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The 7 Stages Of The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Doctor Who Tennant and Smith
Like with the grieving process, The Day of the Doctor took us through seven emotional stages.   7. Scepticism   We wanted the episode to be good. We desperately wanted that. But the... more

5 Reasons Agents Of SHIELD Is A Massive Disappointment

Marvels Agents of SHIELD
When Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was announced, no-one was in any doubt that it was going to be excellent. Marvel Studios has never released a less-than three star movie, and Joss Whedon was going to... more

The Walking Dead Series 3 On DVD. But Is It Redemption After S2?

The sea-change that has affected television over the last few years has been felt in unexpected places. From the homes of you the viewer, all the way to the pockets of the people who run the networks... more

STAYING IN – The Rise Of The TV Anti-Hero

Breaking Bad Heisenberg
Breaking Bad series 1 – 5.1 spoilers below...   It’s all Tony Soprano’s fault.   TV used to have heroes at its core, good men and women struggling against external forces... more

STAYING IN: Is Arrested Development Series 4 A Victim Of Its Own Success?

arrested development season 4
Regularly topping ‘unfairly cancelled’ lists, Arrested Development is the ultimate hipster show. Unless you painstakingly tracked it down across the schedules when it first aired, you aren’t a... more

STAYING IN – Is Game Of Thrones Bringing ‘Feminism’ To Fantasy?

Game of Thrones Staying In
I haven’t read the books. So sue me. On the plus side, though, it means I won’t be dropping any book spoilers! But I will be dropping a tonne of spoilers about every episode of Game of Thrones... more

Staying In: The Reason Women Now Love Fantasy TV

Staying In - Arrow
It is a question TV producers have been asking themselves for years: Just how do you get women watching sci-fi and fantasy? How do you show women that a traditionally male bastion can be for them... more

Staying In: The Being Human Finale

Staying In Being Human
It’s over. The finale has come and gone. Being Human has ended, after an excellent – but too short – fifth series. And Toby Whithouse pulled off the sort of bait-and-switch ending that he’s... more

Staying In: Dexter Series Seven – Serial killers Are So Hot Right Now

Staying In Dexter
Dexter is so violent, sweary, stylish and smart that it’s been adopted as a nerd show, despite zero spaceships or demons (apart from Dex’s Dark Passenger, which is sort of like Angelus, I guess.... more

Staying In: Black Mirror Brings Proper Sci-Fi Back To TV

It’s surprisingly rare to see Proper Sci-Fi on TV these days. Proper Sci-Fi is, to my mind, based on scientific advancements that you can actually see happening in the not-too-distant future. So,... more

STAYING IN: Being Human Ends With Fifth Series

Being Human Harry
Just as I was about to post my review of the glorious return of Being Human, the news broke that the fifth series would also be its last. The news wasn’t a surprise – my original review ended... more

Fantasy Flashback Classic: BLAKES 7: Season 4 Finale- BLAKE (Contains spoilers)

By Owen Quinn To this day, Blake’s 7 stands among one of the most wanted revivals among the fan fraternity. Written and created by Dalek creator Terry Nation, it saw a gang of outlaws, some... more

Rob Corddry joins cast of Warm Bodies

2156 Rob Corddry.jpg
  Excuse the pun, but zombie movies have been done to death. Though there are a few movies every year that are zombie related and still seem fresh and original. Jonathan Levin's Warm... more