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9 Giant Sci-Fi Sculptures To See Before You Die

9 GIANT Sci-Fi Sculptures To See Before You Die
Science Fiction has always had a preference for the larger than life, whether it be giant robots dating back to H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds (1898), where upon giant Martian tripods landed on earth... more

World War Z: The Art Of The Film Review

World War Z The Art of the Film
As a long-time fan of the original Max Brooks novel I wanted to glean what I could about how Brad Pitt and Hollywood dealt with World War Z in film without actually having to pay the £6 to see it in... more

What If Star Wars Was Part Of Real Life?

Real life Star Wars
History is something that most of us came to find considerably more interesting when we left school and weren't being forced to study it and/or listen to the senile ramblings of our grandparents as... more

What If Batman And Spider-Man Combined?

What If Batman And Spider-Man Combined?
Batman and Spider-man are consecutively the two top selling characters from both DC and Marvel, and lets face it; probably the two most iconic characters of all time (with the exception of... more

Star Wars Han And Lando Do Miami Vice

Star Wars Han And Lando Do Miami Vice
We've posted some Craig Drake art deco stuff before, because there's no denying his work is super stylish and right up our nerd sensibilities alley. His latest is Han and Lando re-designed as a... more

What If Super-heroines Did Glamour Magazine Covers

Stanley Lau Justice Covers
Artist Stanley Lau is, according to his profile: an illustrator, designer, concept artist, creative director and co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios — a world acclaimed digital art studio that... more

The Art Of The Croods Reviewed

  “The Art of The Croods” by Noela Hueso   Review Anyone who read my review of The Croods knows how much I loved the cinematography of this film, so when the opportunity to... more

Masters Of The Universe Skeletor Life Sized Replica

Sometimes having a little toy Skeletor, He-Man's evil sorcerer nemesis from one of the best kids tv shows ever Masters Of The Universe just isn't enough. And when that becomes the case you need to... more

James Bond 007 Cult Art

James Bond 007 Cult Art
Since his creation in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, Her Majesty's finest Secret Agent - James Bond: 007 has been popping off bad guys like it ain't no thang, making a tux look better than you ever... more

Steampunk AT AT: A.K.A. Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Perambulator

Steampunk, like Marmite, is one of those genres that you either really love or really hate. But those who love it, really, really love it, and often go that extra mile to recreate classic... more

The Hunt – Local Comics Picks

By Matthew Smyth (Lethal comics)   Did you ever meet the kind of arsehole who Supports Local Music? OK, put the knife down. I don’t mean “People who like local bands are... more

Alien Embryo Creepy Ass Sculpture

This amazing little sculpt of an Alien Embryo comes from Yanchuan111, a Chinese sculptor and manages to capture all the fine details of the evil little bastard moments before he makes... more

Weird Science Cult Poster Art

I recently re-watched Weird Science, and while it has some amazing moments in it, its definitely a product of the period that birthed it (the 80's), what with two teens creating their ultimate woman... more

Gremlins Get The Celebrity Make Over

celebrity gremlins
Imagine if you will, all the famous celebrity screw ups, junkies, addicts or anger management cases from Hollywood to the music biz represented as horrible reptilian little Gremlins. Think about that... more

Jedi Disney Princesses. The Force Is ‘Song’ In These Ones

DeviantARTist Pushfighter (aka Ralph Sevelius) has gone and re-imagined more Disney Princesses as Jedi and Sith, in line with the whole Disney now own LucasFilm thing, and lets face it, we can't... more

Pokémon Crochet Monsters

Pokémon crochet monsters
I've always been a Pokémon appreciator from afar, because while I enjoy pocket monsters as much as the next ultra nerdy bastard, it was too much brain effort to keep count of the numerous breeds... more

Teenage Mutant Ninja Hyper Real Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Hyper Real Turtles
There are numerous variations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles throughout the actual franchise itself and in the form of fan art on the internet, and it seems like there's no end to cool artists... more

Disney Princesses As Real Babes And Their Underwear Model Princes

I think we've talked before about how technically speaking Disney Princesses are totally underage, but since within the fantasy realm folks like to forget the whole age factor and just imagine them... more