ANOMALY To Be The Longest Graphic Novel Ever Produced….By An Entertainment Lawyer?

Posted on: May 1st, 2012

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood lawyer/attorney Skip Brittenham has united with comic artist Brian Haberlin to create a sci-fi graphic novel titled Anomaly, which will be published by the newly-formed transmedia company Anomaly Productions. Wait a second, Skip who?

I’ve never heard of this guy, but clearly he’s some hot shit because a film adaptation is also in development, to be produced by Alice In Wonderland‘s Joe Roth (If you didn’t see it, I’ll spare you the agony; it was shit!). Actually I went and googled Brittenham (the curiosity got the better of me). Turns out he’s one of the most powerful entertainment attorneys in the country. Oh. Suddenly it all makes sense.

According to CBM The Anomaly GN will be released this October as a: 370-page, lushly painted hardcover, claimed to be ”the longest original graphic novel ever published”. Also, there will be a tablet app narrated by top sci-fi and video game actors, as well as an augmented reality app for iOS and Android (which involves interactive 3D and holographic technology). 

The story of Anomaly is “set in 2717, where humans have colonized the galaxy and one corporation plunders the resources of alien planets. A group of explorers arrive on a planet for a diplomatic mission but are drawn into a larger conflict.”

Sounds a lot like Avatar, but hey, if it’s Brian Haberlin on art I’ll give it a serious look. The man’s work is gallery worthy.


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