SPAWN Get’s Cute…..Wait WHAT!

Posted on: May 7th, 2012

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Last month, Image Comics announced that Chris Giarrusso (G-MAN) would be creating special “cute” versions of the covers of classic Image titles, the first of which was YOUNGBLOOD, issued as a special limited-run variants cover of YOUNGBLOOD #71. Now, Image is unveiling the next cover in this series, a re-creation of SPAWN #1 by Todd McFarlane….


……showing off Spawn as a wee little cutie pie. Awwww. Here’s the art below:



Well, except for he’d probably rip your spine out through your A-holio and then beat your limp, flaccid corpse with it, despite looking like a 10 year old at Halloween. Anyhoo, Isn’t he a lovely little Hellspawn kill machine?

Also, this is one of 7 variants for the big #220 in stores June 6 for the 20th Anniversary of ole Spawn.



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  • Susie McBeth

    I bet his gran loves to pinch his cute lil cheeks! Aw!