5 Reasons ‘Batman’ May Be A Figment Of Bruce Waynes Death Dream

Posted on: June 26th, 2013

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For many years Bruce Wayne as Batman has kept the streets of Gotham safe. He witnessed his parents murder in an alley at the hands of Joe Chill. He took on the cape and cowl to become Batman. Batman, the self appointed enforcer of justice in Gotham City.

Batman is a dark and mysterious character who has gone through various incarnations over the years.

There is an inherent hypocrisy to the character, he operates outside the law that he holds most dear. He is the most psychologically complex of all the comic book heroes. The death of his parents forming long lasting mental scars, understanding his pain yet never able to let it go. The question arises why did Joe spare young Bruce? Why would he risk leaving a witness? He had already killed two people he had crossed the line twice what was preventing him from doing it again?

I am going to put forward the theory that there were three murdered that night, young Bruce Wayne lies in a gutter and the entire Batman mythos is a delirium of vengeance before dying.



Knightmares And Dreamscapes

Before proceeding I want to establish that I am aware that Batman is a comic book character and I’m not saying that I agree with everything I’m about to state. I’m going to address Bruce Wayne as if he were actually killed in the alleyway and everything after that event as a hallucination. What I am saying is that there is the slightest chance that the entire Batman mythos is that of a dying rich kid who can’t quite accept that his parents have died and he is not far from joining them.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman films bring us as close as possible as to someone realistically becoming Batman and even then they struggles with some of the bigger logistical problems. Does Bruce Wayne have any personal time to himself as staying out late nights engaging in highly strenuous physical activity all while having to oversee the running of his father’s business empire will surly take it’s toll.



In many ways Bruce’s skill set reads like a child at play “I’m a millionare, genius, martial arts expert, techno wiz, race car driver etc etc”

I understand that the super rich may have more leisure time but they are still restricted to twenty four hours in a day. Even still within Nolan’s Batman universe people who take a long time to put two and two together, the accountant for one. He doesn’t even need to blackmail Bruce Wayne, all he needs to do is talk to a friend, a secret as big as Batman’s true identity could not be kept.

The proof of identity would not be needed, the rumour alone would be enough to have the city looking to Wayne and start asking questions. Commissioner Gordon for all intents and purposes an intelligent man yet this intelligence disappears when Batman arrives, despite having met Bruce several times he is unable to figure out Batman’s secret identity. There is a chance that Gordon knows, if anything Gordon is the parent who will put up with the pretense not for his own benefit but for that of the child in this case Bruce. Batman’s secret identity revolves around people not being able to put two and two together. Only a child could think that by covering the face and lowering the voice they are completely unrecognizable.





5. The Youth Solution

How serious exactly is Bruce when it comes to fighting crime? A man with his resources and intelligence and his only solution is to go out and punch crime in the face repeatedly. If he was in anyway serious about his mission he would use his resources to establish community outreach programmes. Would they completely prevent crime, probably not, would it make for interesting reading, absolutely not.

To help aid Batman with crime fighting, he should share his technological advances with the Gotham police department, but no, like any spoiled rich kid, he keeps his toys to himself and refuses to share. Batman doesn’t want to end crime, he wants adventure. Batman doesn’t want to solve problems in an adult way instead he goes for the childish quick fix of knocking the problem unconscious. Bruce Wayne’s attitude to crime and it’s prevention is simplistic, his short term solution isn’t the well thought plan of a billionaire super genius.


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