Uncovering The Neuroscience Of ROBOCOP 2014

Robocop 2014
  On the 7th February 2014, the flashy reboot of one of the most hallowed and valued action movie of the 1980s, Robocop, was released in cinemas. Directed by Jose Padilha, the director of the... more

Why Do Modern Audiences Love Serial Killers?

Why Do Modern Audiences Love Serial Killers
  “If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you” – Friedrich Nietzsche   It is a supreme contradiction that the group of people who, by all rights, shouldn’t be... more

How Ghost In The Shell Tech Predictions Continue To Come True

motoko kusanagi tachikoma ghost in the shell 1280x800 wallpaper_www
Ghost in the Shell is a multi-media story franchise that started out life in 1989 as a manga in Young Magazine, a weekly adult male manga (known in Japan as seinen manga). Since its original year and... more

Why Geeks are Good Gamblers

There are certain skills that will serve you well when you are gambling. Of course there is an element of luck involved – but there are betting odds for good reason. The ability to analyse data... more

Which Phones are Best for Watching Movies On?

Smart Phones At Table
There are some great apps out there designed to allow users to watch movies on their phones or tablet devices whilst on the move, from LOVEFiLM to Netflix. With the development of new movie-watching... more

Robo-Mantis! The Hexapod 2 Ton Piloted Walker

Matt Dentons two-ton Mantis is a hexapod robot walking machine that can climb on stuff and scare people with a phobia of big nasty spiders. It kind of looks like that Spider from The Wicky Wild... more

Robot Love: 9% Of People Say They’d Do Relationships With Robots

So according to a recent study 9% of the population said they'd get in a relationship and get they 'nasty' on with a robot if you got right down to it. I'd love to say I'm surprised by this, but... more

What Happens When You Cry In Space?

cry in space
Ever wondered what happens when you cry in outer space, or more specifically anti-gravity? No, me neither. All my burning questions surrounded Masturbation, pooping, whizzing and doing kung fu... more

Shark Swords And The Culture That Killed To Use Them

Vicious weapons made from the prime component of shark teeth reveal that two species of sharks vanished from the reefs of Kiribati surrounding the Gilbert Islands about 130 years ago, due to the then... more

Why Do We Think Demons Visit Us In Our Sleep? Night Terrors Explained

Filmmaker Carla MacKinnon suffered from the condition that woke her up several times a week unable to move, with the sense that there was a disturbing presence in the room with her, and on... more

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Created By Science

Physicists have created a miniature version of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak (though it works only in microwave light, and not visible light, so far) in what they claim is a step closer to... more

Gaia’s Revenge: Are We Making Earth Uninhabitable? How Do We Save It?

In an era of radical climate shifts decried by some leading academics as so detrimental to our planet that: Those who fail to take the issue seriously are as morally reprehensible as 18th-century... more

The Science Of The Snooze Button

If you're anything like me; you f**king hate your alarm and the snooze button doesn't really help much. You just hit it five times and still wake up feeling like cooked s**t and don't really feel... more

The Science Of Hair Loss. It’s Not What You Think

Die Hard
I've often wondered how I ended up bald on top and hairy everywhere else (gawd dammit!), but then I just put it down to having mucho testosterone and being so damn butch, bit my lip and got over it... more

Higgs Boson Particle Discovery Confirmed

A new particle discovered at the world's largest atom smasher last year has been confirmed today as the 'Higgs boson', the particle that is thought to explain how other particles get their... more