6 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (06-06-13)

6 ‘Best Bits’ From Last Weeks Comics (06-06-13)
Posted on: June 14th, 2013

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Ed’s note: If you’ve haven’t read Neil’s ‘Best Bit’s’ before then…shame on you! WTF is wrong in your life! But other than that, you should know that we’ve left it until now to discuss these awesome comic book moments in order to avoid ****spoilers**** So don’t read further if you’ve not finished last weeks stack. If you have finished last weeks stack then get yo’self on this like white on rice!


Kick-Ass 3 #1


Kick-Ass 3 #1 (Dave is taking everything pretty well considering)



(Dave is taking everything pretty well considering)


Another kick ass start to a new Kick-Ass run. Hit-Girl is in jail and Kick-Ass and the other would be heroes are just kind of going through the motions after trying to unsuccessfully break her out.

Mark Millar is setting up things in a cool way, their most valuable asset (Hit-Girl) is unavailable and the rest of the heroes (Kick-Ass et al) are just kind of hanging about and stopping the occasional crime. It’s tearing everything down so it can be built back up to glory it would seem. It will be interesting to see where this goes. What I find interesting, and kind of hilarious is just how well Kick-Ass is taking everything, with great humour to boot.

His Father was murdered horribly, but he’s not letting that get him down and hold him back in life. He even has time to stop by the grave and strike some Bruce Wayne like poses in the process. A true comic book geek through and through.


Uber #2


Uber #2 (Unrelentingly Grim)



(Unrelentingly Grim)

Kieron Gillen’s Nazi Super-Soldier epic continues, and while this book remains a very hard to digest piece of fiction, this very problem is also it’s greatest asset. Gillen has mentioned in interviews that his intention with Uber is to make an uncomfortable World War 2 title that forces the reader not only to reel, but to be actively jarred when reading it. This unpleasant experience might seem entirely counter intuitive, and it is. But it also works, as Uber continues to be not just as hard edged war book played completely straight and with zero laughs, but an interesting look at an alternative history that reeks of heavy research and a grimness that is entirely of it’s period and entirely effective.


All New X-Men #12


All New X-Men #12     (Havok and (past) Cyclops embrace)



(Havok and (past) Cyclops embrace)


The Uncanny Avengers led by ex-X-Man (right?) Havok shows up at the Jean Grey School to question the X-Men over a series of robberies that have been carried out in their name thanks to Mystique and her new crew. But obviously, the most intriguing thing here is that Havok also happens to be Cyclops brother, and given that the only Cyclops present during this whole debacle is the one from the past, it’s pretty bizarre.

It must be a complete mindf*ck for both of them really. Past Cyclops wasn’t even aware Havok was alive, and on the flipside, for Havok to see his younger brother before the whole Phoenix nonsense with all of his childhood innocence still intact, it’s got to be weighing heavy on both of their brains. The touching embrace as the Uncanny Avengers leave is a memorable moment and despite all the madness going on in their lives, they’re still brothers and it’s good to know they’re there.


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