Wolverine Gets The ‘Great Artists’ Treatment

wolverine picasso homage
Posted on: February 15th, 2013

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BAD HAVEN might not seem particularly cultured at first glance, but f**k you for being so judgmental  We know what the inside of an art gallery looks like. We’ve been thrown out of plenty in our time….so…yeah….

Insecure reactions aside, once upon a time (2009 to be exact) Marvel did something pretty cool for Wolverines 35th Anniversary and Brian Michael Bendis recently re-shared it via his tumblr:

Now this was pretty cracking – for Wolverine fans, but also for anyone who appreciates great art. And these simply beautiful homages by industry art legends Paolo Rivera, Laura Martin and Fiona Staples but to name a few makes for some required viewing.

We republished them because they’re really too good not to get a second look in, and here’s the gallery below via Marvel.com


Uncanny X-Men #508 by Laura Martin – Tribute to Vincent van Gogh


Ms Marvel #38 by Paolo Rivera – Tribute to N. C. Wyeth



Amazing Spider-Man #590 by Paolo Rivera – Tribute to C. M Cooldige



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