90′s MARVEL Covers Go On Sale Including Todd McFarlanes SPIDER-MAN #1

Posted on: May 16th, 2012

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Bleeding Cool report that this sweet ass collection of 90′s covers are going on sale from a literal who’s who of the times big names (and later Image founders). From McFarlane to Silvestri they’re all here getting flogged for what I can only imagine will be three fortunes on Heritage Auctions on behalf of its owner Martin Shamus, father of Wizard Magazine‘s Gareb and Steven Shamus.

I wouldn’t normally get so excited about this sort of thing, but having read the comics that spawned these covers and loved the art so much at the time (and nearly more so now) I felt a bit compelled to put this post up. Particularly as there’s the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #328 where cosmic powered Spidey punches The Hulk into space. What a classic!

Here’s the art below:



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