5 Best Video Games Of The Decade

femshep mass effect
Video games have become as much a part of popular culture as film, music, and television. “Grand Theft Auto V,” which The Motley Fool notes reached a staggering 1 billion dollars in sales in just... more

3 Video Games That Should Make It to Broadway

fallout 3
Storytelling in video games has become surprisingly moving and sophisticated over the last two decades. Powerful themes and memorable characters are comparable to any piece of cinema or theater.... more

Play Breaking Bad Video Game Online!

Breaking Bad Video Game
Ever wanted to play a Breaking Bad video game? We're still in the process of picking our jaws up off the floor after last night's unbelievable finale. The tension was unbearable, and the payoff was... more

Does Neverending Nightmares Replicate Mental Illness In Gaming?

 “Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?” - John Lennon Matt Gilgenbach’s work is the stuff of nightmares, HIS nightmares. Matt battles with... more

10 Villains We Want To See In ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’

10 Villains Fans Want To See In Batman Arkham Origins
The Batman Arkham series has been credited as the best Batman game series ever made. Rocksteady studios did what no one thought was possible: create a good 3D Batman game. The Batman series has... more

4 Reasons Video Games Are Becoming The New Cinema

4 Reasons Video Games Are Becoming The New Cinema
Last week, like many of you I’m sure, I finished Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. I stared at the screen, unable to really comprehend what I had experienced. It felt like a little piece of me... more

Lonely ‘Fictional’ Planet: The BioShock Inifinite Diaries Of Mr Penfold Namesley

Having waited a very long time for its arrival, I finally finished Bioshock Infinite a few days back. It’s a bit late in the day for a review because it’s been out a few months now, and so... more

Infographic: The Cars of Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto logo
Check it... more

5 Awesome Retro Gaming Bosses

retro gaming bosses
Writers note: Okay, so these are obviously personal (you're bound to disagree because my taste is weird) and everyone's going to have their own favorites. But still, here's mine. So each of these... more

Machinima’s Fan Driven Happy Hour Launches With BioShock Fan Fic

Happy Hour Tales are a fan-fiction series where online nerd video gaints Machinima engage their community to submit story ideas, and launched over the weekend with Machinima's Happy Hour... more

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: Retro 80′s Sci-Fi Action The Way We Like It!

Normally I wouldn't raise too much of an eyebrow about the latest Far Cry game: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but having abandoned the previous pirate shoot-em-up theme in favor of a 1980's style future... more

London Tube Map Gets A Super Mario Retrofit

Nintendo has been pretty busy recently putting out teasers about new Super Mario games that will revisit racing and arcade games of the franchise’s past, but one clever dude has been busy using the... more

Get Behind Anti-Bullying Game The Adventures Of Rubberkid!

the adventures of rubberkid
BAD HAVEN may be a haven for unstoppable bad-assery, but that's never been at the expense of hurting other people, as we always aim to be as inclusive and non-discriminatory as possible here.... more

Real Life Flaming ‘Shishkebab’ Sword From Fallout

Fallout fans will know that The Shishkebab is a makeshift "flaming sword" that requires the appropriate schematics to build. The motorcycle gas tank provides a reservoir of fuel, the handbrake... more

Dead Space: Liberation Review

Dead Space Liberation_2
Writer (s): Ian Edginton, Christopher Shy Art: Ben Templesmith  Synopsis: Following the events of Dead Space 2, Sergeant John Carvers wife and son are attacked by fanatics trying to... more

Double Dragon Fan Film: Ass Gets Kicked. HARD!

Love arcade scrolling beat-em-up classic Double Dragon from ye olde days of late 80's arcade gaming? Course you did! It was blooming fantastic. And while there was that ill fated movie a few years... more

Player Vs. Pain Trailer. Looks Painful!

PvP_Poster #2
Player Vs Pain looks like just the sort of depraved gamer oriented s**t I'd tune into for no other reason than the depths of human depravity offer no end to my sadistic sustenance. By which I mean I... more

Adverts For Fictional Movie Products

There's all manner of cool s**t we'd love to own from cult cinema, TV or video games or have simply taken note of when watching a film/tv/game so it's cool to see ads for the fictional paraphernalia... more