VALIANT Get A NEW BAD-ASS Logo – David Aja Does BAD-ASS Variant For X-O MANOWAR

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Posted on: April 23rd, 2012

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Award winning Graphic Designer Rian Hughes has created Valiant’s new logo look, which might I say is a stonking bit of cutting edge logo work right there.

Here’s what our art critic – Le BAD MAN had to say:

Oh darling, its possesses a sharp almost visceral look to it, with dark tones ingrained with sanguine reds instilling a layer of bold menace entwined with a prescience and professionalism that set the standard for their undoubtedly stupendous upcoming works.

We cut him of there before he masturbated any further out his mouth.

Here’s the logo below:


And here’s what the designer himself had to say:

“It is always a challenging and interesting project to design the visual identity of a publisher from the ground up in every detail — logo, trade dress, title logos — and to cohesively pull all these elements together so one strong visual identity emerges. Rebooting the Valiant line’s design has been one such great project. The Valiant characters have a strong fanbase and heritage, and so the new logos are fresh and modern as befits a forward-looking publisher while still paying tribute to the originals, just as has been done with the characters themselves,”

This reboot looks better by the minute, and also below we have a beautiful David Aja Variant cover to X-O MANOWAR. Le BAD MAN had this to say:

Oh, the stark whites bristling amidst the coal blacks and dense encompassing goldenrod , my eyes explodeth with saline joy at the sight of….We had to cut him off there, but you get the idea.

Here’s Aja’s cover below:


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