How Would You Fix…The Spider-Clone Saga?

Posted on: April 17th, 2013

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Ed’s note: Fan Fix by Nathan Adler, is one man, and one major fan’s tireless efforts to fix continuity in comics, in the ultimate chronicle of character histories and fan theory into an ingenious bit of streamlining.

Over the years I’ve found myself revisiting Andrew Goletz and Glenn Greenberg’s Life of Reilly website to review potential resolutions that were proposed and all the ideas not managing to see the light of day.



Of all the unresolved plots emerging out of that period, I’ll admit I have not found any of the proposed Clone Saga resolutions intellectually satisfying (or the whole saga for that matter).

My own ideas on ways this saga could have been better resolved have, at their foundation, the conceit that Harry Osborn had not been the son of Norman at all but had always been the younger clone of Norman Osborn, and when we saw Harry in the throes of drug addiction, in the infamous “Not Approved by the Comics Code Authority” story arc featured in Amazing Spider-Man #96-98, it was a consequence of his becoming dependent upon medications he required to slow down the clone degeneration process.


With Harry now being the clone of Norman Osborn, one can adduce as the next logical step that an historical alliance existed between Norman and Miles Warren, Peter Parker’s biology professor at Empire State University (otherwise known as the brilliant yet twisted geneticist super-villain the Jackal).

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Nathan Adler is the owner and writer of Fan Fix, one fans tireless efforts to fix continuity in comics. In his own words: In the ever-evolving landscape of comics there are simply some things that should not have happened. In How Would You Fix, we attempt to retcon some of the more questionable aspects of our beloved characters’ sordid histories out of existence and replace them with more intellectually-satisfying ones that hopefully build on seeds planted by original creators.

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