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Posted on: December 9th, 2012

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Welcome to our new column from Comics eating machine Neil Fullerton, where he dissects his massive reading list of this week’s comics for some of the best stuff he’s come across in the funny books this week. Warning though, if you haven’t read your stack yet then be careful, because there be’s ***SPOILERS*** ahead:


The Amazing Spider-Man #699


(The flash back panel back to Otto and Aunt May’s wedding)

So basically at this point, Peter Parker’s brain is inside Doc Ock’s body that just so happens to be dying. Mental right? Yeah, it’s pretty much a load of shit. But it’s Spidey so I’ll forgive it. The awesome thing about this scene though, is Peter Parker has all of Doc Ock’s memories. Including the memory where he nearly married Aunt May. The cool thing about this, is that it’s revealed that Aunt May and the old Dr had some…intimate time before their actual wedding. Amazing right?! The idea that Doc Ock boned Aunt may?!! Come on. Genius.


All New X-Men #3


(The last double page spread)

I’m into this series so far. It’s only 3 issues in, but I dig Bendis and have faith in him, and he seems like he’s building towards some cool stuff. Here we have Magneto and Cyclops tracking down a new shape-shifting mutant to recruit him for their revolution, until the original X-Men from the past show up and get all in their grill about it. The bad-assery of the last double page spread is through the roof as we’re given a masterfully drawn stand-off (by Stuart Immonen) between the X-men of the past and the X-men of the present. Nerd bonerific!


Swamp Thing #15


(The panel where the crazy Batman monster thing is revealed and freaks out)

Scott Snyder knows what he’s at, I’ll say that much. And anyone that’s been reading the Rotworld story line so far (Animal Man included) knows what I’m talking about. This issue pretty much lets you know what’s going on with the cover, Swamp Thing on top of a building in Gotham with the Bat signal in the background, which by itself should get any self-respecting nerd excited. I don’t know about anyone else, but during the whole Rotworld plot I was dying for the Swamp Thing cast to get to Gotham, and it seems Snyder’s finally delivering. The highlight for me was Swamp Thing entering the Bat-Cave to confront what he thinks to be Batman but finds something much. much different.


Avengers #1

(The part where all the Avengers led in front by the Hulk run to attack Nihlo and crew)

Pretty much any panel where the Avengers run in unison to kick some ass gets me amped up, maybe it appeals to the kid in me I don’t know. So the panel where they storm Mars to take down Nihlo (the new galactic bad-ass) and crew with the Hulk bounding ahead is pretty much what I want to see happen…. all the time…then again it doesn’t quite work out for them in the end, but you see my point.


Daredevil-End of Days #3


(The page where Daredevil is bandaged up being embraced by Echo)

If you’re looking for straight up action and super hero tomfoolery, this series isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. This comic is pretty damn bleak. Set in a not too distant future where Matt Murdoch has been killed, we have reporter Ben Ulrich on the case trying to figure out what his last remaining days were like. This Marvel universe is a much grittier version than we’re used to, and that’s what makes it so brilliant. David Mack’s art really gives it that dark feel, and to me, the page with Daredevil bandaged up and being held by Echo really sums up the mood of the series thus far. It’s the kind of art you want hung up in your house.


Before Watchmen: Comedian #4


(The part where the little Vietnamese kid asks “What’s on your boots Mr Eddie?” and Comedian responds (Bad guys, Junior)

Look I get it. I get why people are against these Before Watchmen books. I understand why people have a problem with them being made in the first place. I, however, am in the minority that thinks they’re actually pretty excellent. I think they give a pretty cool insight to the characters we otherwise didn’t get with the original series. Comedian is someone that I always was intrigued by and wanted to know more about, because let’s face it, whilst he is a bit of a scumbag, he has a penchant for being pretty damn cool at times. He’s the type of guy to come off with a witty, off hand, almost John McClane-esque one liner that makes you nearly forgive him for being such a bastard. Nearly. In this issue when a little kid asks “What’s on your boot, Mr Eddie?” He simply replies “Bad guys, Junior.” Stellar.


Hawkeye #5



(Clint trying to prevent a ninja that’s already trying to kill him from falling to his death)

I know it’s only five issues in, but I’m calling it right now. This Hawkeye series is shaping up to be the best thing Marvel has done in a long time. And I say that as a guy who was never really into the character in the first place. This series though has made me do a complete 180. The thing about this series is that it really highlights that Hawkeye just can’t help but do the right thing all of the time. He’s just a really good guy that tries his best to prevent bad things from happening. Even when being attacked by a group of ruthless ninjas trying to kill him he tries to help one of them fall to their impending death, much to the ninja in questions dismay however. That boy Clint is a real class act.


I Love Trouble #1


(The scene where the plain blows up and Felicia teleports out)

I’m at a point now where I’m pretty much willing to buy any new #1 that Image puts out. They’re really kicking ass right now. So I got I Love Trouble on a whim just because it was a new series, and I was not disappointed. This comic deals with a con woman named Felicia who gets mixed up with a bad crowd and gains the ability to teleport. Pretty whacky eh? The real selling point here though is the art. Drawn by Mark A. Robinson the art here is the stand out feature of the whole thing. The scene where the airplane blows up and Felicia first discovers her new power really sold it for me. I can’t wait to see what this book has to offer down the line.


The Legend of Luther Strode #1



(The part where he explodes the guys head by punching him through the door)

Sometimes you just want to see some ultra-violent things happen in comics. You just need it. Luther Strode is your go to this week for over the top violence. Yet again, another Image title, this takes off after “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode” released last year. Though you could still pick this up without having read its predecessor and still enjoy the heck out of, I certainly did. Any scene where a guy can punch another guy through a door and make his head explode gets two thumbs up in my book. And not only that there’s plenty more crazy violent stuff in here to whet your sadistic appetite.


Deadpool #3



(In the astral plane, Dr Strange tells the sorcerer called Michael that “tricks are for prostitutes” ala Arrested Development)

When you get a Deadpool comic you pretty much know what you’re getting into. You know there’s going to be plenty of jokes even if at times they feel a little shoe-horned in, which Deadpool has been guilty of in the past. So it’s especially refreshing to see when Dr Strange turns up on the scene that he throws out an awesome reference to the much beloved show Arrested Development. “Illusions Michael! Tricks are for prostitutes.” Gob would be proud.

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