6 Nerd Girl Fashion Tips For Nailing Your Summer Style

6 Nerd Girl Fashion Tips For Nailing Your Summer Style
Posted on: June 18th, 2013

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As we creep up on July, Summer is just about ripe to explode in a vision of colour. Tie dye and pastels as far as the eye can see, and every girl is hunting through the web to find some summer wardrobe inspiration.

When looking for some fun and colourful summery looks, we needn’t look too far for inspiration. With superheroes and wonder villains to choose from, there are some real classic looks to be adapted from the pages of our favourite comics or episodes of our favourite shows.


Tie Dye

Something I’ve been really loving lately is the retro throwback outfits from early Buffy the Vampire Slayer Eps, so 90′s it hurts. In this shot we see Buffy wearing a really cute tie-dye crop, with tie-dye, vibrant colours and crops being everywhere at the minute, it’s pretty bang on trend.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tie Dye

Easily made from an old vest, just grab yourself some elastic bands, a bold dye and a basin, then you’re set to get cracking!

Dylon dye super cheap available from panicdots.com

Crop Tops

Speaking of superheroes and croptops, Supergirl sports a pretty summery look in her saucy little croptop. A cute Supergirl crop is perfect for the summer, bright, bold colours, with a playful hint of nerd.

Enjinight Supergirl Cosplay Sarmai


This supergirl inspired crop is a really fun, pop-art style and colourful to boot making it a definite summer pick!


Supergirl crop top



Swim Wear

Something we all need come summer that we don’t usually need the rest of the year is swimwear, so at this time of year we ladies have got our eyes peeled for some really stand out swims to complete our suitcase ensemble.

The natural superhero to turn to for inspiration here would be She-Hulk. The marvelous green lady is often depicted in sexy swimwear, probably even more outstanding than usual due to her incredible physique.


she-hulk swim suit


I’ve recently purchased myself a fantastic swimsuit courtesy of Abandon Ship Apparel with the lords of the internet plastered from top to bottom..CATS.

I love it so much, it’s so kitsch and really on trend with the inverted crosses and silly cat faces. Pretty pricey but it was worth it.


Abandon Ship Apparel Kitten Body Suit


Though when discussing swimwear with a tasty nerdy edge, it wouldn’t really be fair of me to skip over the topic without giving Black Milk a brief mention. My own Lord of the Rings `One Ring` swim is one of my favourite items of clothing and it’s just a bundle of silky nerdy goodness. Black Milk have a vast collection of similar pieces available online, for example this vibrant Cheshire Cat swim is a nylon-dream take on Alice in Wonderland.

So summery with that sweet childhood vibe, it’s worth every penny of the pretty hefty price tags from Black Milk.



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