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6 Questions With TheHorrorShow.TV’s David Hughes

I’ve been pretty vocal about my disappointment with horror these days. Its my favourite genre of film and yet I can count on one hand the amount of horror movies that have been worth the bother in... more

When One Geek Met Joss Whedon: “What Do You Say To Nerd Jesus?”

They say you should never meet your idols, the implication being that you’ll only be disappointed. But an hour from my scheduled interview with Joss Whedon, I was inclined to think that the real... more


silent night - Steven C miller
Contrary to popular belief, Santa Claus does not punish the people on his naughty list by placing a lump of coal in their stockings. In Silent Night, the man in red trades in his usual rocks for a... more

MIDNIGHT SHOW: Exclusive Interviews And Look At Newt Wallen’s Grindhouse Extravaganza

MIDNIGHT SHOW poster - Silver Ferox Design (500x182)
The tagline to Midnight Show, as Executive Producer Newt Wallen rather aptly points out, really says it all: "They don’t make ‘em like this anymore." Well, until now anyway. Midnight Show is a... more

Nic Cage Talks About Getting Into His Role As GHOST RIDER. Questionable Acting Tactics Enuse

It's not exactly news that Nic Cage is madder than a bag of cut snakes, but in his recent interview for Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance he details some of the practises he dabbled in to prep himself... more

Peter Jackson Tells How The Hobbit Will Differ From LOTR

Source: CBM Peter Jackson on how The Hobbit differs from The Lord of the Rings: JACKSON: "The Hobbit is very much a children's book and The Lord of the Rings is something else; it's not really... more


Ridley Scott was recently interviewed by Filmophilia and pondered the question; why did none of the follow up writers and directors of the Alien Franchise never used the Space Jockeys seen in the... more

Stephen Fry Talks: THE HOBBIT

Doing Press for Sherlock Holmes 2  Stephen Fry discusses his role in The Hobbit as Master of Laketown, with some colourful descriptions of what the set for Laketown looks like and just exactly... more

Bradley Cooper Talks Paradise Lost and The Crow

Some great little interview snippets from Empire talking to Bradley Cooper about upcoming Paradise Lost with Director Alex Proyas (he plays Lucifer) and why The Crow re-make fell through. Check em... more

Jurassic Park 4 And Tintin 2 Updates

Jurassic Park 4 movie
Producer Kathleen Kennedy was asked about the fourth Jurassic Park film along with the 3D re-release of the first Jurassic Park and then if the Tintin sequel is going to happen in a recent... more

Spielberg wants Michael Bay For Transformers 4 And Talks Indy 5

Steven Spielberg recently spoke with EW about the possibility of a new Transformers movie, and how he thought Michael Bay was ultimately the best choice to helm it. As the man who executive... more

Leslie Bibb Talks about Playing a messed up Wonder Woman in ’43′

Recently Collider got an interview with actress Leslie Bibb about her new horror project 7500 and in the process asked her about  her upcoming role as Wonder Woman in a segment of Peter and Bobby... more

Michael Fassbender Talks X-Men: First Class Sequel

Speaking exclusively to Total Film Michael Fassbender, arguably the best thing about X-Men: First Class told the mag how he'd love to get his teeth into a sequel. He has two movies in the... more

Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Voicing SMAUG for The Hobbit

Peter Jackson's adaption of the fantasy classic, The Hobbit is due it's first trailer this Christmas and actor Benedict Cumberbatch; who will be voicing the dragon Smaug gave a brief interview... more

Joss Whedon Talks Characterisation On The Avengers

On top of landing the new character banners posted yesterday,Yahoo Movies managed to score an extensive interview with Joss Whedon on the characterisations of all the main players in his... more

Charlize Theron Talks Playing the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman

Entertainment Tonight's Mark Steines was able to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with the gorgeous Charlize Theron. Here's what she had to say about being all evil... more

Designer Carolina Herrera talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ dress inspirations

Chrlie and Bella
By: Katie "the Vamp Queen" Dalton  Yes, I can hear all the BH men simultaneously groaning over this one but it's for the gals so deal with it. And Dan. *winks* Moving on. Carolina Herrera... more

Robert Pattinson on David Letterman talking ‘Twilight’ and more

By: Katie "the Vamp Queen" Dalton  Robert Pattinson recently sat down to chat with Late Night host David Lettermen you can check out the humorous video below of the dashing... more