7 Bad-Ass Sci-Fi/Fantasy Swords You’d Love To Learn To Duel With

Posted on: April 22nd, 2013

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Sword fighting is such a staple of sci-fi/fantasy that as a modern culture who knows virtually nothing about dueling with edged weapons (you know, those things that don’t have a trigger and a kick like a mule) makes us slightly fascinated by the concept of wielding something skillfully enough that we might be able to ‘not die’ long enough to look good.

In reality we’d probably cut our own toes off with the first swing, but the fantasy of wielding a sword, laser sword, or something with an edge in general is a prevalent one among nerds, and while we might never get any farther than swinging a fake lightsaber in a front lawn duel that will end promptly when someone get’s their fingers bashed, it’s nice to dream about what swords we would use if we were bad-asses….instead of a bit crap with bad hand-eye coordination and way too lazy to learn martial arts.

Here’s the dream list below:


7. Blade’s Sword


It’s common knowledge that Vampire Hunter and half breed Day Walker Blade (Wesley Snipes) is one supremely bad motherf**ker, so it only fits that his sword be equally as bad.

His sword is hand crafted from Titanium and it has an acid edge, with one of its most notable features being a trigger on the handle. If someone unwittingly picks up the sword a timer set to 5 to 10 seconds will go off and 4 spikes will spontaneously come from the handle causing the victim’s hand to some what explode. To deactivate the trigger you hit a button around the guard.

Since most Vamps aren’t aware of the trigger this makes for some hand popping mishaps anytime Blade let’s his blade get away from him. And you have to wonder if sometimes he just does it for badness:

6. Highlander Blade



The Highlander continuity may be a complex web of contradictory films, Anime’s, TV series, Comics and animated TV series, but one thing they all agree on is that Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) is a fairly arse kicking immortal (let’s not get into the whole Alien from Zeist thing), and his sword, a Dragon Headed Katana is one rather tasty piece of decapitation gear.

The Highlander films follow an ages-old battle between immortal warriors, depicted through interwoven past and present day storylines and while the Highlander sword itself possesses no special properties – other than being way ahead of it’s time concerning the folded metal technique the Japanese would later pioneer as master sword smiths –  it’s a bad-ass blade wielded by Connor (and his similarly immortal relative Duncan MacLeod) to great effect, in lopping of peoples heads usually, while looking stylish in a trench coat.

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