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5 Things To Know About The Walking Dead Spin-Off

The Walking Dead
Title: 5 Things To Know About The Walking Dead Spin-Off In a way, our article from last September about television/movie spin-offs was prophetic. Within that list, we wrote about how The Walking... more

New Eden’s The New Online Sci-fi Comedy You’re Going To Want To Watch

NE - FB - Cover Photo - HuHa
We've been pimping space slacker animated comedy New Eden for a while now, because it's pretty damn great and we really wanted to see more of it. And now thanks to UK online leading broadcaster... more

DAILY DIRT: BOX TROLLS – Ewan McGregor Finds Out About STAR WARS Stand-Alones And STARGATE For Your Phone

Kenobi By Chris Calf
BOX TROLLS: Absurdist SteamPunk Comedy. With Trolls     Based on Alan Snow‘s Here Be Monsters series,  LAIKA Films (The studio behind Coraline) have a new... more

DAILY DIRT: Bryan Cranston For GODZILLA Remake? Amazing Spider-Blurbs And DIE HARD 6 Is ON!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blurb Here's what we've got coming in Amazing Spider-Man 2. We hated the 1st one, but we'll try to stay optimistic: In The Amazing Spider-Man™ 2, for Peter Parker (Andrew... more

DAILY DIRT: STAR WARS Spin Off Movies – Star Lord Cast And Glenn Mazarra *Spoilers* Walking Dead

Star Wars Darth Vader Painting
Star Wars Spin-Off Movies Confirmed Disney’s CEO Bob Iger spoke with CNBC about the coming  Star Wars spin off movies plans with a new saga film set for 2015 and a series of spin-off's... more

DAILY DIRT: Gollum Loves/Hates LORD OF THE RINGS – Joss Whedon Loves Screwing With Fans & The ROCK’s ‘Got Milk’

Gollum Black and White
Todays Daily Dirt is as follows:   Gollum Hates/Loves Lord Of The Rings Andy Serkis was recently asked what he thought of the LOTR Movies? Gollum replied....   The Rock's Got... more

DAILY DIRT: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Sentinels – COMMUNITY Die Hard’s And The Last Of The V8 Interceptors Rides Again

X-Men First Class Days of Future Past Header
Mark Millar Talks Days Of Future Past   Speaking with SFX Millar gave this much away about fans Days Of Future Past Sentinels hopes: I don’t really want to give too much away but the... more

David Bradley To Play 1st Doctor In Docudrama. But What About The DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special?

Comparison Photo
William Hartnell was the actor who famously played the original role of the Galaxy's most famous Time Lord way back in 1963, and since his passing away in 1975 there have been numerous other actors... more

DAILY DIRT: Ultron Babies – Barbarella TV & Justice League Is Hanging In The Balance

Barbarella Cover Art
Fringe Cast Say 'Bye' The cast of Fringe say 'Bye' in a heartfelt send off now that the series is finally at a close. I'll not lie, I needed a hanky:   Justice League Depends On Man Of... more

DAILY DIRT: The X-FILES Return To Comics & All The Good Stuff

Paul Giamatti To Play The Rhino In The Amazing Spider-Man 2? According to The Hollywood Reporter Paul Giamatti is going to play The Rhino in Marc Webb‘s Amazing Spidey 2. Hopefully he's in a... more

It’s War With Woodbury In THE WALKING DEAD S3 Trailer

The Walking Dead s3 returns on February 10 with the pay-off from the first season that will see Rick and his band of shabby survivors face off against the Governor in war against Woodbury. There's... more

The STAR WARS TV Series May Be Coming To ABC?

Despite years of waiting and teasing, binders full of supposed (highly expensive to make) finished scripts from George Lucas and the one time inclusion of Battlestar Galactica’s Ron Moore in the... more

Brilliant 16-Bit RPG Parody Of LOST

Lost - 16-Bit RPG
They've already covered shows such as Game of Thrones, Dr Who and Breaking Bad and now College Humor have done it again with another great 16-bit parody RPG. This time J.J. Abram's Lost is in the... more

Story Details For Season 4 Of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Released

Arrested Development-Chicken Dances
In my opinion Arrested Development's untimely cancellation was one of the biggest mistakes Fox ever made - it's definitely up their with not having faith in Firefly and therefore airing it out of... more

Robert Kirkman May Have Forced Glen Mazzara Off THE WALKING DEAD

Of all the TV shows with troubled productions of late, The Walking Dead in particular seems to have a vendetta against it's showrunners. And while I'm normally loathe to comment too much on what is... more

Promo Released For The Second Half Of The Walking Dead’s Season 3.

the walking dead - governor -daryl
AMC's The Walking Dead had a bit of a shaky run with it's second season but season 3 has addressed a lot of the issues people had (less farm, more peril) and ended 2012 on a high note with it's... more

Blood Filled Trailer For SPARTACUS: WAR OF THE DAMNED Released

spartacus - war of the damned
The trailer for the fourth and final season of Starz' Spartacus (titled Spartacus: War of the Damned) will be starting on 25th January and a new trailer has been released. Whilst we've already... more

THE WALKING DEAD Seasons 1 & 2 Go Black And White

the walking dead
If you read The Walking Dead comics then you've probably become accustomed to the black and white art (by Charlie Adlard) and couldn't imagine it any other way. Which is interesting as earlier this... more