Transformers: Regeneration One #89 Review

Posted on: March 11th, 2013

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Writer: Simon Furman

Art: Andrew Wildman (Lines) Stephen Baskerville (Inks) John-Paul Bove (Colours)




Grudge Match! Grimlock is confronted by his former Dinobot comrades – and it doesn’t take long for the talking to stop and the fists to start flying! As Scorponok’s troops hunt down the straggling resistance, Hot Rod learns more of Cybertron’s ancient past and Optimus Prime journeys to the remains of the Autobot’s crashed starship, The Ark – little does he suspect the dangers that lurk within!




Dinobots! ‘Nuff said’ – The angriest good guys this side of Polyhex are out for their own inimitable brand of justice, and the target of their collective ire is none other than their former commander, Grimlock!

Grimlock, as written by Simon Furman, is a tortured soul and it shows. One minute it’s as if he’s the sage elder who sees the big picture and does the right thing for the benefit of the group, the next he’s stomping around like the petulant upstart that the universe simply has to revolve around and will stop at nothing to get his own way and to hell with the consequences! It’s said the road the road to hell is paved with good intentions and it looks as though Grimlock is well on his way, with the majority of Cybertron’s populace the collateral damage after his latest self-indulgent flight of fancy – he’s going to have to go some to comeback from this one…



Whether he will or not is up for debate – This fourth installment of ‘Natural Selection’ is similar in structure to the penultimate chapter of the previous RG1 arc, ‘ Loose Ends’. For the most part, lots of ideas and characters and plots all neatly lined up, ready for the big smackdown in the last issue of the arc – #85 gave us the most epic Optimus Prime vs Megatron battle ever and reading between the lines it appears that #90 will give rise to another titanic tussle (although there may yet be a spanner or three thrown in the works)!

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