5 Best Judge Dredd Rip-Off’s That Time Forgot

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Posted on: August 16th, 2012

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John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s 1977 policing super-fascist – Judge Dredd – has been a staple of the UK Comic’s anthology diet for the guts of 35 years now and with the new DREDD movie starring Karl Urban as ole ‘chin face’ and a fresh cut deal with comics franchise giant IDW, he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a time yet.

A much loved British character, Dredd ironically was an American, written and conceived by British creators envisioning a fascist future America that during the Regan era politics of the 80′s the US could neither fathom nor tolerate.



Dredd is described as: An American law enforcement officer in a violent city of the future where uniformed Judges combine the powers of police, judge, jury and executioner. Dredd and his fellow Judges are empowered to arrest, sentence, and even execute criminals on the spot. 

He’s not just a bastard. He’s the ‘ultimate bastard’! And everyone loves a bastard. So much in fact that he’s been ripped off to varying degrees of success since his beginnings way back in the arse end of the 70′s.

On that note – below are the 5 most notable Dredd rips that you forgot ever existed. Perhaps the only Dredd rip-offs that you forgot ever existed. And if not DROKK YOU Wikipedia!

Anyway, here they are, so check them the Drokk out Creep! And see if you agree:





Justice Peace is a time hopping merc hired by The Time Variance Authority to become the leader of their Temporal Law Enforcement Department and (one of) Marvel’s homage(s) to Judge Dredd. Originally an officer of the Federal Police in future USA’s Brooklynopolis, Peace’s timeline saw genetic encrypting at birth to keep crimes to a minimum. The character was created by Walt Simonson and debuted during his run on Thor (Vol #1 #373) and would go on to appear in Fantastic Four, Death-Lok and She-Hulk.



He notably packs a Peacemaker sidearm (the equivalent of Dredd’s Lawgiver) and is a double hard bastard, so much so he once subdued Thor and killed Doctor Doom (well, a duplicate anyway). As far as Dredd rip-off’s go he’s not the worst. And did I mention he subdued Thor (HE’S A GOD!). What a guy!

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    Dredd creator John Wagner grew up in America. He moved back to Scotland aged 13.

  • Ryan Deadpooln

    What? Demolition Man is awesome and definitely not forgotten!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Fix06 Mark McCann
  • http://eatthebabies.com/ BradyDale

    Those are crazy. Though I would argue that DEMOLITION MAN is not a forgotten movie.

    By the way: Demolition Man has one of the greatest kill shots in a final fight of action movies of that era.

  • humakt

    To be honest I love the adeptus arbitus because they remind me of Megacity Judges. I even have a squad of them I use for Necromunda painted blue with yellow head gear.

  • http://twitter.com/rich_trenholm Rich Trenholm

    Love this list. Also I always thought Mark Millar’s Canon Fodder, another 2000AD character, was something of a parody of Dredd – Last of the
    Priest Patrol, he’s another double hard bastard sworn to an unswerving moral code – religion rather than law

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Reborn/100001419947845 Dan Reborn


    • Samurai Guy

      I think robocop was before Dredd…I think, let me check…nope not before Dredd but I’m pretty sure they got no references from Dredd to create the slow walking spine stiff take we all love.

  • mulberry

    Marshall Law? Or does it not count if Pat Mills rips himself off?

  • http://www.facebook.com/andy.skinner.988 Andy Skinner

    What about Marshall Laww? Another total bastard, but one that kicks the crap out of ‘superheroes’, so that makes him alright in my book!

  • Ndro

    Regarding the Adeptus Arbites: Here’s a fun fact for you, way back in the mists of time in the early 80s Games Workshop actually had the rights to Judge Dredd and produced a number of figures and games based on the character. Guess they never got the idea out of their system (though I’m not sure if they predate or are just con-current with the debut of the Arbites), and there is actually a direct lineage of sorts here. The more you know, eh?

    • http://twitter.com/DennisHamster Gav Thorpe

      When Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader was first produced (in 1987) it was to support the existing range of Citadel miniatures, including the 2000AD licensed ranges, along with Dr Who and all sorts of other things GW was producing at the time. So, yeah, the imagery was set from that point onwards.