Posted on: April 23rd, 2012

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While I’ll never actually read Before Watchmen, principally because I’ve seen enough prequels to know that they rarely add anything to the original material and are usually void of any sort of tension (as we know all of the main characters will survive). And we also know most of the character beats from the original.

It’s not because of DC’s treatment of original writer Alan Moore, that’s an entirely different argument, but I just don’t want to read these and detract in any way from the original (which still stands as one of the best bits of comics literature ever written).

With that said I can’t lie and say I’m not impressed by the creators on board. The artists and writers are a stunning ensemble, and while I doubt they’ll add much to the Watchmen mythos bar some sumptuous art, the panels and designs alone are primarily why some people are buying this series.

Here’s some of the designs below for you to devour. Fan or detractor, it’s hard to say they don’t look great:

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