Lego Aliens Short. Get Away From Her You Biatch!

lego aliens
Brick Tube from Machinima is the latest in a series of cool little Lego animation shorts, this one set in the Aliens universe and pitting a Colonial Marine bad-ass against the ultimate space bitch;... more

5 Robots That Completely Break Isaac Asimov’s 3 Laws Of Robotics

Isaac Asimov has a curious legacy. The man himself was a professor of Biochemistry, but his name is synonymous not with the biological, but with the mechanical, and more specifically the Robotic (a... more

5 Movie/TV Mash Ups That Are Too Hip For Hipsters

ceres-oz-by-tv-series-203329 (1)
I’m fairly comfortable with not being as young as I used to be. I’m even more comfortable being a cantankerous shite of a man, but I haven’t always been. I used to have at least a passing... more

Jedi Turtles. No, Really

Ninja Turtles are one thing, but did you know that the tiny reptiles have recently debuted their previously undocumented 'Force' abilities? No. Well check out these vids below and prepare to be... more

The Week In Geek: BAD HAVEN’s Satirical News Round Up (04-05-13)

Fantastic Four Rumor Madness Johnny Storm Casting Causes Fanboy....storm (A.K.A. always bet on Black!) Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan is rumored to be on the casting list for Josh Trank's... more

5 Super-Villains Who Would Make A Kick-Ass Boss

Some bosses are cool, laid back and on the level. Some are pricks who spend all day up our asses like a metaphorical hemorrhoid. And some bosses can be really evil ass-holes! Come on, it's easy to... more

How Would You Fix…Boba Fett’s Origin?

Ed’s note: Fan Fix by Nathan Adler, is one man, and one major fan’s tireless efforts to fix continuity in comics, in the ultimate chronicle of character histories and fan theory into... more

The Week In Geek: BAD HAVEN’s Satirical News Round Up The Way You Like It! (26-04-13)

Iron Man 3 Causes Mass Trouser Hysteria!  So good You'll Need A Mop Says Everyone Who Never Read The Comic
Iron Man 3 Causes Mass Trouser Hysteria! So good You'll Need A Mop Says Everyone Who Never Read The Comic     Iron Man 3 is causing the sort of rampant fan hysteria formerly... more

The Wolverine Gets Sweded

The Wolverine getting sweded was somewhat inevitable, but what really surprised me about this swede is the guy they got to play Logan is actually built like a brick s**t-house just like Hugh Jackman,... more

Star Wars Episode VII Fillibuster As Proposed by Patton Oswalt

Chubby Comedian supremo Patton Oswalt was asked to ad-lib a council filibuster on the subject of his choice for a new Parks & Recreation ep airing tomorrow resulting in a fairly epic eight minutes of... more

The ‘Vs Darth Vader’ Stop Motion Beat Down Compilation

Indiana Jones vs. Darth Vader
Patrick Boivin has produced some of the coolest stop motion toy animation videos on the web and must really have a 'Hate On' for everyones favorite Dark Lord of The Sith Darth Vader, since he's... more

Goodnight Moon Get’s The Gritty Reboot Movie Treatment (Trailer)

Goodnight Moon for the uninitiated is an American children's book written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. It was first published in 1947, and is a highly acclaimed... more

DeadPool Vs Gentlemen: Prepare For Mad Dancing And Ungentlemanly Behavior!

D-Piddy (AKA Deadpool) is definitely a contender for one of the best things to ever happen to comic conventions, indeed the... more

Star Wars VII – Return Of The Empire (A Disney Parody)

Star Wars VII - Return Of The Empire
With Disney having won over the rights to Star Wars you'd be forgiven for wondering just how far they'd be willing to milk the biggest sci-franchise of all time and ever, and what exactly would... more

Game Of Thrones Get’s It’s First News Forecast (Humor!)

Ever wondered what a Game Of Thrones News Room would look like? Barely Legal answer that question and even give a weather forecast. Can you guess what it predicts. Let's just say a certain season is... more

Robot Love: 9% Of People Say They’d Do Relationships With Robots

So according to a recent study 9% of the population said they'd get in a relationship and get they 'nasty' on with a robot if you got right down to it. I'd love to say I'm surprised by this, but... more

Batman Vs Superman In Song

batman vs superman
'Who would win between Batman and Superman in a fight?' is a persistent argument in the geek community. Batman would out-think Supes and kick his ass with Kryptonite is the popular answer (Hell,... more

How A Blind Girl Sees The World Animated Short

It's amazing what you'll come across on Reddit, and this little animated short following the adventures of s blind girl was both delightful and insightful. A cross between Euro animation styles and... more