Why Hot Nerds Get Accused Of Being Fake

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Posted on: April 19th, 2012

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Girls can be just as geeky as boys. That’s a fact that the general population is gradually coming around to. But there’s always one sticking point. One element of the equation that people can’t quite accept. And that’s Hot Geek Girls.


Case in point: Jessica Chobot


Of course girls can be geeks, with their jeans and hoodies and no make-up and/or lots of piercings, utterly devoid of skin pigmentation thanks to the many hours spent preparing for WoW raids, the sort of girls who stay in on Saturday nights. But those girls who get dressed up and go out dancing and flirting with their friends – they can’t be geeks. They’re hot, why would they need or want to be geeks? They must just be pretending to be geeks. Yeah, that must be it. They’re pretending to be geeks so that they can attract even more men.


I go for the frumpy type with glasses


The Fake Hot Nerd Fallacy De-Bunked

So, these stunning women, who could hit a club and pick up any guy they liked the look of, are pretending to be geeks in order to attract geeky men, who, rather like geeky women, do not have a reputation for being lookers. Does that make any sense to anyone?

Sure, models who have been dressed as soft-porn Catwomen and Leias by some lads mag probably aren’t that into comics. It’s entirely possible they don’t know that such a thing even exists. But you’ve got to assume that these gorgeous girls on Twitter bemoaning their hours spent on Skyrim and eagerly anticipating the new series of Doctor Who know their nerdy stuff.



I’m not going to make a Samantha Brick mistake and start claiming that I am myself a Hot Girl Geek (in dim lighting, under a skin-suffocating layer of make-up, maybe) but I know plenty of stunning women who can more than hold their own in nerd banter. You see them every time you go to a comic book shop or convention. This website alone is staffed by some gorgeous girls who manage the challenging task of reading comics while having symmetrical facial features.


Reverse Discrimination?

And yet, it’s amazing how many women are dismissed as bloggers/journalists because they are deemed ‘too hot’ to be geeks. I’ve read many interesting and intelligent articles that happened to be accompanied by a photo of the author looking particularly boobalicious in a Black Cat costume, in which the comments section is filled with people calling the writer a fake. This isn’t an accusation levelled at them just by male geeks. Other women are often the first to make the claim. I think, for men, the reaction to Hot Girl Geeks is one of disbelief. For women, they often suspect these girls of being band wagon geeks, jumping on now that it’s comparatively cool to be a geek.


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  • Nerdy Girl

    Yes lets make sure every stratosphere of society is portrayed by hot busty women in media. Therefore destroying any chance for people of good skill and average looks to get jobs. As well as destroying the self confidence of girls who have based their system of self worth on their intelligence and creativity rather than a random genetic pattern that other people enjoy visually. While I understand your wish to defend the people who do fall in this category you have just put down every female “geek” who doesn’t spend her time with makeup and clothes. And brought vanity into another subculture which was originally started to give those who are ineligible for “mainstreaming” a place to belong.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Fix06 Mark McCann

      Nerdism has grown a long way since the stereotype, and lets face it; is a pretty sorry place if it’s sole purpose is to harbor people who feel so socially ostracised that they need to band together in order to commiserate on their physical defects and mal-adaption to society.

      Nerdism is the most emancipating culture on earth, that allows us all, everyone who enjoys what we as nerds enjoy to share our common interests under a unified banner.

      It always interests me when people seek to make something they are part of exclusive. It projects an elitism and a ‘closed doors’ policy that just doesn’t gel with the positive ethos I think nerdism ‘actually’ promotes, in wanting to get people involved in our culture.

      Now as far as anyone who puts their self value in one thing or the other, whether that be smarts and creativity or looks and superficiality, I say prep for the inevitable eventuality that you’ll be judged by your decisions, as a nerd, bimbo, whatever. This is the fallout of a society and culture that judges people – you knew that when you were born into it. So live with your choices, be happy with who and what you are, or play differently. Everybody takes shit. Everybody. And change is not that hard.

      On the positive – everybody, no matter how crappy their circumstances may be, has the option to change for the better. If you’re happy with how you look, then continue to look that way. If you’re happy with how you think, then think that way. But if you’re not, if you’ve got low self confidence for whatever reason and instead of making a positive change you’ve sought out others to back up you’re negative affirmations, then live with that decision. Otherwise pony up and change it. You’re not selling out, but selling short – on yourself.

      I used to be a 10 stone, long haired, chubby little weakling who read comic books and shied away from girls. I’m now a 17 stone power lifter and girls are not a problem. They usually borrow my comics.
      I wasn’t happy, so I changed it. You have the power, not a little society your part of that’ll pat your back and tell you it’s okay that you don’t fit. YOU! Now stop whining and go do something positive ;D

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Abby_Chandler Abigail Chandler

    Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the article!

  • Bert

    Wow, what an uplifting article to kick start my day. Yes women can be geeky as much as men and that doesn’t get said enough. Well done!

    • Bad Man

      I’ll pass on your kind words to Abby Bert. Thanks :)

  • http://susiemcbeth.blogspot.co.uk Susie McBeth

    I love this article, it is so true. Though I think whether you are hot or not it doesn’t matter – if you are a geek you are a geek. If people feel the need to challenge that because they think you are a little too good looking then all they have to do is talk to you and that is proof enough. But if they even feel the need to seek proof then they obv have very little to do with their time.
    Plus I have to say with all the hot female characters out there in comics, graphic novels, manga, anime, video games and fiction as a girl it would be hard not to have some of that hotness rub off on you.
    I also agree if you are a geek be it hot or not then just because you are it doesn’t stop you from having girlie night outs with mates getting all glammed up and checking out some of the eye candy.