Silvermania Interviews Gabe Newell. Well….Something Like That..

That renegade mof***er Silvermania managed to bag an interview with Gabe Newell - co-founder and managing director of video game development and online distribution company Valve Corporation. Well,... more

Underbelly: Midnight Show Grindhouse Special

MIDNIGHT SHOW poster - Silver Ferox Design WEB
Underbelly's Newt Wallen, along with a load of other cool indie directors is putting together a cult cinema passion Project called Midnight Show full of all manner of messed up Grindhouse s**t in... more


Maro Bros Fan Art
In this week's Underbelly Frank explores his favorite Super Mario Power ups. The good ones, the bad ones, the....slightly pedophilic ones? Yes, I'm not sure how they worked that in either, but... more

UNDERBELLY: 100th Anniversary Video (Kind Of)

Underbelly Episode Art
Underbelly, our fave internet Nerd TV Show had their 100th Anniversary ed over the weekend. But since I don't work weekends, dammit! I'm posting it today for you to check out the guys talking about... more

SILVERMANIA – Justin Says CALL OF DUTY Sucks The A$$! Discuss:

For reasons that we can't properly go into, Justin Silverman is one of the best people in the world, well at least the internet. Not least because he's a crude, angry, nerdy, lunatic. But maybe... more

UNDERBELLY: The AQUAMAN Issue – 4 Reasons Aquaman Is F**KING COOL!

Aquaman is commonly lambasted as one of sh*ttier comics characters based on the age old bias that all he can do is ride seas horses and command the fishes. If you've read DC comics in the past... more


Dark Knight Trilogy-Poster
We're not the webshow the internet deserves... we're the one it needs... BAD HAVEN's Pal's Underbelly take an in depth look at Nolan's Batman film's......and strategically take the piss when... more

UNDERBELLY STRIKES BACK! The Guys Tackle Their Trolls And Give You The Opportunity To Get Your Q’s Answered By Them On FACE BOOK

Jebus, but I love me some Underbelly! This time the guys deal with their fans comments. Sorry, I meant their trolls comments. Apparently you have to be; 'gay, fat and like movies' to enjoy the... more

Underbelly Checks Out The Worst STAR WARS Products Of All time

There's no denying that George  Lucas made his ka-billions of the back of crazy merchandising for the biggest franchise that has ever been; bigger than God the Devil and Porn all put together. Star... more


I would have had this vid up sooner if I wasn't a combination of my being a bit behind on things and on top of that my computer crashed (If you were in the general UK area you probably heard my... more

UNDERBELLY – Shootin’ The Shit: Video Game Movies

Underbelly (The Best Internet TV show going) has sat down to shoot the shit with Brentalfloss in this two part, hour long special on Video Game Movies. Everything from Super Mario Bros. to the... more

UNDERBELLY – The Legend of Zelda: Breaking & Entering

More hilarious gaming parody hijinks from our favourite Nerd TV Show. This episode: LINK IS A THIEF, HIDE YOUR POTS AND RUPEES!! Music scored by Dj... more

Underbelly @ NekoCon 2011

The guys over at UNDERBELLY hit NekoCon 2011!! Check out their awesomely hilarious antics below: NekoCon, the best Anime con ever. Seriously. This convention was a blast. We got to put on... more

Underbelly: Video Game Trick or Treating

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!! What would trick or treating be like if video game characters were REAL?! House 1 - Pyramid Head from Silent Hill (Body - Gordon,... more