25 Cult Movie Soundtracks You Need To Hear Before You Die

Posted on: February 22nd, 2013

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A kick-ass soundtrack to a movie is the difference between a good movie and a GREAT movie. In some instances it can be the make or breaker elevating a low budget piece of s**t to cult status based purely on how good the films musical accompaniment is. The same goes for the reverse, where if a good film has a terrible soundtrack it can take a major poop all over that films credentials (The Omega Man anybody?).

Here I’ve assembled what is essentially the ‘Must Hear’ list of film soundtracks in music video format for ya’ll to listen to.

Okay, so a few of them are standalone songs from the artist involved that just happen to occupy an astounding soundtrack, and others are songs by particular artists that best represent what your going to listen to when you watch the film they’re from. So these aren’t the full soundtracks (because BAD HAVEN isn’t down with net piracy…. well mostly. Well….the less said the better), but more of a flavor of the whole thing.

And once you listen to them and get a taste, then I recommend you go check out the whole album, or better yet the film that they’re from. Because if the soundtrack is good then it’s the rare case that the film will suck. Except in the case of Batman Forever. In that instance just listen to the soundtrack and spare yourself that Bat Nippled s**t fest. You can thank me later.

Now check out the top 25 after the jump:


25. Batman

Prince – Party Man

The original Tim Burton Batman was scored by Danny Elfman, but it’s oft forgotten that sexy funk midget Prince did the soundtrack. And what a funky fresh bit of tuneage it was too. This 1989 Bat film may have abandoned canon when representing old Bat’s for a cinema audience, but it also killed the Adam West camp stigma and essentially launched superheroes back into the mainstream. And it did so to Prince’s funky beat:


24. Repoman

Iggy Pop – Repoman

Alex Cox’s cult weird fest featuring Emilio Estevez as a young punk rock Repo Man, his old timey partner Harry dean Stanton and a kick-ass soundtrack from the likes of Punk legends Iggy Pop, Black Flag and The Plugz still stands out as a ‘must listen’ soundtrack. It’s Iggy who best represents on this album though, which is among other things as cult and strange as the film it scores:



23. Transformers: The Movie

N.R.G. -Instruments of Destruction

Transformers the movie not only had an impressive cast for a kids movie (Orson Welles and Leonard Nimoy) and some big themes with genuine robo deaths, but it also had a totally metal soundtrack. Which shouldn’t be that surprising in a film populated by giant sentient transforming robots, that nearly two decades later is still better than the Michael Bay versions:


22. Batman Forever

U2 – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

This Bat Nippled monstrosity was a terrible departure into ‘camp’ following the sweet Tim Burton set up for the Bat franchise and would mark their decline until Nolan’s latter day trilogy. But Val Kilmers Bat Nips aside, the soundtrack from the likes of U2 and Seal was pure gold:



21. Hobo with a Shotgun

Lisa Lougheed – Run With Us

Jason Eisener’s nasty latter day love letter to 1980′s grindhouse/low rent direct to VHS splatter movies does exactly what it says on the tin with one of the most entertaining homages to that paritcular genre. It also has an absolute pumping retro soundtrack that refuses to quit and makes this movie doubly watchable:

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  • Lily

    The song from The Raccoons! Hobo with a Shotgun is quite different from the kids show!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ferdinand.u.wang Ferdinand Uziel Wang

    Where oh where is ‘Graham’s Theme’ by Michael Rubini from Manhunter? Some may consider the soundtrack dated but the 80s were not that long ago, I remember it like yesterday.