5 Nastiest Deaths in Survival Horror Comics

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Posted on: August 7th, 2012

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Survival Horror has become a fully grown genre over the years since George A. Romero incepted it, digested it and gave it back to the mainstream as a kick in the bollocks shake-up in the late 1960′s, and it and one of the few areas that it’s hidden from the full brunt of the ratings system is in comics, video games and literature. This article taps the comic book vein, as is my specialty and gives you the best of the worst, the reading of which I’ll let ya’ll deice on.

A word of warning though, to all who would brave this nasty little article that has guts galore and the soul of the blackest murderer: Here there be SPOILERS! So tread carefully if you don’t want to know stuff, and tread even more carefully if your of thin constitution and/or a delicate flower.

This piece is for all you fucking fiends out there who like your horror on the edge of recommended sanity, and if your a virgin to survival horror comics then walk softly or back out now. This bad boy might just bust your cherry!

Now that you’ve been warned, read on and enjoy:






The Creators:

Writer: Jonathan Maberry

Art: Laurence Campbell

The Situation:

A dreadful disease begins transforming everyone –human and superhuman—into savage, nearly mindless cannibal predators. Who will protect humanity? Who will make a stand against the endless slaughter? Who will make the hard choices?

The Monster(s):

Infected Human’s/Superhuman’s with a savage mind and a taste for human flesh!

The Kill:

Having tracked the X-Men’s Angel to New York’s Central Park, Wolverine finds his former comrade infected and having butchered the crew of the Blackbird aircraft carrying technologies from The Mutant base in Utopia to Reed Richards of The Fantastic Four in New York. Angel grins like a mad man ready for desert and declares ‘meat meat’ and Wolverine, not known as a man open to negotiate, proceeds to turn him into ‘mince meat’ in a scene that is as brutal as it is effective.

An unseen clash and the signature ‘SNIKKKKT’  leads to a panel showing the inevitable outcome: Angel lies in two separate halves, de-winged and gored by the best there is.

This scene is particularly effective as it paves the way for what Logan has to do next. Kill the rest of the infected back at Angel’s point of origin; The entire mutant population of Utopia!

No punches pulled, this is visceral horror and takes no prisoners in a comic I’m still amazed Marvel had the moxie to put out. It’s also a sequel to Jonthan Maberry’s Punisher Vs The Marvel Universe, which is as brilliant and only slightly less bloody. Well worth a look for such mainstream fare.

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