Warhammer 40K Imperial Fists Terminator Cosplay = Bad Ass!

Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Fists Terminator Captain Tancred costume
I don't want to jump the gun here, but this might be the best Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Fists Terminator Captain Tancred costume I've ever f**king seen! '40K cream pants' aside this costume was... more

Catwoman Super Athletic Cosplay!

Catwoman Super Athletic Cosplay
Occasionally you get some Cosplayers who go above and beyond the call of duty (I'm thinking of gals like Tally Justine  who brings her amazing martial arts and archery skills to masterfully playing... more

The Punisher Twins Cosplay. Double Death Dealing Hotties

The Punisher Twins Cosplay
Of all the Cosplay's to come out of WonderCon 2013, our favorites had to be The Punisher Twins (courtesy of Vim Triviums flickr) for the simple reason that they're hot and are dressed like a man who... more

Seriously Ill Cosplayer Needs Your Help! Find Out What You Can Do Here!

Callie Cosplay
I came across this story on Geeks Are Sexy and knew we needed to try and help! Callie is a pretty amazing Cosplayer (heck her out below), who is suffering some seriously debilitating ongoing... more

Hot Bunny Cosplay In Time For Easter

So it's Easter and while we could give you a feature composed of superhero Easter Eggs, Rabbits dressed as Batman, Hulk getting sick from eating too much chocolate or something to that effect we... more

The Walking Dead: Amazing Piano Rendition Of Opening Theme

cosplay piano: the walking dead
I rarely get gobsmacked by musical ability, but internationally recognized, award winning composer and pianist Sonya Belousova's rendition of The Walking Dead theme tune in the premiere episode of... more

Geeky Love Parody Video: Chad Proposes Dammit!

geeky love chad and angie
It's hard not to love Geeky Love's Chad and Angie, the couple who make parody music video's filled with Geek Culture references. And it doesn't hurt that Chad has moves like Usher (for such a big... more

Cosplay Of The Day: Batman Samurai

batman samurai #1
There truly was some bitching Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con 2013 this year, but one costume really stood out as all sorts of kick arse, and that was this incredible looking Bat Samurai... more

London Super Comic Con 2013 Cosplay Music Video From The Sneaky Zebra

If you haven't seen The Sneaky Zebras frankly epic Cosplay videos yet, then shame on you! What the frakk have you been watching? Anyway, this one below is nothing short of amazeballs pie and has... more

Adventure Time: Fionna And Marshall Lee Cosplay

If you love yourself some Adventure Time with Finn and Jake then you doubtless love their gender swap alternate versions Fionna and Cake, who have their own curious asides in the Ice Kings freaky fan... more

Help Kickstart The Sweethearts Of The Galaxy Cosplay Web Series

BAD HAVEN Love's Cosplay ambassadors Tallet Silver and Kitt Quinn, even more so since way back when, whenever BAD HAVEN was a super crappy looking start up site, the pair were kind enough to do some... more

Tron Party Dress. Because Nightclubs Need More Neon

Hot Tron Cosplay Dress
The Tron movie, actually both movies - sucked all the d*ck, but they looked all sorts of cool, had some kick ass concepts and the soundtrack from Daft Punk was probably one of the best things we've... more

COSPLAY Of The DAY: Street Fighter’s Poison Cosplay

Today's Poison Cosplay Of The Day comes from Spanish Cosplayer Nadya Sonika in her interpretation of Final Fight and Street Fighter character Poison.     The character... more

COSPLAY Of The DAY: WARHAMMER 40K Cosplay – Lady Inquisitor

warhammer_40_000__lady_inquisitor cosplay #2
Today's Cosplay returns us to the Warhammer 40K Universe with DeviantArtist/Cosplayer Alberti's take on The Imperium's Lady Inquisitors. According to Warhammer Wiki: The Inquisition (The Holy... more

COSPLAY Of The DAY: ZONE OF THE ENDERS Cosplay – Ken Marinaris

Metal Gear Maestro Hideo Kojima's other famous gaming franchise  is today's Cosplay with some amazing Ken Marinaris from Zone Of The Enders Cosplay from epic Cosplayer Crystal Graziano.  Ken... more


As Venom, Eddie Brock was best known for being bonded with an alien symbiote who's former host was Spider-Man, spending a good deal of time trying to kill the wall-crawler, talking in the third... more

COSPLAY Of The Day: BETSY BRADDOCK Captain Britain Corps

captain britain #2
While Besty Braddock is normally best known as the X-Men's British Psychic in the body of Asian Assassin; Psylocke, she's lesser known in her old body for her brief stint as Betsy Braddock Captain... more

COSPLAY Of The Day: Adepta Sororitas Sister Of Battle (WARHAMMER 40K)

Thanks to thekaikai' on Flkr today's Cosplay is An Adepta Sororitas Sister of battle from the Warhammer 40k universe, a part of an all female division of the Imperium and just generally a stack of... more