9 Spider-Man Costumes That Define Spider-Man History

Posted on: March 13th, 2013

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Spider-Man is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters in comics, and probably even pop culture history. There’s no denying that the web slinger is loved by millions and is an instantly recognisable character, and that’s all down to the suit.

But as with most comic book characters throughout the years, he has been prone to the occasional wardrobe change. From humble beginnings to the current suit as seen in Superior Spider-Man there has been a myriad of different costumes, some duds, some awesome.

Follow me on a journey through the closet of Peter Parker’s ever expanding collection of Spidey suits throughout time.


9. Wrestling Gear

This is really more to do with the first of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, but it’s a good point to start as any.From sketching out the original Spider-Man costume a scene prior, we get the old bum steer and eventually are presented with Peter Parker in nothing more than a long sleeve shirt with a spider design painted on and a red ski mask. Not exactly as heroic as we had hoped or whatever, but hey, cut the kid some slack, he’s working with a budget. We can’t all be Bruce Wayne and bust out the Bat-Visa for some Kevlar. Get off his nuts.

It certainly doesn’t really inspire much hope I guess, but you can kind of see where he’s going for. His identity is still a mystery so I guess it all worked out for him really. Hell he even beat Macho Man Randy Savage in a fight and that’s no mean feat. Even for a kid with super powers.

Practicality- 6.5/10 (I guess it gets the job done!)

Cool factor- 3/10 (Isn’t exactly awe inspiring is it?)

8. Classic Red And Blue Suit

This is the Spider-Man we all know and love and has been a staple throughout all the years really. There has been minor variations from time to time depending on the artist, some giving him extra webbing under his arm for extra gliding capabilities, some give him a much larger eye lens, but it generally stays the same in most cases. This is the Spider-Man your average person on the street will know, unless they’re a real loser and have no idea who Spider-Man is. In which case, you are legally obliged to start a fist fight with them.

No matter how many costumes Spidey goes through during his career as a superhero, he always ends up with this one. It’s a pretty simple suit really, it’s just a giant spandex onsie and one that can be wore at all times under normal clothing, so it makes it pretty easy to change in at a moments notice. The reality of it though is that it’s probably really difficult to keep fresh and given that he fights crime most of the time..it’s probably pretty gross.

Practicality- 8/10 (Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all!”)

Cool factor- 10/10 (Say what you will about the lack of camouflage or whatever, this is classic and can’t be beaten.)


7. Symbiote Suit

This is probably the most popular variation of Spidey’s costume. First introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #252 it famously appears again in the hugely popular Secret Wars crossover event that took place shortly after. The suit is actually an alien symbiote that attaches itself to Peter Parker and mimics his abilities as Spider-Man.

With an added strength and an extra mean streak, the suit makes Peter a little bit more of an intense version of himself. Naturally it ends up being bad news for Peter as it keeps trying to find it’s way back to Peter to wreck his life like a crazy ex-girlfriend or a slimy alien Terminator if you will. After torturing Peter for a while the symbiote eventually leeches onto Eddie Brock forming one of the coolest villains in all the Spider-Man universe, Venom.

It’s been a fan favourite for years and will occasionally make an appearance from time to time, but mainly a recreation of it to be used for stealthy missions. He can’t keep messing with that alien crap. Most embarrassingly, it turned up in the third installment of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series. Instead of turning Peter into a badass, it just made him more of an emo wiener with a penchant for dancing down the streets of New York.It eventually tries to leech onto Eric Foreman from That 70′s Show (who should have been Peter Parker in the first place by the way) and turns him into a lamest possible version of Venom that we will perhaps ever see. Some real questionable choices made on that flick.


Practicality- 7.5/10 (It’s a pretty nifty bit of equipment if it can be tamed, but it makes you a little mental so it’s probably not 100& safe)

Cool factor- 9/10 (It really does look bad-ass and has given us some of the best moments in Spider-Man’s history.)


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Conor-Kinnear/100000694826930 Conor Kinnear

    I know that he only used it for one issue (mid 500′s I think) but I loved it when he wore Daredevil’s costume.

    I think that one of my favourite moments with a suit was the first time that he wore the iron spider suit and Tony told him how to move the waldoes. One panel he’s there, the next he’s on the roof.