3 Groups Movie Cops Should Go Undercover In

Posted on: July 1st, 2013

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I recently attended an advanced screening of The East thanks to the good folks at Movie House Cinemas. It’s a pretty solid tale of an undercover infiltrating a bunch of smelly hippies who stage attacks on friendly corporations. It follows the standard undercover plot involving rookies getting too close to the people they are supposed to be investigating, close calls getting caught and the reliable ‘unhappy spouse who just doesn’t understand’ cliche.

The East Poster

Two things set it apart however. Firstly, the undercover agent is not a cop but actually works for a private company who sell information to corporations. Secondly, the eco-terrorist/smelly hippies being infiltrated make an interesting change from the standard criminal gang.

This got me thinking – what are some other groups that haven’t been explored before in the undercover agent film, and who could infiltrate them?

3. The Catholic Church In Ireland

The Scenario

It’s modern day Northern Ireland and the scandal involving pedophile priests is reaching boiling point. Just when everyone thought there were no more terrible secrets to uncover, more and more stories of child abuse at the hands of holy men begin to emerge. It’s apparent that there’s still dirt on this supposedly trustworthy organization. But who has the guts to dig it?

Catholic Priests

The Undercover Agent

Enter Billy Irvine – a rookie cop who has been selected for a deadly mission: infiltrate the Priesthood and expose the corruption that has kept so many child molesters out of jail.

There’s only one problem: Billy is a raging Protestant and card-carrying member of The Orange Order and DUP; two groups that are traditionally critical of Catholicism in general – and that’s putting it lightly.

As he gets deeper and deeper into the pedo-priest underworld he wrestles with his own faith. Is the communion a symbol of the body of Jesus or his actual body? Does sitting, standing and kneeling constantly during a religious service make you more holy? His beliefs are thrown into chaos as he is forced to conduct mass week after week. He meets some non-pedo Catholics and is shocked that they do not breathe fire or murder small babies.

As he struggles with going native his job of hearing confession allows him to get back on track as a colleague confesses about his perverted dealings with small children.


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