Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #14 Review

Posted on: March 5th, 2013

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“Remembrance Day”


Writer: James Roberts

Art: Alex Milne (Pencils) Josh Burcham (Colours)



Overlord – his name alone, enough to send shivers down the titanium reinforced spinal struts of even the hardiest Autobot warriors. Finally defeated by the Wreckers at Garrus-9, the Decepticon ‘Phase-Sixer’ was stripped down and his spark placed in a white-out vacuum… except he wasn’t and it wasn’t; rebuilt, shackled and concealed aboard the Lost Light inside a temporal dilation field, Overlord has been a mechanoid out of time for too long – the tables are about to be turned!




Across the last dozen or so issues, ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ has been getting its dominoes all lined up, ready for someone to devilishly prod that first slab into the back of the next, setting off a chain reaction of kinetic energy, colour and sound and fury . Then along comes some sadistic, malevolent force of nature, stomping through all that hard work and preparation, smashing through the carefully laid-out arrangements, sending all those little pieces flying in every direction, deciding that total anarchy is the order of the day, now… Overlord or James Roberts? YOU decide!



As with issue #14 of sister title ‘Robots In Disguise’, MTMTE #14 is a similarly informative piece of work, answering questions that have had us scratching our heads for many a month, filling in longstanding blanks in back-stories and generally setting all the ducks up in a row ready for the big shoot-out next issue!

However, whilst RID went for the ‘Bond Villain Approach’, with Megatron and his goons taking great delight in informing all and sundry of their recent dastardly doings rather than just getting the smashy-smashy shooty-shooty part done, MTMTE is more subtle. Sure, there’s still exposition in there, there has to be, but it is delivered with flair and variety, with at least as much ‘show’ as there is ‘tell’.

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