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Veronica Mars Movie? Make It Happen Through Kickstarter!

Veronica Mars was one of those shows that was taken from us way before it's time. After 2 mere seasons of pure bliss following Kristen Bell as the eponymous teen detective, with more smarts and sass... more

MAN OF STEEL Faora Get’s First Look Via Action Figure

Man of Steel Movie Masters
Kryptonian Man Of Steel villainess and probable Zod hench-woman Faora (played by Antje Traue) hasn't been so much as leaked image wise this far into the MOS promotional campaign, but MTV Geek got an... more

DAILY DIRT: BOX TROLLS – Ewan McGregor Finds Out About STAR WARS Stand-Alones And STARGATE For Your Phone

Kenobi By Chris Calf
BOX TROLLS: Absurdist SteamPunk Comedy. With Trolls     Based on Alan Snow‘s Here Be Monsters series,  LAIKA Films (The studio behind Coraline) have a new... more

JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Derailed And Why DC/Warner Bros. Must Evolve Or Die

Justice League Movie Poster by Daniel Morpheus
With Marvel's Avengers blazing a trail all over last summers Box Office DC have been at work in making their own Super-Team big screen reality with a Justice League Movie, though today's as it turns... more

DAILY DIRT: Bryan Cranston For GODZILLA Remake? Amazing Spider-Blurbs And DIE HARD 6 Is ON!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blurb Here's what we've got coming in Amazing Spider-Man 2. We hated the 1st one, but we'll try to stay optimistic: In The Amazing Spider-Man™ 2, for Peter Parker (Andrew... more


Star Wars Death Trooper Art
The big news rolling down the mountain today is that of even more of the Star Wars spin-offs being revealed as “sources close to the production” have leaked rumors of a Boba Fett and young Han... more

DAILY DIRT: STAR WARS Spin Off Movies – Star Lord Cast And Glenn Mazarra *Spoilers* Walking Dead

Star Wars Darth Vader Painting
Star Wars Spin-Off Movies Confirmed Disney’s CEO Bob Iger spoke with CNBC about the coming  Star Wars spin off movies plans with a new saga film set for 2015 and a series of spin-off's... more

STAR WARS Stand-Alone YODA Movie. But, But….BOBA FETT!!

Yoda Art
So according to Harry Knowles over at Ain't It Cool - Disney are going ahead with their raft of proposed standalone movies for established characters from the Star Wars franchise. The beard had this... more

DAILY DIRT: Gollum Loves/Hates LORD OF THE RINGS – Joss Whedon Loves Screwing With Fans & The ROCK’s ‘Got Milk’

Gollum Black and White
Todays Daily Dirt is as follows:   Gollum Hates/Loves Lord Of The Rings Andy Serkis was recently asked what he thought of the LOTR Movies? Gollum replied....   The Rock's Got... more

PLANET HULK Movie? Is The HULK Getting His Own Film & Will He Go To War With The AVENGERS

World War Hulk
Latino Review has a tendency to be as 'on the money' as they are 'off the money' regarding rumors, so this particular one may just be a load of steaming crud, or it may be a ***spoiler*** so big and... more

DAILY DIRT: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Sentinels – COMMUNITY Die Hard’s And The Last Of The V8 Interceptors Rides Again

X-Men First Class Days of Future Past Header
Mark Millar Talks Days Of Future Past   Speaking with SFX Millar gave this much away about fans Days Of Future Past Sentinels hopes: I don’t really want to give too much away but the... more

BYZANTIUM Trailer – Complex Lady Vampires From Neil Jordan

Byzantium Gemma Arterton
Neil Jordan's the director who brought Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire to the big screen in one of the most flawless and frankly best vampire adaptations of the 90's. So his latest Vampire film... more

DAILY DIRT: JJ Talks STAR WARS – George Lucas Has A Cage Fighting Daughter And A Bunch Of Trailers N’Stuff

Space Pirate Captain Harlock
JJ Abrams Talks Star Wars And The Mystery Box He's very enthusiastic for Star Wars is JJ. Also a big fan of Apple computers apparently:   Space Pirate Captain Harlock... more

DAILY DIRT: Amy Adams Lois Lane – A WARCRAFT Movie And Ridley Scott On Mind MGMT

Man of Steel Image
Ridley Scott To Produce Matt Kindt‘s Mind MGMT Film     Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg are to team with Ridley Scott to  produce a film version of Matt... more

EVIL DEAD 2013 ‘R-Rating’ Is Good News For The Eager Fans – But Hard-Core’s Will Have To Wait!

New Evil Dead Art
The remake that has everyone talking, Evil Dead, has announced more exciting news this week! First of all, the film was reviewed by the MPAA and given a predictable NC-17 rating. Because, as the... more

DAILY DIRT: Ultron Babies – Barbarella TV & Justice League Is Hanging In The Balance

Barbarella Cover Art
Fringe Cast Say 'Bye' The cast of Fringe say 'Bye' in a heartfelt send off now that the series is finally at a close. I'll not lie, I needed a hanky:   Justice League Depends On Man Of... more

DAILY DIRT: The X-FILES Return To Comics & All The Good Stuff

Paul Giamatti To Play The Rhino In The Amazing Spider-Man 2? According to The Hollywood Reporter Paul Giamatti is going to play The Rhino in Marc Webb‘s Amazing Spidey 2. Hopefully he's in a... more

STAR WARS Episode 7 May Have A Female Lead According To New Rumors

So its been confirmed that JJ Abrams will be directing the new Star Wars episode 7, Lucasfilm, Disney and Steven Spielberg have mad love for the director and just fresh in: JJ refuses to be pushed... more