HAPPY C-DAY! “Get Infected” With Star Of CROSSED: BADLANDS, Prince Harry…..Yes, You Read That Right.

Posted on: March 14th, 2012

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Today is C-Day (and no, it’s not that C-word, though we’re petitioning to get that one it’s own day). The  C is for Crossed, the Avatar published comic created by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows. The first story was a 10 part series (though it goes from 0-9) that followed a group of survivors in the wake of a horrible “event” that turned people into a cross between zombies and sex offenders. The follow up, Crossed: Family Values, was written by David Lapham and followed a different group of characters as they tried to survvie in this world.

Today launches the twice monthly Crossed comic Crossed:Badlands comic. The series will be ongoing and will feature different teams of artits and writers. So far, it seems Issues

#1-3 will be written by Garth Ennis, with art by Jacen Burrows,issues

#4-9 will be written by Jamie Delano, with art by Leandro Rizzo.

#10-13 will be written by David Lapham, with art again by Jacen Burrows.

There is also a web comic called “Crossed: Wish You Were Here” which has been written by Simon Spurrier and Javier Bareno.

Now the best thing about all this is that Garth Ennis seems to have taken his caustic wit and disrespect for everyone and everything into the real World. Check out “Hitman” and “Punisher” to see how he vented his annoyance at DC and Marvel favourites such as Batman(puked on), Wonder Woman(get’s viewed with X-Ray Vision), Daredevil (beaten up and humiliated) and Wolverine (beaten, shot in the face, get’s his legs cut off, crushed by a steamroller).

We think he might have subtly been suggesting that Wolverine’s healing powers are slightly ridiculous…..or else he just hates Canadians.

Alternatively check out his create owned comic “The Boys” as he mocks characters who are not very subtle incarnations of some of comic’s greatest heroes. Such as a paedophile Batman, a gang raping Flash and a Superman who really is a complete bastard….because what exactly are you going to do about it? He’s invincible! (Can you believe it got canned by Wildstorm after only 6 issues, and thankfully picked up again by Dynamite Entertainment).

Here are the Supes arriving for “Herogasm”. A party that let’s “heroes” spend a weekend at an island resort running wild, having sex and taking drugs. All under the guise of a “Crossover” mission while they’re off saving the world from an asteroid, an invasion or (insert crossover event here).

His part of the story will feature a character who may or may not be Prince Harry (His face has been horribly disfured so it mightn’t be him. It implies that  Harry had to scarper when the Royal Family were attacked by the crossed. Also the Queen was infected and was last seen chowing down on Prince Charle’s balls.

It also, in possibly a step just a little too far also makes a joke about the rumour’s that Harry’s parentage may be in question and that he may, in fact, not be Charle’s son. Which is a bit much.

I mean, he doesn’t actually say who they think might be his dad (and neither will we) but I think we all know who they mean.

However, we’ll never come out and say it. And you can trust us on that or the person in this photo’s name isn’t James Hewitt!

Harry does at least get shown in positive light by being a good soldier and leader of the group so that evens it out, doesn’t it?

I can’t wait for Badlands (even though it means I’ve to get caught up on some of the other Crossed titles I’ve missed). I don’t really know if Harry will feel the same but I’d kill to be in one of Ennis’ comics. I’d also be fine if he wanted to continue the debate of who’s actually my dad on print for all to see. So far, it’s a toss up between the milkman, the postman and a very handsome hobo who lives round our way. There’s been no DNA tests done because none of them (not even my mum) want to acknowledge I might be theirs.

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