layer that at a mere 2% energy takes no damage from nuclear explosions.
  • The repulsor can get into what is known as the petawatt range and can burn holes through an entire mountain that is thousands of feet deep.
  • His suit has nanobots that can tear through into other high tech weaponry including alien armours.
  • On top of everything he has shown the ability to absorb energy blasts and then attack with the Omni Beam which is 250,000+ degrees Fahrenheit, which compared to the sun which is only 11,000 should give you an idea of the damage Tony can inflict


Now let’s break it all down, with some feats that Iron Man has previously impressed us with:


Lifting a 16,000 ton reactor:


iron man lifts 16000 tonnes



Taking hits from Thor:


iron man vs thor



Protecting team members from nuclear missiles:

iron man saves avengers

iron man saves avengers



Absorbing a nova blast:


iron man vs human torch


So Who/What stands a chance against the Iron Man armour?

I’ve researched other armour and technologies that could take out Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge armour and to make it fair I’ve used the stat’s to create a for and against argument for who would win between Tony and the opponents I’ve set him up with.

I’ve went outside the Marvel Universe and chosen opponents who I think could stand a chance at taking out Iron Man, and to be fair to Mr Stark, we’ll not include technicalities such as his little alcohol problem. We’re also leaving out Ultron, Hank Pym’s Killer robot, for the simple reason he has the ability to take over the entire world. Iron Man on his lonesome would have no chance!

So let the match ups commence! Beginning with…


6. X-O Manowar


X-O Manowar




(Ed’s Note: Updated with thanks to Philip Albert Unbekant)

Created by Spider Aliens to be their ultimate weapon the X-O Manowar armour is basically a battleship condensed into an exoskeleton with enough kick to it to grant the host some serious firepower.

  • Original host Aric, a 5th Century Visgoth Barbarian put the armour to great use by kicking the s**t out of it’s builders using a variety of armaments ranging from a massive energy sword he could generate at will and use to cut through basically anything, and gauntlets with the power to drop a starship.
  • The armour is sentient and organic and comes with it’s own built in intelligence, not to mention the fact that it can survive in any environment (most notably a volcano). It can travel at hyper-speed, grants it’s wearer super-strength and due to it’s ability to self heal, and heal it’s host makes it an incredibly difficult to kill piece of hardware.
  • Though never actually used, the X-O Armour packs a chest beam that can supposedly extinguish a star. Add the crazy 5th Century barbarian behind the wheel to the mix and Tony Starks Iron Man doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore. It seems like it could be on the menu!

5. ROM Spaceknight





On the surface ROM, the planet Galador’s primary cyborg SpaceKnight protector (against the evil ass Dire Wraiths) may not appear that tough, but on closer inspection he packs a wallop that really can’t be ignored.

Rom’s armour is composed of the Galadorian metal plandanium, an extremely durable composite capable of standing up to a slashing from Wolverine’s adamantium claws (which can cut basically everything).

It has been shown to be damaged from time to time, demonstrating that plandanium is not indestructible, though the armour has self-repair capabilities that also provide him with superhuman strength, flight, and the ability to travel through space via backpack rockets. It also allows him to breathe in any atmosphere and survive in the vacuum of space.

Controls near the torso allow Rom to lower the armour’s temperature to well below zero and the armour stores a “solar charge” that could be used as a weapon and can drain power sources by mere contact. This alone is a pretty bad-ass power. It also gives him the ability to summon three pieces of equipment stored in “subspace”, the most notable of which is his Neutralizer.

The Neutralizer is Rom’s primary weapon designed to banish Dire Wraiths to Limbo by opening a dimensional portal. This handheld weapon can fire energy beams that can be deadly at a high setting if Rom chooses to select it and it can neutralize various forms of energy.

The device was designed so that only Rom could be able to discharge it and when the X-Men’s Wolverine once tried to use the weapon he received a numbing blast of energy feedback.

With a near impenetrable, self repairing armour that grants him super-strength and the ability to drain other energy sources on touch it would be folly to count ROM out as a viable opponent to Tony’s Iron Man. And with a primary weapon that shoots dimensional portals it’s a ‘one lucky shot and it’s over match’ for the Iron Avenger.

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  • Godzilla Under Fire

    Megatron vs. Ironman? You’re joking right? I suggest to do your homework first and research the fact that Tony Stark’s extremist armour for one, was verified by Marvel Comics to be unhackable and EMP proof. Even by alien standards noob.

  • Philip Albert Unbekant

    Hi. I feel you forgot an armor. I suggest you look into valiant comics x-o manowar. Its an alien Bio organic. Armor which at the beginning of being made is chosen to be either an armor and the aliens most powerful weapon or grown into one of there warships. The armor itself has been used to jump into a volcano, destroy alien warships and utterly defeat anyone who went against it. The armor allows the wearor to live in any environment space, water, lava, even buryed. The person wearing it can be kept alive without food or water and absorbs all waste. It also heals. At one point its owner was biten in half by a t-rex the armor sealed him in itself to keep him alive and heal him. Ok it took 10 years to do so but still. Pieces of armor can also be detached to heal others. At one point a friend lost an arm ans a piece of armor was used to regrow it. The person in it can even be put into stasis. Which was done at one point for 1500 years. The armor grants flight and hyperspace capabilities. It has duel energy weapons on each wrist and can produce a sword on command. It also has a chest mounted energy weapon that is said to be able to destroy a star although I’m not sure it was ever used in the comics. I believe the series would still be around if the publisher wasn’t bought be the video game company acclaim in the mid ninetys. Then again if they didn’t we wouldn’t have the turok video games as he was one of the properties gained in the buyout.

    • Mark McCann

      Hi Philip, we loved this suggestion and have since incorporated it into the post with a note of thanks to yourself. Cheers mate :)

    • Philip Albert Unbekant

      Thank you good sir. It feels great to bring light to a long forgotten comic book that was a favorite of mine as a kid.
      I’d like to offer up one other. Its a bit of a stretch but what about the silver surfer. Noran rare had no powers of his own until galactus encased him in a silverish material. That Material gives him super strong, super senses, the power cosmic, and mental control over a silver surfboard type item that he can use to fly or move through space at incredible speeds.. all in all it sounds like armor to me.
      I would also say the master chiefs armor due to its many abilities it grants him but I’m not to surd as it has no real weapons of its own.

    • Mark McCann

      Another great comment man. Thanks so much for contributing to the debate :)

  • ASWin

    Like the sound of that: Megatron Vs. Iron Man