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Posted on: January 22nd, 2013

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Before you go any further, make sure that before you enjoy Neil’s witty musing on last weeks comic’s ‘Best Bit’s’ ya’ll have read your weekly comic stacks or at least care not for finding out things you’d rather read off the shelves, for there be *****SPOILERS***** ahead!! 


Savage Wolverine #1



(Wolverine slicing up anything in his path)

This is a pretty solid concept. Just drop Wolverine in the Savage Land and see what he gets up to. I dig it. Another great #1 from Marvel Now. These guys seem to know what they’re at so far, they’re producing some pretty cool stuff. This is how I’d like to see every Wolverine comic start in a way. Just drop him off in some random location, and have him fuck people up for a while. I mean what the hell else do you want? Plot?!?! Well OK, there’s some plot going on here too, but I personally just want to see Wolverine wreck a bunch of people. I’m a simple man of simple pleasures. Like, it literally opens up with Wolverine waking up and then in the next page just fighting a Velociraptor. More of that!


Indestructible Hulk #3


(A whole page dedicated to the Hulk)

This is taking the Hulk back to a really cool place. Shield are using Banners mind and the Hulks bad-assery for in order to fulfill their needs. More power too them, it was about time. The main thing for me in this book so far is Lenil Yu’s art. The man can do no wrong. It’s certainly a huge step up from Steve Dillon’s effort towards the end of the last series. And as much as I love Steve Dillon, some of his Hulk drawings in last years Hulk series were straight up bogus. No longer does the Hulk just look like some guy that happens to be green and muscly, he looks like the Hulk again, and thank Christ!

Check out the single page where they refer to Hulk as a W.M.D. and tell me I’m wrong.


Avenging Spider-Man #16


(Spidey teaches Wolverine a lesson)

This is exactly why I’m optimistic about Doc Ock being Spider-Man for a while (key word being ‘a while’, I can’t see it being permanent, because that would be completely mental.) After receiving help from the X-Men to take down a giant mutated spider in the streets of New York, Logan tries to get a little fresh with Spider-Man, and soon realises that it isn’t a smart idea after having his ass handed to him.

Which is cool to see, because Wolverine is always the arrogant, tough, brooding asshole giving people crap all the time just because he is…well an arrogant, tough, brooding asshole. It’s pretty much Doc Ock doing what Peter never could and just slapping Wolverine around a little bit to let him know that it’s not going to fly. More power to him!


Captain America #3



(The flashback of Cap trying to stand up to local bullies)

In a flashback scene to Steve Rodgers childhood, we see Steve hanging out all innocent talking to a girl, when he witnesses some bullies unjustly giving a kid in his neighbourhood a lot of unnecessary grief. Steve, being the just and good person he is, tries to stand up to the bullies despite not being able to handle himself accordingly and in turn gets his ass handed to him.

That doesn’t matter though, because this is exactly what Steve Rodgers is all about. You can shrug him off as the over patriotic nerd all you want, but this right here is the perfect example of why he is a legitimately awesome hero. Whether or not he has the strength or know how to overcome a physical objective, he will still try his best, because it’s the right thing to do. Perhaps a little corny, but it’s what makes him who he is and I love it. God bless ya, ya little dweeb!


Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth #1



(Chief Hargrave holds a gun to his wife’s head in the name of justice)

Image again, you tremendous bastards. There is really no stopping them at the minute. This is about a kid called Todd, who happens to be, horrendously ugly apparently. I have yet to see him due to the bag over his head, so I’ll reserve my judgement for now. Todd is unflappably good natured at all times, despite being crapped on by everyone around him and continuously getting himself into unfortunate situations.

Like for example, being mistaken for murdering a fellow classmate. Poor little guy, he just needs a mate. The best part about this issue though, was Chief Hargrave, who seems to think he is the best policeman on the planet. With an unflinching dedication to justice that would make Batman blush, there really is no stopping this guy. Batman certainly wouldn’t put a gun to his wifes head if he felt she was “obstructing justice.” But Chief Hargrave would. Because he is that damn good.


Saga #9


(The Will finally shows us his ass kicking capabilities.)

If you enjoy comics, and you aren’t reading Saga, you are a terrible person and I hate you. If you are reading Saga, you’re great, we should hang out. Because it’s that good. It’s that good that I’m willing to hang out with total strangers purely on the basis that they like this comic. If you’ve been reading it so far, you’ve by now encountered a character known as The Will.

Whilst we haven’t seen much of The Will, we can deduce one thing from him. He is a badass. And like most badass, he wears a cape. That being said, up until now we haven’t seen much of him, but this issue is dedicated entirely to him, and new character Gwendolyn, who we’ve also heard quite a bit about. After trying to negotiate the safe return of a child prostitute, The Will and Gwendolyn encounter some mafia heavies and continue to kick their ass in most spectacular fashion. I can’t wait to see more of him in the future.


Batman #16


(Batman arrives to his “throne room” in Arkham)

Scott Snyder is an absolute genius. Really, this guy is a god damn genius. I can’t say enough things about this Batman run. Every issue gets better and better which is a complete rarity in comics. So much so that it was pretty hard to pick a specific moment from this issue as a favorite because there was so many great elements to it.

As you know, by now the Joker is back and really giving Batman a hard time to put it lightly. And it has all culminated into a return to the Arkham Asylum, as it damn well should. And when he arrives we see that Joker has assembled his own court for Batman’s kingly return.

With Penguin as his man of the cloth, Riddler as his strategist, Two-face as his judge and of course Joker as his court jester. The double page spread of the Joker and his pawns standing around Batman’s “throne” is exactly the type of insane thing that only Snyder could conjur up. Great work, and being that the next issue is the penultimate of the Death of The Family storyline, we know things are going to pop off.

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