Posted on: December 5th, 2012

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Writer: Justin Jordan

Art: Tradd Moore



Luther Strode lives. Five years after losing everything, Luther has become more than a nightmare for the evil men in his city… he has become a legend. But somebody is hunting the bogeyman, and he has dangerous allies that Luther will never expect. Luther Strode lives; but for how long? The sequel to 2011′s breakout hit begins here!



The Legend Of Luther Strode Review In A Nutshell:

The first Luther Strode series took it’s comics readership by the throat and punched them up the ass with a solid steel fist of unrelenting hyper-violence and horror-esque storytelling mixed with dark superheroics, so the bar was set for Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore’s followup to last years smash hit. And it was set high. With doors opened into the comic book industry at large and some pretty high profile writing gigs off the back of the first series, the question was could the pair bring the magic to Luther a second time round and keep the fan base appeased?

The long and the short of it is; they delivered. While the previous story came from Luther’s perspective we now get to see him for what he was always intended; a slasher type boogie man, who kills criminals in a manner that would make Wolverine blush. The story gives us very little from our former protagonists perspective in this fast paced opener and instead concentrates on him as an urban legend among the criminal underworld. The crims are are fairly stereotypical and the plots nothing fresh but its still a great set up for some explosive kills courtesy of the wonderful Tradd Moore’s hyper-kinetic art work.

The action may be 100% on form but that’s not to say this comic isn’t flawed. It’s detractors still wont find much meat on the bone substance wise, and the plots more or less paper thin. But who cares about that when you can have exploding heads and bad guy murders galore at the hands of the ultimate horror anti-hero.

Not me.

Verdict: BUY!

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