SUPERMAN & WONDER WOMAN: Power Couple Or Publicity Piece

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Posted on: August 25th, 2012

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Power Couple



DC have finally done in comics what millions of kids have been doing with their action figures for years: They’ve got Superman and Wonder Woman sucking face. There were rumours of this back when DC first launched the New 52, with many speculating that the dissolution of the Clark Kent/Lois Lane marriage was to make way for the Clark and Diana Power Couple.

Turns out those people were right. DC have been sounding pretty damn pleased with themselves for this new development (and the publicity they’re getting), but plenty of readers are less than thrilled.

Fans of both characters are shouting the odds all over the internet. But is it really that big a deal?

Well, yes, actually. Here’s some reasons why:


Lois Lane



Screw Spidey and MJ, Lois and Clark are the most well-known comic book couple in the world. Lois has been around for as long as Superman, with both of them debuting side-by-side in 1938. They were married on the page for 15 years prior to the New 52 relaunch.

They’ve been portrayed as a couple in films, animated series’ and live action TV shows. The 90s TV series might have been called The New Adventures of Superman in the UK, but in the US it was Lois and Clark. Hell, they even got it together in Smallville, a show originally set in Clark’s early days, back when Lana Lang was his love interest. Despite the New 52 changes, the couple are still together in the Smallville series 11 comics and Superman Family Adventures. Lois will be seen alongside Clark in next year’s film Man of Steel.



Hell, screw comics, Lois Lane and Clark Kent are one of the most well-known fictional couples in any media. Fans were already annoyed that the two of them were relegated to ‘just good friends’ in the New 52, but that annoyance is going full-on volcanic now.

Also, Lois is awesome. If this ends up taking page time away from Lois, that’ll be a very bad thing.


Wonder Woman’s Love Life


Well, I’m not sure it quite constitutes a ‘life’, but there have been some guys in Diana’s little black book. Steve Trevor was her initial chief romantic interest – the man she rescued from the shores of Paradise Island. But Diana’s countless reboots gradually pushed Steve out of her life. They haven’t been together on the page for a long time now. Before Flashpoint, Steve was actually with Diana’s friend Etta Candy, and these days he might be flirting with Wondy, but that’s as far as it goes.

In Gail Simone’s run Diana had a little thing with DMA agent Tom Tressler, in a pairing that I really liked, but I may well be in the minority there. Seeing Diana navigate a relationship with a blokey bloke who doesn’t treat her like a princess and is beginning to realise he’s in over his head was at times hilarious. I’ve always thought it’s a shame that DC doesn’t explore the relationship dynamics of a woman who isn’t used to men (or mortals) a bit further. Now that she’s been paired off with another god-like super-human, it looks like we won’t be seeing that any time soon.

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  • Gabriel

    “not to mention more well-known than her, which instantly puts her in the weaker position.”

    Super-man, Green Lantern and Batman are more well known that her on a general basis. I’d even go to say Flash is on the same level of popularity as her.

  • Giraffe

    Personally, I thought Batman’s and Wonder Woman’s suggested romance in the JL cartoon was really compelling and interesting. It was like a reverse Superman/Lois Lane dynamic (Batman being the smart, capable human, Diana the super-powerful demi-god ). Having Supes and WW become an item is way too easy, and, like you said, a clear publicity stunt by DC.