Transformers: Robots In Disguise #15 Review

Posted on: March 25th, 2013

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‘Plan For Everything’

Writer: John Barber

Art: Andrew Griffith (Lines) Josh Perez (Colours)



Here we go again! It’s full on Autobot vs Decepticon action and the stakes can rarely have been higher, as Megatron unleashes the newly reconstructed Devastator with Prowl at its core against the Autobots and ‘Nails’ in Iacon – can anyone or anything stop the gestalt giant? Meanwhile in the Black Room, Arcee proves once again that she is indeed mad, bad and very dangerous to know…




“Well, it was a complicated plan… I guess I was bound to make some mistake.” Some day, I will ask John Barber whether he was living vicariously through his creations when he wrote that line, which features towards the end of ‘Plan For Everything’ – an ironic title, as despite spending the best part of a year carefully positioning all the players, these last couple of issues have really whipped the rug out from underneath the RID regulars.



It is entirely plausible that it was always the intention to have Megatron’s return really impact the tone and pacing of the book, just as it has the citizens of Iacon. Whatever the case, this issue steps up the wanton destruction quotient from last time out but also retains a similar level of clunkily shoehorned-in exposition which detracts from the action.

The contrived dialogue (delivered in ‘Bond Villian Style’ after an ‘I’m glad you asked that’ question, just like last issue) would be irritating enough in and of itself, but that it leads to such a ‘WTF’ moment in the great scheme of RID-things makes it all the more embarrassing really. If it weren’t such a pivotal moment in the grand scheme of things I could probably gloss over it and it’s not as if a few well chosen lines further down the road won’t be able to smooth it over, but it appears John Barber’s complicated plan has perhaps led to a mistake in this instance. Time will tell…



Another RID-stalwart grates a little this issue too – the character commentary. Now, I’ve enjoyed John’s use of this story framing device throughout RID’s run so far, so it pains me to say it, but something’s not quite right with this one. It’s Prowl this time and, on the plus side, he sure has got some crazy shenanigans going on right now, being an unwilling component of the Decepticons’ gestalt monster.

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