5 Reasons You Should Be Reading Mark Millar’s Supercrooks

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Posted on: October 25th, 2012

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It seems that Mark Millar really can’t put a foot wrong these days. The film sequel to his comic book Kick Ass 2 is already in the works. Joe Carnahan is attached to direct the adaptation of his anti-superhero story Nemesis and it is rumoured that Liam Neeson might even play Blake Morrow (and believe me, we should all be praying to T’Internet Gods that this happens).


Liam Neeson as Blake Marrow

I literally think I’d scream like a little girl if this actually happened.


He’s being put in charge of continuity for Fox’s Marvel film adaptations, which is a pretty smart move considering The Avengers showed how well comic book movies work when made in conjunction with each other and also because with “The Ultimates” and stories such as “Old Man Logan” have shown what he can bring to the table.


avengers ultimates


His Supervillian heist story, Supercrooks, has recently been released in trade paper back and like pretty much every other Millarworld comic out there, Supercrooks is being adopted for the big screen. This could work perfectly as the only problem I had with the story was that it tried to pack too much into only 4 issues. However it’s the perfect length for a feature and it might even give some of the tertiary characters a little more “screentime” to showcase their personalities and abilities.

But before that gets underway, here’s a few quick reasons why you should pick it up.

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