21 Ways Iron Man And The Wolverine Are The Same Movie

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Posted on: July 29th, 2013

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I know what you’re thinking: How could two entirely different characters from two entirely different movies from two entirely different studios, years apart, have any sort of similarities? Iron Man and The Wolverine are so far removed from each other as to be almost polar opposites. The movies are from different studios and different writers/directors based on entirely different source material.

And sure, I get it. On the surface both of these movies appear to have absolutely nothing in common.

One is about an arrogant weapons making billionaire, playboy, philanthropist having a life changing experience and becoming a hero. The other is about a centuries old mass murdering mutant finding a new reason to live by reclaiming his lost honor. They have NOTHING in common.

But when you scratch the surface they actually have lots in common. Lot’s and lots.

So right about now there’s a rabid fan boy hate mongering audience who just got on their high horse and prepared to call me a cock-knocking pillow biter damned to the deepest recesses of hack Hell in the comments column. ‘Incensed’ feelings are currently running amok with the ferocity of a room full of women on the menopause with no air conditioning among certain areas of fandom.

But before anyone shits the bed and calls me the greatest shite spouting villain on the internet since Hitler, I say have a look at these similarities below. Sure The Wolverine and Iron Man may be entirely different movies, but they sure do have a lot in common too. Don’t believe me rabid fan boys? Fuck you then! I’m getting in first before you slate me in the comments!

And also – read this:




21. Both Films Begin With The Main Protagonists Imprisoned

Stark is taken Prisoner when his convoy is ambushed and Stark is critically wounded by one of his own missiles by the terrorist group the Ten Rings (a massively obvious Mandarin reference), while Logan is a POW at a military camp in Nagaskai.


iron man cave scene



20. Both Men Form A Bond In Captivity That Will Haunt Them In Later Life

Stark befriends fellow captive Yinsen who’s death during their escape and subsequent village invasion in the 2nd half of the movie by the Ten Rings force Stark to take action as Iron Man. Logan by contrast saves a prison camp guard named Yashida, who will later call him to Japan to repay a life debt. His daughters attempted kidnapping forces Logan to come out of retirement as Wolverine.


19. Both Men Travel By Private Jet

Tony has his own Jet to fly to  war-torn Afghanistan in while Logan travels to Japan in Lord Yashida’s.


18. Both Films Plots Are Based On Misdirection 





Yashida wanting Logan to accompany Yukio to Japan to repay his life debt and later faked death is actually a trap to procure Logan’s healing powers. Tony Starks kidnapping by Terrorists is actually orchestrated by Obadiah Stane so he can gain control of Howard Starks Company.


17. Both Films Are Based Around Kidnapping And Assassination To Preserve Legacy





Mariko’s father Shingen reveals her Grandfather Lord Yashida has left Mariko his empire, and he attempted to have her killed in order to preserve what he believed was rightfully his. Lord Yashida himself also wants to preserve his legacy by living forever. Obadiah Stane wants to secure his position as head of Howard Stark’s company by having his heir Tony killed and also wants to continue weapons manufacturing using Tony’s arc reactor tech.

Mariko and Tony are both corporate heads who need to die if the Villains are to succeed.


16. Both Heroes Are Likely Suffer Post-Traumatic Stress

Stark following his kidnapping. Logan following his execution of Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix in the events of X3: The Last Stand.

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  • Guest

    Fun article. Add to that both guys look hot with their shirts off and added pictures please!

  • Jen Sullivan

    Fun article. Add both guys look hot with their shirts off to that list and added pictures please!

  • Scoot

    22. They both have their code names as their titles.

    23. They both have credits roll after the movie ended.

    24. They’re both male (not female)

    25. They both never pee or poo.

  • Guest

    wtf is this buzzfeed? this is fucking terrible.

  • Flug

    “I know what your thinking”
    Aaaaaaaand stopped reading.

  • AL

    That was a very insightful and interesting article……I’m just kidding, you’re a freakin retard.

    • Jerry Babbitt

      Hey ass-hole, you’re one’a them cock-gobbling fanboys he was taking about at the start of the article. I bet you didn’t understand it much you low iq motherfucker lol

  • Fuckthisguy

    I had to say that this writer has got to be the douchiest person around. Not even for the content of the article, but for the sheer argogance of insulting your readers who click on your ads and pay for your site. Go fuck yourself dude.

    • Jerry Babbitt

      Yeah, what an arrogant fucking ass-hole. If you got offended though, then he had you pegged too sucker

  • Sandman

    I think reason 19 is a bit lame … They both travel by private jet. For this to be deemed reason enough that they are the same (or at least one of the reasons) feels a bit reaching to me. Also the whole “don’t believe me. Fuck you” bit to your readers is a bit of a douche move…

  • Colt

    Interesting article. I haven’t seen the new Wolverine movie yet.

    However, I’ve got to say, you have a very poor view of your readers.

  • getcarter

    very interesting…..