TRANSFORMERS More Than Meets The Eye #13 Review

TRANSFORMERS More Than Meets The Eye Cover
Posted on: February 7th, 2013

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Writer: James Roberts

Art: Guido Guidi (Pencils) Josh Burcham & Joana Lafuente (Colours)

“Cybertronian Homesick Blues”





More Than Meets The Eye #13 Review

The (relative) calm before the storm! After the explosive encounter with the Decepticon remnants, it’s time for some R&R for the crew of the Lost Light. Relaxation and recuperation? That might have been the plan, but it turns out to be more regrets and recriminations ahead of a forthcoming reunion…

The problem with having a really good night out is if it’s a really, really good one, you’ll be in no fit state to remember it! If you want to know what happened, you need to go to the only person you can rely on during a session on the hi-grade lubricant – the bartender!



As such, this issue is framed as an audio postcard home from the Lost Light’s resident bartender, Swerve, beamed to his ‘buddy’ Blurr back on Cybertron; the wise-cracking minibot and ‘his posse’ take some shore leave, looking to recharge the batteries and even teach uptight disciplinarian Ultra Magnus the meaning of the word ‘relax’! Of course, between holo-avatars and spiked drinks, obvious hilarity ensues…

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  • Barry

    No, these books are overrated and I read them. James Roberts is writing a parody of Star Trek with Transformers.

  • A Parasitic Cyst

    Good article! I order these every month and they’re always a treat to read. MTMTE is just slightly better than RID in my opinion because every issue has been entertaining and the art quality has been flawless. The only disappointment was Grimlocks ‘return’ but I’m sure they’ll get back to him eventually.