16 Ways The Crow and Robocop Are The Same Film

Posted on: February 21st, 2013

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Previously, I provided 12 reasons why Robocop is a film that kicks ass so much it has actually restricted my ability to form relationships with women. This is the second in a trilogy of articles that involve my beloved law enforcement man-machine Robocop.

For no real reason other than for curiosity’s sake, I’m going to demonstrate how the first film adaptation of The Crow is essentially the fantasy version of Verhoeven, Neumeier and Miner’s sci-fi masterpiece. Where Robocop uses science to explain the plot’s impossibilities, The Crow uses the supernatural.

This isn’t an attack on The Crow. I love it and I think it’s a great film. I think it’s just interesting to look at how films and stories can be structured similarly yet the end result can be very different.

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If you can think of any other pairs of films that share a similar structure please post them in the comments section, I’d love to hear some similar scenarios!

Note: This article assumes you have seen both films so there are SPOILERS ahead.



1. Both Heroes Are Violently Murdered by a Group of Scumbags

Both police officer Alex Murphy and rock star Eric Draven are just two cool dudes going about their business when they are violently murdered by a group of thugs. The murders show no remorse for their actions and both gangs have a classic 80s/early 90s token black guy.

Bad Guys From The Crow and Robocop

All the lads.

Black Guys from The Crow and Robocop

Two awesome actors and bad guys – Laurence Mason and Jesse D. Goins

2. The Violent Thugs Who Murdered The Hero Work For a Businessman Villain

Michael Wincott excels as the deliciously gravel-voiced Top Dollar. On the surface he’s a music club owner who looks like a rockstar, gets high by inhaling smoke from burning eyeballs, is in love with his sister and has Draven’s killers in his employ.

Bai Ling Lookin Fine in The Crow

Admit it -if she was your sister you would too.

In Robocop, Ronny Cox is also great as Dick Jones – the evil second in command at the OCP corporation. He too has the murderers of the hero on his payroll. Unlike Top Dollar though he doesn’t bang any of his sisters (that we know of).

Dick Jones and Top Dollar

The Businessmen Villains – Dick Jones and Top Dollar

3. Both Heroes Lose The Woman They Love

Because of their violent murders, they can no longer contact their significant others. The main difference here is that Alex Murphy can never reunite with his wife (unless she is cool with some sort of detachable robot penis). Eric Draven on the other hand is working towards reuniting with his missus for some kinky afterlife lovin’.

The Ladies in Their Lives.

4. Both Heroes are Resurrected from the Dead But Have No Memory of their Previous Lives

Alex Murphy returns as Robocop thanks to the magic of science and capitalism. Eric Draven returns thanks to straight up magic and a mysterious Crow that acts as a supernatural Sat Nav. Both have no knowledge of their past lives after resurrection, but start to remember as the films progress.

Eric Draven and Robocop

The Heroes: Eric Draven and Robocop


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  • Adrian

    I love the article. I thought about writing one just like it since my best friend and I have had numerous conversations about the similarities between these films since his #1 film is Robocop and mine is The Crow.

    My only problem is the suggestion that Eric Draven has no memory of his previous life. He obviously does or he wouldn’t know who Sarah is. He wouldn’t remember the circumstances of his death and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t know how to play guitar solos without some memory. He even remembered his cat’s name. There is really nothing in the film to suggest that he had no memory of his life before being brought back.

    • Adrian

      I meant nothing to suggest he had no memory of his previous after he had been resurrected.

    • Kazam

      Thanks for the comments Adrian. I think there are different ways to interpret that point. From what I can see, Eric has no real memory of what happened until he returns home and then has flashbacks when he touches certain objects within the apartment. This can be seen again when he gets the ring from Gideons and as soon as he holds it he has another flashback and retrieves memories related to it.

      He has little to no memory of anything when he rises from the grave until the crow guides him back. On screen it’s only for a few minutes but in Robocop it’s for a larger section of the film.

      Following that logic, he probably remembered how to play guitar when he touched it.

      Robocop is the same in that immediately after his resurrection he has no memory, but it slowly returns throughout the film – most significantly when he returns home (just like Eric in The Crow).

      Anyways, glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for commenting :)

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  • Name

    Devil’s Night isn’t a fictional thing:


    • http://www.facebook.com/alexkazam Alex Kazam

      Wow, this is awesome, thanks! I’ll be adding these suggestions in a revised version of the article,

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.pirrie Ed Pirrie

    Both heroes filled something of a fatherly role in their previous lives.
    Both blew up a building in the pursuit of their killers by detonating gasoline.
    Both took out one of their killers with a well-staged automotive accident.
    Both interrupt a business meeting between the villains and win a shootout in which they are hopelessly outnumbered.
    Both had worked for the businessman villains in their past lives (OCP runs the cops/Hangman’s Joke had performed at the club).

    • http://www.facebook.com/alexkazam Alex Kazam

      Great suggestions Ed! I especially like the final point – can’t believe I missed that one!