10 Sci-Fi/Superhero Fan Films That Outshine Hollywood

10 Sci-Fi/Superhero Fan Films That Outshine Hollywood
Posted on: August 31st, 2013

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When you hear the term ‘fan film’ most people are immediately stricken by the idea that is the prevailing stereotype; a few brief scenes of grimly shot, badly scripted and poorly acted ‘fan worship’ featuring some amateur filmmakers bad cinematography, rushing around after a hastily put together squad of actors/actresses and some sketchy looking props made by the family art student.

This of course, is a stereotype for a reason, and you only need go on YouTube to see the masses of poorly conceived if not enthusiastic shit that clog the feed dying for your appreciation. But while the stereotype may remain true, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t exceptions.

Below is a selection of fan films and trailer so well put together they could actually give their Hollywood contemporaries a run for their money. In fact give these filmmakers money! We’d love to see what they could do with a budget -


10. DAREDEVIL NC-17 Sizzle Reel

With the then (August 2012) revelation that 20th Century Fox was losing the character’s rights of Daredevil to Marvel, initial director Joe Carnahan put forward his idea of a violent 1970′s Daredevil reboot in a bid to snipe in there before it was too late.

He gathered a massive 6,000 followers on Twitter, followed by his fan inspired reveal of two sizzle reels that showcased what he had in mind for the character. The more hard-core R-Rated sizzler is below, and offers a tantalizing glimpse of what might have been:



9. StarWars The Old Republic “Hope” Fan Film 2012

French filmmaker Michael Schaack directed and edited this fan-film ‘homage’ to the original Star Wars game trailer of the same name. Despite some gender re-assignments (the male Jedo was originally female) this is an incredible recreation of the original game trailer, that posits the question; why doesn’t this guy do some Star Wars originals:



8. One on One : Superman Fan Film

Jake Thomas’ ode to Superman is a small, yet incredibly humbling take on the character, the old school Supes who just wanted to help people and do the right thing. This fan film asks the question ‘is Superman redundant in our modern cynical world where his ideals seem old fashioned and out of place?’

Despite the distinct lack of Superman in this fan film starring Erin Brown and John Nagle the answer is a poignantly delivered ‘yes’ :


7. Wonder Woman Fan Film Trailer

According to the YouTube blurb: Actress / performer Nina Bergman & director Jesse V. Johnson wanted to shoot a fan trailer for their favorite super hero

They did just that, and the result was a brilliantly conceived ‘Wonder Woman taken prisoner by the Reich during WW2′ in Nazi Germany. The hard as nails exposition in this trailer sets the scene for what could be a truly brilliant Superhero cum war movie with huge dollops of the prerequisite darkness and arse kicking in equal measures:

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