5 Ultimate Spider-Man Fights We’d Love To See Happen

Posted on: April 11th, 2012

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Most people are fairly aware that Spider-Man, by the nature of his job as a crime-fighting vigilante, is constantly fighting people. But what they might not know is that sometimes those people are other versions of himself, which is lets face it: weird.

But if you like comics, and have accepted that they are fundamentally bereft of real world logic, then you will quickly realise this is also: AWESOME!



Recently Spidey fought the Ultimate Comics version of his alter-ego; African Latino Spider-Man Miles Morales – his own body controlled by the mind of Doctor Octopus (while he was in the body of Doc Oc….yes I know. WEIRD!). And finally he fought Doc Ock’s consciousness for dominance of his own body, all within his own head…which was controlled by Doc Ock….who now goes my the moniker of The Superior Spider-Man. Got all that?



Superior vs Amazing spider-man

No? Well try and keep up. Because instead of Peter Parker we’re going to do something different. We’re going to imagine my top 5 Spidey match-ups that could have been. And to throw a curve ball into the dynamic and make for a much less predictable ride we’re going to use Ultimate Comics Miles Morales Spidey Vs….. ALL OF THEM!

So who’s Miles Morales, for folks who don’t already know:

miles morales

Miles is a Spider powered teen who took on the mantle of Spider-Man in an alternative Universe where Peter Parker died in battle against the Green Goblin. He’s younger, less experienced than Pete and has slightly different powers to go with his black costume. He also kicks a monster tonne of ass.

(Also, Miles will in my minds eye be being played by Donald Glover).

Now that that’s all established: Lets get it ON:


5. Miles Morales Vs Spider-Carnage



The pissed off Peter Parker clone of earth 983 combined with the Carnage symbiote of earth 702 Vs Ultimate Newb Miles Morales would literally be tossing young Miles to the Wolves. This would be a feral battle and Miles would have to do everything in his power to survive against not only a former Spider-Man (albeit a bat-shit crazy one), but also a symbiote known for being attached to an ‘A’ Grade psychotic serial killer, and having liked it. Anthony Hopkins plays Spider-Carnage.


What do you mean I’m too old for the role!!


Shit just got real, yo!


4. Miles Morales Vs The Blood Spider



The Spider-Man of Earth 151 went nuts from grief following the Death of Uncle Ben and murdered his way through Manhattan. So what happens when Young Miles arrives and in a case of mistaken identity prevents the Heroic Green Goblin from killing Evil Pete and kills Heroic Harry instead?


Don’t you dare mention the do!


Evil Pete takes Miles under his wing and tries to turn him to the dark side of nasty, dirty homicides, but what happens when Miles works out this Spider-Man has gone rotten and decides to kick him in his evil Spidey-balls. Game On!

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