Nerd Girls: How To Get That Wonder Woman Look

Posted on: September 7th, 2013

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The final signature item that needs to be included is the red footwear, and as I’m sure you’re expecting, my selection isn’t exactly conventional. I actually just purchased these myself, and they’re absolutely fantastic.




Red sensual velvet, lovely lace detail that will link up neatly with the nice detail on the shorts, and perfectly polishing off the element of grunge I’m lacing into the look. Monumental heels with a fantastic platform, they’re really individual and exactly the vibe I’m striving for with this outfit. They are slightly pricey, but available directly from the UNIF website as well as other shoe distributors, and if you keep an eye on UNIF there are regular offers & sales on!



I really wanted to pull the outfit together with a necklace, but as Wonderwoman’s chest is always gloriously jewelry- free, I changed my focus to the bullet proof bracelets she wears, and tried to find a nice modern spin in that area.

I’ve found a nice little range of Steampunk/Grunge jewelry in a little local store in Carrickfergus, and the piece I’ve chosen is really beautiful, with silver & red pulling the shoes and the studded headband all together. This item is available in-store from The Silver Store in Carrickfergus.


grunge jewelry


The item is from Alchemy Gothic range, and if you live local to the Courtyard in Carrickfergus, you can call in and pick up a beautiful piece, or if you’re not local, get onto the Facebook page and make some enquiries.

I really hope you enjoy the bare bones I’ve laid down. As strong, sexy women ourselves, I totally expect anyone who enjoys this look to draw inspiration from my musings, but tweak and upgrade things to suit their own specific personal style.



PS, you didn’t think I was going to sign off without a couple of little tips did you??

  • There’s currently a sale at UNIF! UNIF is one of the best brands about in my opinion, so get on that before it expires!
  • Do NOT forget the Harry Potter release on September 10th with Black Milk. We’re expecting big things from Black Milk just in time for Halloween, so keep your eyes peeled and make this Halloween costume the best yet! I know if you’re in the UK you’re worried about postage times before Halloween, but we’ve had some assurances from the crew that they’ve taken the international fans into consideration! Yay!
  •  Finally, if you’re a Black Milk sharkie, and are finding the customs charges crippling, there’s a new arrangement where Facebook `smuggle mummies` adopt a sharkie, and send the parcels over for us avoiding the hefty, hefty charges a UK sharkie faces. Most wonderful news, ever.

More money, more spandex.

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