4 Reasons Hip Hop’s Rappers Are A New Breed Of Modern Superheroes

4 Reasons Hip Hop's Rappers Are A New Breed Of Modern Superheroes
As a Hip Hop/Comic Book aficionado I'm telling you right now, whether you think I'm crazy or not, there is a direct correlation between the hip-hop musical genre and comic books. It may sound like a... more

25 More Cult Movie Soundtracks You Need To Hear Before You Die

bill and ted; rufus
My esteemed colleague and founder of Bad Haven Mark The Bad Man McCann previously looked at 25 of his his favourite songs from cult movies. Since I am a highly original writer who comes up with his... more

Interactive Cursor Music Video Is Awesome!

This really is amazing and you should note has some titaaaays hanging loose briefly, so don't look if you're offended. Otherwise check out this absolutely sweet interactive music video for the band... more

Transformers: Cybertron Battle Routine DJ Sampler

MPC wizard Fresh Kil's has a new mix out, one that Transformers fans will have an instant appreciation for. This incredibly banging little routine dubbed: Cybertron Battle Routine is a really... more

‘First Person Perspective’ Carnage In Action Film Music Video ‘Bad Motherfucker’

Ilya Naishuller's new music video/mini action film for BITING ELBOWS' 2013 single 'Bad Motherfucker' starts off as a real first person shooter before kicking your senses in the balls with all sorts... more

25 Cult Movie Soundtracks You Need To Hear Before You Die

A kick-ass soundtrack to a movie is the difference between a good movie and a GREAT movie. In some instances it can be the make or breaker elevating a low budget piece of s**t to cult status based... more

CULT ART: Mitchell Johnston Leads Us Into A World Where Bands Are Superheroes And Villains

the offspring - mitchell johnston
In a world, where music actually is power.... American artist Mitchell Johnston has taken some of the music world’s most beloved alternative bands and has given them the hero and villains... more

Marcus Hearn’s THE WHO and PINK FLOYD Photo Books Review

Pink Floyd and The Who Photo Book Reviews
Edited by Marcus Hearn   As a self confessed photography geek I love nothing more than a nosey through a good photo book especially if it features the antics of a band I happen to enjoy! So... more

WYLDLING: Ear Sex With Added Kink

It's not very often that we BAD HAVENER's delve into the realm of music (unless it's specifically nerd bastardly) but when Mental Deficiency guitarist Alex Kazam, Robocop aficionado and all round man... more

MENTAL DEFICIENCY: Introduction To Seduction + Potential Godly Outrage. Have The Mad Lads Gone Too Far?

Mental Deficiency, the Belfastian Nerd Rock Sensation that have delivered you such balls rattling super-hits as 'They Mostly Come At Night' (Aliens) and 'Automated Law Enforcement Programming'... more

DARKEST ERA: An Ancient Fire Burns Video – Prepare To Eat Metal!

A lot of you may have heard of a little Band called Darkest Era, best known for being an incredible Irish metal band whose last Album: The Last Caress Of Light literally blew my socks clean... more

The MENTAL DEFICIENCY Yearly Round-up Podcast

Mental Deficiency, Belfast's Hardest Rocking Nerds, and regular HAVEN-ites have put out their yearly highlights podcast. I've listened to it, and am no longer wearing pants. Here's what you can find... more


Remember your favourite Kid's TV Show's like Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats, Ninja Turtles etc. Well imagine what would happen if they're opening themes were remixed with Heavy Metal. Now you... more