Return Of The Joker Digital Sculpt. Creepy As Hell!!

Posted on: March 11th, 2013

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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s most recent and most disturbing Batman epic: Return Of The Joker: Death Of The Family will probably go down in the annals of Bat history as one of the finer Joker stories, by which I mean one of the sicker and more twisted ones.

It really got fans frothing at the bit over the clown princes latest metamorphosis, into the torturous jester (to his Bat king), bent on testing Batman to make sure he didn’t get rusty. Which he ensured by killing lots of people, torturing the entire Bat family, creating a nightmare madhouse in Arkham replete with people sewn together into human tapestries, oh and he did all this with the face he’d cut off way back in Detective Comic’s #1 strapped on over his skinless visage.

Yes, this version of the Joker was probably the maddest yet. Madder than a bag of cut snakes or any other mad analohies you have in your vernacular sack. Here he is at his sickest and most twisted courtesy of Digital Sculptor K4LLO

Creepy may be the word your looking for:


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