10 Comic Book Character Fails Of 2012

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Posted on: January 1st, 2013

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To say that some comic characters ended 2012 on a bit of a downer would be an understatement. Some have been spectacularly screwed over the course of the last 12 months, in a year of reboots and relaunches, that despite best intentions (to make mo money!) still failed to get it right for these unlucky few:

(Ed’s Note: The 10 COMIC BOOK Character ‘FAILS’ Of 2012 is an Abby Chandler – BAD MAN collaboration)


Wonder Woman



There Diana is, staring in one of the best series’ of the year, fighting gods, delivering babies (while fighting gods) and quietly bringing back New Gods. She was having a great year. And then, while she’s busy being all bad-ass and whatnot, DC sneaks up behind her and pairs her up with Superman. Life as the most powerful – but constantly mishandled – DC woman is tough. In a similar vein, it’s been a bit of a shitty year for Superman and Lois Lane too.


The Cast Of Grimm Fairy Tales



The discerning reader will be quick to separate Grimm Fairy Tales from the ‘good’ pile for the simple reason that anything featuring moist, erotically drawn, lingerie clad heroines pouting in the face of danger from muscular fairy tale creatures isn’t a comic you buy to read as much as wank over. I’ve tried to give this book a chance, but really it’s just a bit of exploitation with a fairy tale setting and lusty characters devoid of any real merit.

If you’re being honest with yourself you’ll just watch porn, and while I can appreciate that there’s some nice pin up art among the sea of drekk in the numerous Swim Suit, Halloween or big titty specials, it’s largely rushed and seems to be reaching critical mass with a growing number of titles. While it’s a passable bathroom read for the top shelf specialist, the characters in Grimm Fairy Tales are hollow stereotypes at best.


Black Lightning



Now as much as I can understand the cult charisma of characters such as Black Dynamite and Black Terror – Black Lightning is a modern DC character who still has to address the fact that he’s black in his title, and this is the 2010′s. Now I enjoy backploitation in a big way, but since this is no longer the 60′s/70′s and all Black characters are no longer required to fight ‘The Man’ I can’t help but feel that Jefferson Pierce is being done a disservice in a comics market that has Static Shock, Luke Cage, Storm, Miles Morales, Nick Fury, Misty Knight, (the original) Spawn and various others strong, interesting and well rounded black characters in existence that aren’t still clinging to racial stereotyping and backward thinking handles.

DC relaunched their entire line with the New 52 but with the exception of the recent Muslim Green Lantern have thus far failed to take any real risks or make any real character evolution’s by properly reinventing their characters – new names and all. Image and Marvel on the other hand are producing culturally relevant titles by the pallet full. Jefferson Pierce has perfectly decent potential as a character at DC, but instead of focusing on the fact that he’s black, they might be best focusing on making him good as a character.

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