6 Best Bits From Last Weeks Comics

Posted on: March 7th, 2013

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Ed’s Note: Warning humble readers, for if you’ve not yet read last weeks comics stack, Neil is about to blow your motherloving mind with all kinds of ****spoilerific**** goodness! If you’ve read your stack however and have no fear of finding out ‘the dirt’ before your due, then it’s time to cast your mind back, get ready for pure comic book pleasure, and remember last weeks comics BEST BITS!!!


Hawkeye #8


Hawkeye #9


(Are you Iron Fist?)

My love for Fraction’s Hawkeye series is well documented and will continue to be documented as long as it maintains the excellent standard it has thus far. It is undeniably awesome, you get a real sense that Fraction and Aja have a real love for this comic above all of their other projects at the minute.

It kind of seems like they have free reign to do whatever they want and because of it they’re coming up with more creative ways to tackle it as opposed to your average “oh there’s a bad guy, I better go kick his ass” kind of comic. That has it’s place too, but with this series of Hawkeye there is a real element of creative control and you see that with how they lay out the whole thing as seen by the constant use of pulp comics covers they use in the issue.

Also the amount of humour used really lends itself to the overall feel of it. The scene in which Clint gets busted by the cops and is mistaken for Iron Fist is chuckle-worthy and a cool nod to another lesser known Avenger (who both Fraction And Aja worked on in their last series).


Uncanny Avengers #4


(Days of Future Past nod.)
Uncanny Avengers has a real potential to be one of the better of the new Marvel Now titles, and at the minute it’s still building it’s foundations.

It’s interesting to see Havoc finally get more face time than he has been in recent years, he was always an interesting character that kind of lives in the shadows of his brother Scott Summers aka Cyclops. And given the recent events following the AvX storyline and the character shift that Cyclops has went through, we finally get to see more of Havoc as he takes on leading an Avengers team.

Not only that, but leading a team with Captain America already in it, so that’s a pretty big character push right there. With issue #4 we see the team take on the infamous Red Skull in usual Avengers fashion despite the fact he gets away at the end. But the scene in which Havoc protects Scarlett Witch in a fashion that nods back to the cover of the Days of The Future past storyline is an excellent nod to the past and hopefully foreshadows bigger things for Havoc.


Uncanny X-Men #2



(An insight into Emma.)
This new series of Uncanny X-Men is taking shape much like the way Wolverine and The X-Men started only maybe it’s a little grittier.

Dealing with Cyclops as the leader searching out new mutants throughout the world it harken’s back to the old days of the X-Men in it’s humble beginnings. Only this deals with them as more of a group of revolutionaries, which was explored a little in the last issue. Here though, we get more of Emma Frost, and it’s really the first time we’ve seen her and her thoughts since the events that took place in AvX.

She is split up with Cyclops yet still remains in the same team, and on top of all that her powers are all over the place. So it’s interesting that in the first few pages we see just what’s going on in her head and how much of a toll that’s taking on her. Naturally when Scott arrives to talk to her she tries to play it cool as is her nature, but it’s cool to see this character in moment of weakness.

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