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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: Retro 80′s Sci-Fi Action The Way We Like It!

Normally I wouldn't raise too much of an eyebrow about the latest Far Cry game: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but having abandoned the previous pirate shoot-em-up theme in favor of a 1980's style future... more

Aperture R&D Teaser Trailer

Apeture RD_Poster
This new web series from Machinima is pitched as The Office set in the Portal Universe, which if we're honest is a pretty sweet frakking pitch. I love The Office, I love Portal. This should for all... more

DAILY DIRT: BOX TROLLS – Ewan McGregor Finds Out About STAR WARS Stand-Alones And STARGATE For Your Phone

Kenobi By Chris Calf
BOX TROLLS: Absurdist SteamPunk Comedy. With Trolls     Based on Alan Snow‘s Here Be Monsters series,  LAIKA Films (The studio behind Coraline) have a new... more

PLAYSTATION 4 JUST GOT REAL: PS4 Unveiling Date, 20 Days To Go

Playstation Unveiling
Sony have just released a small teaser trailer for an upcoming press event on the 20th Feburary 2013, most likely an unveiling of the PS4. Hash tagged on Youtube as #Playstation2013 and named... more

Fruit Ninja. Best Use No.1 For The Displair: Touch Sensitive Interactive Water Vapor Technology

The new water vapor tech available to buy called The Displair  not only allows us to view things on a cloud of mist emanating from the machine, but also allows us to interact with them. It is... more

Custom Made SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS External Hard Drive

shadow of the colossus - Quadratus external hard drive
Shadow of the Colossus has been floating around the Interwebs lately because Chronicle's Josh Trank is apparently adapting it for the big screen. I couldn't really be bothered with all that because I... more

Father Hires In Game Assassins To Kill His Son’s RPG Character And Make Him Get A Real Job

In the most heeelarious bit of news I've heard lately, a fed up father hired a group of in-game assassins to constantly target and kill his 23-year old son's character in his favorite role playing... more

BURN The VIDEO GAMES Witch! The Connecticut Town’s Initiative To Burn Violent Video Games – THE BAD MAN Rants!

Burn the witch! Burn the witch! And other such draconian sentiments were howled by an angry organised mob from a small community about 30 miles from the site of the Newtown massacre recently, when... more

New Story Trailer For ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES Features Michael Biehn As Corp. Hicks

aliens colonial marines - michael biehn - hicks
How long have we waited for Aliens: Colonial Marines? The game was first announced in 2006 and since then we've had screenshots, news and delay after delay after delay until finally, it's 2012... more

Watch The First 5 Minutes Of BIOSHOCK: INFINITE

First Five Minutes -Bioshock Infinite
The third game in the Bioshock series, Bioshock: Infinite, will be hitting our shelves on 26th March 2013. This will be the first game that doesn't take place in the former Underwater utopia... more

New Co-Op Trailer For DEADSPACE 3 Puts An Emphasis On The Horror!

dead space 3 - coop gaming
I was abit worried when I heard that Visceral Games' Dead Space 3 was going to be the first game in the series that featured co-op. A lot of my enjoyment when playing the first two Dead Space games... more

SCARECROW SAMURAI: The Android Hack And Slash That Needs Your Help!

The guys over at Kobayaghi Industries have a kickstarter campaign going for their new game Scarecrow Samurai and asked BAD HAVEN to give it a push. Having had a look, it's full of Japanese myth... more

VGA: THE LAST OF US Story Trailer

last of us
Naughty Dogs' The Last of Us is sorely tempting me to get a PS3 (like Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, this will be a PS 3 exclusive). The story follows 2 survivors, Joel and Ellie, as they try to... more

New Trailer And Survivor Videos Released For METRO: LAST LIGHT

THQ's Metro: Last Light (the follow up to the fantastic but underrated Metro 2033) is being released in March and here's a few little tidbits to whet your appetite for the release of this first... more


Army of two -devils cartel trailer
Visceral Games Army of Two series has been a mixed bag. The first game  was a whole lotta fun (but suffered from some very annoying bugs) and the second game worked out some of the kinks but kind... more

Real Life HALO Warthog For Sale.

real life halo warthog replica
Ever wanted to travel in style? Ever been stuck in traffic and wished that you were in a Halo style Warthog complete with a rear mounted turret (which people may just get out of the way for)? Ever... more

METRO: LAST LIGHT Survivors – The Preacher

metro last light survivors -preacher
THQ's Metro: Last Light will be released on March 1st and I can't wait. The game is a follow up to Metro 2033. The first game was based on the brilliant post apocalyptic book of the same name by... more

New 10 Minute Trailer Tells You All You Need To Know About FAR CRY 3… And It All Looks Great!

Far Cry 3 - Cover Poster
Ubisoft's Far Cry 2 was a great (if slightly flawed) game so I've been looking forward to Far Cry 3 for a long time now. The story takes the action away from Africa unto the fictional Rook Island.... more